Thankful Thursday

You all can be thankful that I allowed the Woman to upload another photo of the little thing that she calls Ichiro.  He is 11 weeks.   Bottle fed.  Came from the shelter (I knew nothing good would come of her volunteer work!).   He’s the quietest kitten she’s ever had.  He has moments but when he is waking up, it takes him a really really really long time to wake up before he gets all playful.  And his play times are not as long as she remembers from Gemini–who was always playing!

He sniffed my ear.  I hissed at him. I have also chased him around a bit and swatted him once.  He needs to learn his place.   Cheeky cat–sniffing MY ear!

He is spoiled, with his own room and stuff.   I mean–leave the little thing out so I can teach him a few lessons!  But no.  He has to have a safe place where he can play with the Male or the Woman.   Did I say it?  He likes the Male too.  He even snoozed on his shoulder last night!  What horrid taste this cat has!


  1. Chey, if he distracts the male, then you won’t have to worry about being bugged by the male.

  2. He is so cute! I’ve only just discovered that you have another kitteh and have been searching for how this came about, to no avail! Please tell all!

    Hopefully Chey will come to love him. Gemini seems to be getting there…? :)xxx

  3. Um…this sounds promising. If Ichiro gets close with the male, he might be able to score me some socks!

    I mean, um….whoa Chey this is terrible…this little mite has no respect for your ears.

    Purrrs, Cory

  4. Precious Ichiro is just adorable=love his gorgeous baby face!…Sorry Chey, we think he is awesome; we hope you and Gemini will adore him soon!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Awwwww ~ we hafta admit he has won our hearts already. He is truly adorable. But yoo will always be numero uno Chey ~ so don’t fret.

  6. Chey, I’m thinking it’s a good thing this little kitten has his own space. You’re sounding pretty mean!

  7. Well, our mom thinks Ichiro is kinda cute…maybe if he bonds with the Male, they both will leave you alone, Chey…

  8. Oh dear. I’m sure you’ll all get along in the end,

  9. Chey, I am glad you are teaching Ichiro his place. If you do not do that right away, things could get out of hand. Believe me, I know.

  10. Chey, you are being very nice to let little Ichiro have his picture on YOUR blog! We do hope that you and Ichiro will be friends soon!

  11. Thanks, Chey, for letting Ichiro post his photo. We confess that we think he’s very cute – and he sounds like he’s pretty nice (for a kitten, that is!) We know kitten-training isn’t easy, but it sounds like you are doing a good job.

  12. We know you’ll teach that little Ichiro what’s right and what’s wrong pretty fast. You know, bonding with the Male could be a good thing!! We think you should encourage it!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. I bet you and Ichiro will acome great friends once it grows into a real cat. Hang in there Chey! (It sure is cute.)

  14. Ummmmmm……. Chey? If he is only 11 weeks old, he probably needs a mummy….

  15. Itchy-row looks at lot like mine favorite brofur NICKY! – Billy

  16. Oh Chey, come on, admit it, he is cute, and he likes you, so he is smart too!

  17. I can’t let Mom see that little guy or we might end up with a kitten too. Yikes, but he’s cute!

  18. I have to admit, he’s kinda cute…use that to your advantage. Get him to ask for treats, and his cuteness will get them for all of yas!

  19. He sniffed your ear?! The nerve!

    I had to quickly bypass the picture of him as my Mum was ooohing and aaaahing and squeeeing REALLY LOUD! She keeps saying how cute and fuzzy he is – yah whatever…….

  20. Chey Momma think Ichiro is so cute. (she is kitten crazy!).

    Give him a chance, well maybe not, Abby still hisses at me!
    She’s cheeky too.

    Helllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!


    your boyfriendcat

  21. Little kitty likes the Male?????????????
    Boy, he does not have a clue how to impress you does he? hahaha
    Yup, you can teach him a thing or 2 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  22. Be nice, Chey! Ichiro is still just getting used to the place. Isn’t it actually a good thing that he likes the Man, so you can still take over the Woman (when she’s home, that is).

    Ichiro is kind of cute, so I think you should go easy on him. You might find out you actually like him.

  23. Oh Chey what a darling he is!!
    He must still be in his sleepy kitten phase.
    Congrats on your new family member!

  24. Chey, we just know in a few weeks you will be “eating your words” and will be playing and mothering little Ichiro. How cool your mom may get to visit with Fat Eric’s mum!

  25. Chey, you can keep up your resistance to the cute little kitten all you want – he’ll grow on you, just like I’ve grown on Nico & Jay. You can SAY that you hate him, but he’ll win you over, just you wait – he sounds like he’s got a great purr-sonality!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    ~Simon (w/ Nico & JayJay) 🙂

  26. Chance Bond says:

    We think he is adorable. I like that he is still a baby cause you can train him to be your minion. I didn’t like Imp at first, but when I figured I I could “teach” her the rules (okay bully her to do what I say) I realized having a new sibling was possibly a good thing. She distracts Mommy when I want man-catly alone time, and runs away when it’s my turn. Give the intruder a chance. Especially when it keeps the man away. It’ll save you the trouble of hissing and stuff.

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