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We did not really play on Friday as Momma didn’t feel like putting anything up.   However, Milo and Alfie had a good idea, “Ichiro is looking just purrfect today ~ and brought a smile to our faces.  Purrs for Chey ~ we hope he finds his appetite soon. Maybe he shoulda done a “Find Chey’s appetite” Friday ! Then we cud all help look for it.”  So we decided that idea would get them to be our Sunday Guest Stars!

Momma says Chey is eating a little better. She suspects that now she is not eating much because she wants something really good–but Momma doesn’t know what that is, unless she wants to live on Fishy Flakes. Momma has started crumbling some freeze dried chicken like Daisy likes on her fishy flakes and so Chey eats that and is getting more calories. It’s actually a food meal so hopefully that is better. Also, she is eating a few ZiwiPeaks Venison flavor cat food.  Momma got Venison because it was the only flavor the store had at the time she was there.   Chey seems to eat some of them out of her fishy flakes too.

She has gotten rather funny. She does not eat fishy flakes from the top of ANY canned food.   She ate a little of the Wysong early on but Momma can’t find it here–although several stores will special order it for her.  She is thinking of switching us all anyway as the Wellness which we used to eat has been purchased by a large corporation and some stores are worried what will happen to their quality control.   Momma would like to try A/D but you need a perscription for that and our vet is naturopathic and they don’t feel good about scripting for something that they feel is really bad for a cat–and of course they do not carry it.

Momma is frustrated with us all because Ichiro is starting to sneeze a bit!


  1. Cory’s mom here: It might be worth it to try to see if you could get your vet to write a prescription for AD anyway…even if they think it’s bad for her. Not eating is worse. It might not be great in the short run, but it is high in calories and our cats really liked it when they needed to be on it for a short time. I even have a couple of cans from when Bennette wasn’t eating (expiration date is sometime in 2011) so if you want I can send you a can or 2 to try. Let me know.

    The latest craze at our house in Instinct canned food…they are devouring it!

    Continued purrs for Chey.

  2. My SS has just come home form Kauai and we are concerned when we hear from the CB noos that chey is not well. Hope she continues to improve. We’ll be back for more news on her later. Purrrrrrrrrrs!

  3. hi we have a ton of ad that maxie will not eat any more he need to eat it becuse it was soft but he only wants evo now so we would be glad to send you a few cans

  4. Oh Fanks! We are thrilled to be yoor Sunday Guest Stars!

    We had two big blogging ambitions ~ one was to find Chey on a Friday (which we did when Chey was in New York) and the other was to be a Sunday Guest Star here. So achieving both is amazing.

    We hope Chey continues to feel better and eats more and we are sending PURRS to help. PURRS.

    Have a great day.

  5. We are so sorry to hear about Chey not eating etc. Faz went through something similar earlier in the year and we were so worried about her. In the end after 10 days of not eating, sitting in a hunched up position and turning into a featherweight she got better and we think it was cat flu, we were never so happy to see her eating her food again. We are waiting for good news on Chey too.

  6. PS: Mom apologises for typing “he” instead of “she” for Chey. :sigh: Yoo can’t get the staff these days! We’ve told her off.

  7. Concats to Milo and Alfie. Find Chey’s appetite is a good idea. We are sure there are a lot of hams waiting for her.
    Chey, we are glad to hear you are eating a bit more. We will keep purring until we hear you are eating like a little piglet!

  8. Have you tried some Nutri Cal?? It is for cats that aren’t eating. I think you have to get it at the vets but you might be able to get it online. Some of mine will just eat it and some won’t. It isn’t food, but is full of calories and all the good stuff they need. And maybe it would help find Chey’s appetite.
    Have a great day.

  9. Keep eating Chey! The more you eat, the more you’ll want to eat.

    Thanks for letting us know about Wellness. Mom is going to check into that since that’s what we eat. Also, most vets sell a/d and we’ve never needed a prescription for it. You might want to call some other places.

  10. We are worried, too, about P&G buying out Natura brands. I hope the quality of the Natura brand foods will stay the same…

  11. I am happy to hear the you are eating a little better Chey, keep up the good work sweetie, you can do it!

  12. We will help look for Chey’s appetite. We wonder if Artemisia has it as she eats EVERYTHING!!!! Honestly we don’t know how she stays so fit as she should be big as a house considering she steals everybody’s food after she finishes hers, she even eats Fenris’ food.

    Everybody stay well for your Mum.

  13. We think trying to find Chey’s appetite is a winner! Congrats to Milo and Alfie (those two are so clever)!

    We hope Chey starts eating something else soon. We’ve been eating the Instinct and some Nature’s Logic and the Buffalo Blue…all grain free.

  14. Milo & Alfie sure had a great idea! We have several PigCats at our house. We will try to send over just the appetite and retain the Cat…at least it sounds like Chey is *interested* in the idea of food. It’s a start.

    Little Ichiro, no sneezing for you, young man!

    Purrs to all of you from all of us.

  15. Hooray for Milo and Alfie! We love that photo of them! We are glad to hear that Chey is eating a little chicken.

    And I think we posted this on here before, but mom had to get A/D for syringe feeding when one of her senior cats wasn’t eating and none of the other cats liked it at all. That includes Tasha, and she’ll usually eat anything ( we will try to get her to send some of her appetite to Chey – it would benefit both of them!) But it sounds as if some cats here really liked it, so it might just be us.

    As Sniffie said, most vets usually sell it and some would likely sell you one can to try – it is technically a “prescription” food but it’s not like K/D or the other ones that are for specific conditions.

    P.S. We are sure you have thought of this but thought we’d mention it just in case – kitten food is also very high in calories. Our vet says it’s like junk food for regular cats, but a little bit of it won’t hurt them.

  16. Milo and Alfie had a terrific idea. It’s great both their dreams came true.

    Cotton went through a phase of not eating when the weather got hot. She has finally gotten her appetite back but is now spoiled and wants canned food or chicken and rice.

    We hope Chey’s appetite picks up soon. Glad she’s eating something but it sounds hard to please her.

  17. Fussy eaters and sneezers… We do sympathise!

  18. Milo and Alfie had a great idea…FInd Chey’s appetite!

    We are all hopeful that she will start eating normally soon,as it sounds like she is eating some, just not enough..

    We are all still purrinandpurrin!
    Eat Chey eat.



  19. We hope Chey’s appetite continues to improve.

    Lots of purrs.

  20. Hope Chey starts eating more soon, purring for her continued improvement…We also hope inchiro is not getting sick…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. we are purring and praying for you chey… please eat some ham soon. so sorry we have not been around- the pet humans are in a weird space with everything that has been going on… my blog and commenting is not high on their list right now.
    sending love and healing thoughts
    zevo et al

  22. I think Chey is just playing with you now! It’s kind of like Dante when my husband spoiled him by talking to him while he eats (and now he won’t eat without someone there to watch him)!

    Chey’s getting a variety of foods she’d never get to try. I think maybe she likes the variety, so you may not be able to settle on just one kind of food.

    Apparently it is very healthy for kitties to get their protein from a variety of sources anyway, so that’s not a bad thing.

    I know our kitties go wild for tuna in a can (only the best white tuna, though). But that’s usually only doled out on birthdays.

  23. The can of a/d the vet gave us is what brought Shaggy’s appetite back. He ate the entire can within 24 hours. Now there’s no stopping him.

  24. Glad to hear Chey is getting better – if rather slowly. Does hand feeding help? My mum’s 18 year old Siamese always eats better if every bit is hand fed.

  25. We couldn’t help but meow when we read ‘Where’s Chey’s Appetite! Each state is different with different laws, but in Virginia, the prescription diets can be sold to anyone who walks in and asks for them, we don’t have to have a ‘patient-doctor’ relationship. Where do you live?

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