Tabby Tuesday

Well, I have to have a bath.  My furs are a bit messed up.  After all I had that drippy eye. Probably because I was working so hard to take care of Cheysuli.

I am getting more rested now.

Momma got some Feliway and puts it on my chair so I don’t claw as much.  She also got a flower remedy for Cheysuli and Ichiro (and me maybe too).  We will see.  You just spray it in the air around us or she can spray it on her hands and pet us with it.   I do not know about this.

Cheysuli sat on Momma’s lap after she came back from the animal communicator and then Ichiro slept at her feets.  I don’t think Chey liked that a whole lot but she seems like she is getting more relaxed.  I hope so.  I do not like it when she gets mad and whaps me.


  1. Paws crossed that this all helps Chey to calm down and be less stressed. And let us know how or if the flower remedy works, although I don’t think any remedy could make my roommate Binga behave better!

  2. Yes, Mommy is also interested in the flower remedy. The war between Sweet Pea and May Ling continues.

    *BIG sigh*

  3. You have beautiful furs and you are doing a good job in the picture baffing them!
    What did the communicator have to say? Or is it private between her & Chey? We understand those HIPPA rules apply everywhere it seems!
    Good luck with your attempted remedies!
    Hi Chey!

  4. I’m thinking that all is well as long as Chey sits in your momma’s lap and Ichiro sits at her feet…

  5. We hope thinigs will calm down at your house and you guys will all be healthy and get along=we are purring loudly for that to happen!!…How did the animal communicator session go?…kisses, sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Gosh that’s rude of Chey! Pounce on her when she’s sleeping; that will get her back. I hope that flower thing works. Still not sure what an animal communicator is. Is your mum getting in touch with her totem spirit???

  7. I hope things get better for Chey so you don’t have to keep working so hard, Miss Gemini. Big purrs for all you’ve been doing! Our human puts Rescue Remedy in our water bowl when things get too tense around here. Hope the flower essences work for you and Chey and Ichiro.

  8. At least several CBers have had great success with the calming collars–same idea as Feliway, pheromone-release, but in a once-a-month collar. They cost about $15 Canadian, probably a bit less US.

    I’ve not yet tried them myself, but am sorely tempted, especially for Annie.

  9. Awww … we hope Chey feels much calmer ‘cos it must be hard on yoo too. Smoochies.

  10. We are glad you are getting more rest now Gemini after all the hard work you have been doing. We hope Chey soon decides she likes Ichiro.

  11. After all you did taking care of Chey, you’d think she’d be a little nicer to you, Gemini. We hope your eye feels better soon.

  12. Gemini, you look just adorable!!! We hope that Chey calms down and everyone can get along. 🙂

  13. Gemini, I think you look lovely. It’s tough keeping our floof in top notch shape when we have so much of it. My mom is having a hard time with my floof lately because she hasn’t been able to groom me like usual and I have a couple of knots that she is working out.

    I hope all of this helps Chey!

  14. We’re happy to hear that things might be settling down a little bit there (our mom says the flower remedies are really great but we are a bit skeptical!) And thank you so much for your purrs for Blackie – very much appreciated. His family is scared, as you guessed, but they are OK with whatever happens – it’s hard to wait though!

  15. We hope the rescue remedy helps. Mom’s put it in our water when things were particularly stressful here.

    Enjoy your bath!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. Gemini, it looks like your furs exploded!

  17. Glad to hear things are getting more relaxed, I wish Birks would relax a bit. FAZ

  18. Does Feliway work? I was thinking of getting it for Dante. He likes to scratch the bed!

  19. You look like you are doing pretty darn good…any maybe the others are learning from you!

  20. Hi Gemini you are cute there bathing! And it is good that everyone is relaxing a bit – you will have to tell us if the flower spray helps – we have a drop that we used with Lola – it helped but not enough to make her stop peeing.

  21. Miss Gemini
    What did the animal communicator say?

    Is your Mom going to have to give you a bath? Oh dear I hope not. i hope that you just have to give yourself a bath. I would hate to think of you being put into….GASP….water.

    We’re purrin that those remedies work.

    your boyfriendcat

  22. Poor chey, you must be nice to her! She was sicky. We hopes she feels better, and hopes your little eyeball is better too! Poor drippy eye baby.

  23. Chey seems like she could be a BIT testy even when she’s not recovering from major surgery! (please don’t tell her we said that!!) Anyway it sounds like things are getting back to normal, thank goodness!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

    ps. Has your Mom ever tried to put a scratching post near the places where you scratch?? Jay used to scratch at the towel hamper ALL the time – then our Mom put an EmeryCat board near it, now he scratches that!! (the EmeryCat boards don’t trim his claws like the commercial claims, but he LOVES to scratch on them & better there than anything else!! – Our Mom’s thrilled!)

  24. hafe a gud baff Gemini. we hope all iz well at yur home.

  25. we’s glad chey’s home an’ you can stand down from yer kitten-herdin’ an’ substitute bloggerin’. you deserve a li’l time fur yerself–you did yeoman service! rest, relax, an’ cadge as many noms as you can!

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