Tabby Tuesday

Well at least if I am going to report, it is about me!  Of course I suppose that no one wants to hear that I am fine but a little warm. We are having our annual heat wave here and it is too hot.  I do not like it. I have too many furs to have hot this hot and no place to go and cool off!   We do not have air conditioning so it is quite warm in our house.    Today is the last really hot day.  I really hope that they are right!

I know you all are waiting to hear about Cheysuli.  Her appetite went down with the heat.  However, the vet sent an appetite stimulant.   She licked some baby food off of Momma’s finger (this is better than just licking from her paws and front when Momma would smear it on her).  However, she was not that interested in anything except her fishy flakes. Momma is going to need to go get some more of those flakes soon because she is guzzling them.   She needs to eat something else!

The pharmacist said that these pills might make her sleepy and she is almost lethargic with how sleepy she  is.  When she does wake up, she is hungry. Momma is hoping that she will start eating something other than fishy flakes tonight or tomorrow when she is not there to make sure that Chey gets more of her favorites!  Chey will not do anything that she does not normally eat.   While Momma has tried people food and tuna juice and even salmon juice from real salmon, Chey will not eat that.  She doesn’t get it normally so she does not really want that, although if it is on her, she will lick it off (yes Momma has done some of that too!)

I have had to finish up many of Cheysuli’s unfinished food dishes.  I have had some issues with little things hanging from my bum furs.   I tell Momma it is her fault for letting me eat such strange food and she apologizes to me!   She gives me kitty hugs for being such a good cat!


  1. Gemini, you are being such a good reporter! I know it is probably as rough on you as it is on Chey and your mom and you have the little one to contend with.

    Still purring that Chey will start eating regular food again soon.

  2. Thanks for giving us an update about Chey!! We hope she starts eating soon!! We love the picture of you today!! It is really hot here, too, but we don’t cool off for a few more weeks!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  3. Great reporting job, Gemini! I have had appetite issues in the past and the vet gave my human Cyproheptadine. I wonder if it’s the same thing Chey is getting. When I’ve had it, though, I get so hungry I will eat anything, even food I am not usually all that fond of.

  4. Furry good job, Gemini.
    We’s still purring fur Chey to get better.
    I don’t know what hers sees in them fishy flakes, I’s tried ’em, nuffin specshul. Now Temptations, that’s a whole nuffer story.
    I liked how Ichiro lefted a specshul purrsonal comment fur me on mine bloggie.
    Hee hee.
    Love & Purrs,

  5. Sweet Gemini, you should get many kitty hugs for being your sweet self and being a minimal problem with some bum fur issues. All these diet changes! Thanks for updating us on Chey. We are sorry poor Chey cannot have her kibble, since we are sure that is what she wants. But it sounds like the vomiting and diarrhea are over and that is such good news.

  6. Fanks for the update Gemini. Yoo are a good sisfur. We are still purring daily for Chey ~ we just want her to get better.

  7. Gemini, you are just the best reporter and sister! We love you!!! Please tell Chey that we are purring for her!

  8. Sorry about the dangling dingleberries, Gemini. That’s never fun, but it is so nice of you to clean up behind Chey while she is feeling poorly. You keep reporting, and we’ll keep purring!

  9. Gemini, you are such a good cat and we are sending you hugs and kisses for being such a good sister to Chey. We are continuing our purrs and hope she starts eating well soon.


    Cory & Co.

  10. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Chey, Gemini. We think it’s very kind of you to clean up all the unfinished food (although we’re sorry to hear about the tail feather issue!)

    We’re still purring for Chey, of course. We are sorry that she won’t eat anything but fishy flakes, but at least she is eating something!

    P.S. our humans had to get a window air conditioner for the bedroom a couple of years ago. We really like it! They never needed one before, but we’ve had some hot summers lately. This one is the hottest one on record so far :(.

  11. Gemini, Johnny says there’s nothing worse than a hot bum klingon.
    We’re still purring for Chey, at least there’s no more force feeding. Out Mommy is sending your Mom {{hugs}}…it must be so stressful for her to have Chey sick for so long.

  12. Gemini you are doing a difficult job eating all those leftovers or not wanted snacks. You deserve treats for being such a good plate cleaner. Chey you must help out and eat a little more each day or Gemini will be on a treadmill (or should we say pawmill!) to deal with the extra food sitting on her hips!!

  13. Gemini, you are doing a great job of filling in for Chey as house reporter. And we do care how you are. We are hot, hot, hot even with ac, so we wonder how you are surviving without it.

    We hope Chey will get her appetite back soon. A diet of all fishy flakes isn’t good, as you already said.

  14. I am glad that you are doing good, Gemini, even if it is super hot and icky.

    We are all purring for Chey. I hope she gets her appetite back soon.

  15. Gemini you are doing great reporting! It stinks that it is so hot there – we hope it gets cooler very soon!

    And thanks for all the Chey updates – we hope she starts to eat more than fishy flakes soon (though they are so tasty, we can understand why she likes them!)

    It is nice of you to help out and finish what she doesn’t want – it is too bad that it is giving you a little tummy trouble though!

  16. You did a mighty fine post, and please tell Chey we’re purring for her!

  17. Great job with the updates, beautiful Gemini…Purring for Chey to start feeling lots better soon; was there ever a real diagnosis?…Hope you guys have a happy day and stay cool, sweetie…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. Miss Gemini
    YOU are more than a good cat, you are a great cat.
    You’ve been so wonderful with everything since Chey started feeling bad.
    I am so proud of you.
    I do hope Chey starts to find her appetite.
    We are purrin and purrin/

    your boyfriendcat


  19. We is so sorry about your hots Gemini! It is hard to be such a gorgeous kitty with so many furs in the summer time. We hopes it cools down for you soon.
    We is purring fur Chey!

  20. Gemini, we purr Chey gets better soon !!
    It must be a little fun to get extra noms,heehee
    Sorry about the butt bingies 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  21. Dr Tweety says:

    Hooray Chey!!! You go girl.. you eats & eats & eats… & denz you will pooops & den you will feel betterz. Poor Gemini… I getsez doze poop danglez too. It’s part of bein’ a longhair fur sure. & da itty bitty Mr Ichiro better respect hiz elderz. (Of couse I wouldz nevfur suggest dats da ladeez of da house are old!!)
    Peeess: Da momee sez dat appytitite stimyoulant canz take a day or two to see results. So keep it up. You canz alwayz gets up fur a midnight snack when you iz sleep walkin’, trust me, Iris doez its all da time.

  22. Thanks for another update, Gemini! We hope the hots go away for you. Ours are gone…for now. And please tell Chey to start eating! We are purring that the stimulant helps!!

  23. You are very good indeed Gemini with all your updates. We hope the stimulant soon gets Chey eating again. Tell her we are still sending her our purrs.

  24. Missie Gemini, you are very sweet to keep Ichiro in your eye sight, and teach him stuff.
    We are still purring for Chey. I am certain she will get better soon.
    Tell your mom to keep forcing the bits of what ever she can find, and also a few syringes of water is good too.
    Bonks and bonkies and bronks from Miles

  25. Oh Gemini, you’re doing such a good job reporting on Chey & little Ichiro! We hope the hots leave soon, it’s hard enough to deal with them when you have a weapon like A/C – we can’t imagine how grumpy you all must be when the hots come & you don’t have an A/C to fight back with!!

    We hope that Chey starts eating foods besides the fishy flakes – we’ll continue purring for her!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay

    ps. We’ve had *ahem* problems with things hanging off of our bum furs, too – we’d like to think it happens to the best of us, just make sure you don’t fuss too much when your Momma tries to help you with them!!

  26. Gemini you are doing a great job with Chey being sick. Lots of purrs to her.

  27. Have ya tried soft treats? We are really fussy about foods, but we love those soft treats. We only get like two a day. But mebbe Chey needs more of them while she is gettin better.

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