Tabby Tuesday

AH!!! There is a new cat!!! I am sort of worried about him, but Momma says I am being very nice.  I have hissed at him once but not since.  And really when I hissed, he was growling at me.  If he’s going to be rude, then I have a right to say something, don’t I?

I am not as hissy as Cheysuli who keeps hissing at him and making little mewling noises.

I think he is afraid of Chey.   He is less afraid of me, but does not come too close.  I think he is learning to be a polite cat.   I think that is a good thing.  Momma told me she got him to be a big brave mancat to keep me safe even when she is not there.  He does not look like much of a mancat yet, but I will trust her.

Oh and Momma wanted me to tell you (’cause ‘Kaika asked) that yes, Ichiro is after Ichiro Suzuki the ball player.  And he was very interested in the baseball bats Daddy has around so he probably lives up to his name…


  1. Gemini, I’m hoping that both you and Chey will let your guard down and start mothering the little cutiepants. Momma Ellie is here purring and purring that she’ll get to see pictures of you and Chey giving him a tongue bath. We give it week…

  2. welcome to your new poose… forgive us for being out of the loop… so much is happening at casa di calamari.. and the pet humans are not handling some of the recent stress happening very well.
    we send love and hugs to all and hope to be back on track soon.
    ps … everyone should be afraid of chey…she rules! we will send a ham to soothe her savage soul. xoxoxo

  3. We agree with Cory!
    Ichiro will assume control within seven days or…or…or we’re wrong!

  4. Gemini, we do not think Ichiro is being rude. We think he is nervous.
    We are sure he will like you very soon 🙂
    Chey he will have to learn to respect!!
    He is still cute 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  5. Oh Gemini in time you will all get along. Derby and I certainly do OK now.

  6. Welcome to the new guy!!! (We’s a little behind) He’s a cutie! We’s sure that once he feels safe and secure in his new fur-efur home, that his manners will improve.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  7. You are a sweetheart, Gemini and we think you and beautiful Chey will fall in love with precious Ichiro before you know it…kitty kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. It takes time to adjust to comers-in ~ I shud know ‘cos when Alfie ferst arrived I was a right growly-pants. Take yoor time. It will be OK in the end.

  9. Gemini, we are excited about your cute little brother’s arrival. We hope you and he have lots of fun together, as we know your Mom hoped a new kitty would help to make you less shy. Chey may be a bit more aloof, as that seems to be her nature. But that’s okay.

  10. Gemini, it’s nice that you haven’t been too hissy to your new brother. We think you’re gonna like have a mancat around the house!!

  11. I has some advice on little brothers: You two ladycats need to put him in his place right away! Otherwise, he might try to take over! Believe me, it could happen.

    ps: Harley wishes he could have seen a picture of Julius!

  12. We’re glad you’re being nice to the little guy, Gemini. However, Tasha says to be careful or Ichiro will take over just like Franklin did here!

    P.S. We guessed that his name came from the Mariner’s Ichiro (our humans like him.)

  13. I think Ichiro is a fine name for a young mancat, and I am very happy to meet the newest mancat on the blogosphere! I think you are being very patient with him, Gemini, and hopefully the two of you can be friends. I know that the twins didn’t like me at all at first, and now we are very close. Purrs!

  14. Gemini, you will get used to the new kittie!!! We hope that you all have a great day!!!

    hi chey!!

  15. Awwwww….I am glad there is no fighting. We need more pictures!

  16. Now, you and Chey have a lot of work ahead of you getting the little baby mancat trained and showing him the ropes around there. Just remember, though, GIRLS RULE! We want more pictures!

  17. Well, as you know, Japanese names are par for the course around here, so we liked ICHIRO right of the bat (ha ha!). Seriously, though, it means “First-Born Son” in real life…

  18. Some things take time, but y’all will work it out, I’m sure!

  19. Miss Gemini
    Ichiro will lay down at your paws and worship the ground you walk on….how could be not? you know that I do!



    your boyfriendcat

  20. see Gemini hes just skared of yoo. thats why he hissed. try ta be nise ta him.

  21. What a nice, kind girl you are Gemini! Yes, I think at first maybe you’ll have to look out for the little kitty instead of it looking out for you.

    I think Chey is just jealous right now. Things will all work out quite soon — and I think you will all be friends — just like the Three MuskCATeers!

  22. Gemini, we know EXACTLY what you & Chey are going through – we didn’t ask our Mom for a new cat, Simon just showed up one day!!! Even though we still hiss at him, we are getting better about accepting him – so Mom says…

    Having said that, we hope that you, Chey & little Ichiro will get along soon!! Good luck!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  23. That stoopid smartypants ‘Kaika just can’t help being a no-it-all even win it’s NOT Find Chey Friday.

    Gemini, yoo need to show that new littul rat hooz boss before he takes over EVRYTHING!!!!!!

  24. Oh, a new kitty! I hope he learns better manners than some tabby mancats I could mention! Just keep purring when he behaves and hiss when he’s naughty, and you’ll be ok!
    Purrs, Nina

  25. I hope it won’t be long before you are a close threesome!

  26. You are a very wonderful sister~!!!!
    I am looking foward your together view!

  27. The little guy will soon fit right in, Miss Gemini. He is very cute. Chey will appreciate this in time.

    And thank you for answering my question … I’ll bet Mao was curious, too, but he’d never admit it.

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