Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful that everyone is purring. Cheysuli started vomiting again last night so Momma has to miss some of her work and take her in this morning and probably drop her at the vet.  We will see.

Depending, they may have a radiologist take another look at her films to make sure they did not miss anything.  Her Felv status really is negative, but they don’t get the blood work. While the vet might be thinking something like missed obstruction, Momma is more worried that there was some sort of toxin.  After all, Cheysuli got sick the day after the closet broke.  It was really old and was the old wire sort of closet organizer that pulled out of the wall.  Our house was built about 1980 so it should be past the really nasty stuff, but you never know.

I will be very thankful when Cheysuli feels better because I am tired of managing this kitten by myself!  He is very active. He eats ANYTHING–even Momma’s curry!   Although Momma said he vomited that up.  She at least understood that one. She likes her Thai curry spicy. She was surprised he tried it and that he wanted more!


  1. Gemini, Chey has got to get well and help you with the new kitten. We don’t understand about the closet breaking. We just know you guys aren’t responsible.

    Chey, get well. Purrs and tail wags.

  2. purrs. we hope everyone is feeling better soon!
    what beautiful kitties !!!!!!!!!

    by the way, thank u for coming over to my blog and commenting on our tart/candle post/poll. we appreciate the thought

    ((hugs)) for kitty ! they really are beautiful. the kitten is gorgeous.

  3. Sorry to hear that Chey still isn’t better. We are very worried about her, too. Purrs are continuing.

    Looks like Ichiro is following you, Miss Gemini! Very cute!

  4. We are continuing our purrs for sweet Chey.
    I didn’t understand about the closet, either. Do you think she breathed in something toxic? I know you and your vet are being very thorough.
    And KC has a note on the CB so she can get lots and lots of good purrs.
    Keep us posted.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & KC

  5. We’re crossing paws, touching wood, and doing everything else we hope will help Chey. I’m sure you have already thought about this, but did you consider hair balls? Some big hairballs can have some really weird effects. And they are hard to spot sometimes.

    Anyway, I hope your vets put their heads together and sort out your girl. Keep up your spirits Gemini!

  6. Oh Gemini, I’m so sorry you have so much to deal with while Chey is sick! Kittens can be really hard to manage. I am purring really hard in hopes that Chey gets better soon!

  7. We are going to do a PURR-A-THON at our howse today, for Chey (and other sick kitties and pups). We so want Chey to get better ~ we will purr non-stop.

    He better quickly Chey ~ we love yoo lots.

  8. Oh no! We are sorry to hear that Chey is vomiting again. We hope the vet can find what is causing it so he can get her feeling better again. We are sending lots more purrs.
    The new kitten looks cute. We haven’t had chance to read about him yet but are hoping to catch up today.

  9. We are so worried, we are purring and purring and purring for Chey!

  10. We will continue owr purrs for Chey.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  11. Gemini, you sure have your paws full. We are very worried about Chey, and hope she will get better soon.

  12. The Poupounette Gang says:

    No.1 here. Just checked in remotely to see how Chey is doing. I really hope they can figure this out SOON!

  13. I am very worried about Chey. I really hope the vet finds out what is wrong. I will continue to purr and keep my paws crossed.

    Gemini, even though the kitten may be a pay, he sure is cute!

  14. We’re sorry Chey isn’t feeling any better. We sure hope the vet can figure out what is going on.

  15. We came over to send lots of purrs and prayers to Chey in hopes that she get better really soon. She is so cute. Hope they can figure out what is going on with her. Take care. We have our paws crossed too.

  16. We’re purring very hard!

  17. We hope Chey gets better soon. We know you must be so worried.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  18. Hopefully the vets have thought of these possibilities, but two occur to my Mom as the kinds of things *I* could get myself into vomiting trouble over – rubber bands and dental floss.

    Years ago, my Mom’s sister’s Abyssinian developed IBD because for years she had given her raw chicken and she became sensitized to the chicken protein.

    Chey, we loves you! With your other friends, we are worrying about you and purring. Gemini, it looks like you and Ichiro are getting along well and having fun together, which is great.

  19. Gemini, you are doing a great job of keeping uSSSSS updated about Chey and watching the new kitten!!! Please let Chey know that we love her and are sending lots of purrSSSSS!!!!!!

  20. this means she is at the vet place right now.
    I am purring for her, Gemini.
    Miles purrs really strong and loud. He will purr too
    Mom says she is praying that Chey gets good treatments today and that she will come home mending.

    bonks and purrs

  21. Chey…please please please feel better soon. We all love you lots and we know how worried your family is and now worried all your furriends are (including us). So settle in Chey and tune in to all the healing warm rumbly purrs that are happening today.

  22. We hope that the vet can sort this problem out soon – it is so worrying when you don’t know the reason. We will purr some more and hope that helps.

  23. Thanks again, Gemini, for keeping us updated. We’re so sorry to hear that Chey is still feeling bad (although we are glad to hear that her FeLV test was negative). We hope the vet is able to figure something out very soon – and we’re still sending her (and all of you) many purrs!

  24. Poor Chey, yesterday we hoped she was on the upturn. Have the vets done an abdominal contrast X ray? Some things like strands of woolsome plastics don’t show up on normal X Rays. We hope the vets can find out what ails her and get her feeling better very, very soon.

    Extra rumbly purrs and love to you all

    Whicky Wuudler
    & Gerry

  25. We are purring for Chey’s recovery too.

  26. Purrrrs, purrrrr and lots of purrayers for Chey!!!
    (((((((((HUGGGGGSSSSS)))))))) from your TX fuirneds,

  27. Oh, dear. We were so hoping Chey was better by now. We’re so worried about her. We’re turning up the purrs to overdrive!

  28. We will continue to purr very hard for Chey until we hear that she is well again.

    The only thing that came to mind was a situation that I had with my previous cats. The male cat was very active and would always jump on the female cat. She began throwing up all the time so we took her to the vet. The vet asked if there were any “stressors” in her environment — and I said, “Yes — Tommy!”.

    So, in this case, the problem was indeed due to stress which can apparently cause pancreatitis.

    Perhaps your very active little kitten is causing Chey to feel stressed, and that is causing her dietary upset. We were told to feed our stressed kitty, Dazzle, baby food meat which would be easier on her digestion.

    It might be something to mention to the vet, anyway. I sure hope Chey feels better soon.

  29. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  30. OH dear Chey we are so sorry you are still not feeling well.
    We are purrin so hard for you (and for Sniffie too).
    We hope that the Vet is able to make some determination so he can help you feel better.
    And we are sending gentle headbumpies to your Mom….

    And Gemini who is furry worried about you too.


  31. We’ll continue to rev up our purring engines until Chey is eating again and back on the road to better health. Feel better soon, sweet Chey!

  32. Dr Tweety says:

    Dearest Chey,
    We cannots standz dat you iz back at da vet… although truly, dis iz da bestee place to find out what iz goin’ on & to make sure you gets da flooidz & da foodz you needz right now.
    We know how hard it iz on da whole fambly (evfun dat itty bitty fellow Mr Ichiro) wit you bein’ in da hospitable.
    All of us five haz our purr enginez revved up on da oevfur time… 24/7. & we are purrin’ dat you will be comin’ home all betterz.
    Sendin’ love & kissez & healin’ to you all,
    Dr T

  33. we is so furry werried about Chey. we is hoping that she feels better soon!!!

  34. PContinuing purring and purring for Chey today!
    We hope the vet will spot something and take care of whatever is ailing her! Poor sweet little girl cat!

    Gemini, seems like the baby cat is rather attached to you! Looks like you have a shadow now.

  35. Still purring for Chey to get better soon.

    Hopefully, the v-e-t can sort this out fast. Being ill for 7 days is not good for anyone.

  36. We are all still purring loudly for sweet Chey; she really hope she is better soon…So difficult on Mom when you can’t find the answers about what’s causing it=hang in there…Adorable photo of beautiful Gemini and the adorable new baby….xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  37. Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha, Madison and Momma are all purring like crazy for Chey. PLEASE GET BETTER!

  38. Please tell Chey that all her friends are worried about her.

  39. Oh Gemini, aren’t brofurs just too much sometimes? That’s a cute picture of you, but I can see he’s following you just a little too much. This morning, I was in the bathroom with Mom and didn’t hear Victor coming. He laughed because I jumped and poofed my tail!
    Of course, we’re purring really hard for Cheysuli! You never know what might have come out of the closet ::looks worriedly from side to side:: … so always sleep somewhere safe.

  40. Just heard about Chey! Very sorry to hear that, but sending STRONG healing purrs right now.

  41. We shall put all of our purrs into overdrive for you sweet Chey!

  42. We are keeping up our purrs for Chey!!!!!!!!!!!
    Little Ichiro seems to like you Gemini.
    Maybe he can work his charms on Chey and make her feel better 🙂

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  43. We just heard that Chey is going in to surgery. Sending loud healing purrrrss and hopeful purrrayers to all.


  44. were glad yur taking care of Ichiro, Gemini. We hope Chey gets better really really qwick.

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