Thankful Thursday

This week, Kate, who is the Mum of our friend Eric who went to the Bridge last week, sent the Woman some gifts.  There was a great toy for me… er… Ichiro or whomever.   Ichiro seems to be the most interested.  The toy is behind him and you pull the string and it moves.  He is apparently standing on the pin…

The cards are gorgeous and the Woman can’t wait until she can wear the pin.  Of course, first she has to have patients to go out and wear it.  It’s been slow again.

We would like to thank her for those lovely items. My human, uncivilized person that she is, didn’t think of giving gifts when meeting other cat bloggers.  Sigh.   How did such a person get a cat like me?

At any rate, I should like to thank everyone for the purrs.  Now could you purr me some more fishy flakes?  The Woman has this idea that she needs to wean me off of them to eat more real food… Sigh


  1. That looks like some cool stuff fur yours Bean.
    I hafn’t tried fishy flakes. I like chicken baby food, hows about you?
    I’s so glad you’s feeling better.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. Those are very nice gifts! And Chey, there is more to life (and food) than fishy flakes. Honest.

  3. Yes there’s more to life than fish flakes. There’s ham, roast chicken, and all sorts of other goodies.

    Those cards look lovely.

  4. You guys got some great gifts from Eric’s Mom; the cards are beautiful…Hope you start eating more, Chey; we’re so glad you are recovering and feeling better…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Wot lovely gifts, and how speshull to receive them from dear little Fat Eric’s mommy. We miss Eric so much.

  6. What wonderful gifts from Fat Eric’s mom and I’m sure you will treasure them. My mom has met a few of the CB moms and she didn’t think about gifts either. I received some gifts from the CBers in RI and need to share them with everyone.

  7. Those are beautiful gifts that Eric’s mom gave your mom! We hope your mom gets to wear the pin soon. That would be nice!!

  8. Chey, we think you need more than fishy flakes too.

    Lovely gifts from Eric’s mom!

  9. Those gifts are so nice. Mom’s heart hurts for Eric’s Mom ’cause she knows how hard it must have been to lose him while she was away.

    We hope you eat more than fishy flakes today. Mom is still on a hunt for something that Sniffie will like. She wishes there were more holistic pet places around. We had a great V-E-T in PA that carried lots of great products. Dr Khalsa even did acupuncture on some of those who came before.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Those are beautiful and thoughtful gifts – we especially love those cards. And, Chey, we will purr for more fishy flakes if you will promise to eat something else too.

    XXX from the Mishkat cats

  11. Fishy purrs coming right up!

  12. Those are wonderful gifts, but I agree with the others Chey, you really must eat something else too!

  13. You’ve got it, Chey! We’re purring for fishy flakes for you. Hope it works!

    What a lovely thing for Eric’s Mom to send you gifts especially in her time of mourning. It looks like Ichiro likes the cards better than the toy! Figures!

  14. Those are lovely gifts from Fat Eric’s mum.
    Chey, are you sure you wouldn’t prefer some ham? Our mum has a lovely one sitting in the fridge.

  15. What wonderful presents and we know you will all enjoy your new toys.

    Ichiro you are so adorable.

    Chey we are so glad the purrs are working.

    Helllllllllllllllllooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!



  16. Such generous gifts!! What a lovely thought!

    Chey, we um, kinda agree with your the Woman – you should prolly eat more than just fishy flakes!! Don’t feel bad tho, all we get to eat is stupid raw rabbit!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  17. yes, Miss Kate gives good prezzies! I love our jellyfish toy.

  18. Don’t worry Chey, my mom can be silly too about gifts and stuff. We will purr for you to get more fishy flakes Chey…and hopefully you’ll be feeling well enough to go traveling on Fridays once again.

  19. fishy flakes aren’t real food? are they fake fishy flakes or something?

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