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Well we asked cats what they thought might be going on with Cheysuli.  We liked Harley’s answer best (via Daisy).  Daisy said, “Harley has been thinking and thinking, and he figured out that this could be Chey’s way of getting publicity and attention for health care reform!”   Perhaps he is right!

At any rate, the latest update with Cheysuli is that she really really likes her bonito fishy flakes.   She does not want to eat much else.   She is a bit dehydrated, although she is probably drinking water (based on the levels in the dishes).    However, it has been particularly hot here and of course we do not have air conditioning, so that could be part of it.  We are hoping that she will start eating something besides her fishy flakes soon.

She does lick at some of the other foods–those that she knows, but not many of them.   She is not supposed to have her kibble, which is what she really really likes and wants I think.   So that is hard.  At the moment the main goal is to get enough calories in her.  Fortunately the fishy flakes do have real calories and lots of protein which is what she needs, but she does need to eat something more substantial!  At least it is all staying down, but we’d feel better if she were eating a bit better (of course she is used to nibbling on kibble all day and then once daily wet food and now she is offered some wet food with her fishy flakes every two hours or so which means she is probably not that hungry).

We continue to thank the blogosphere for their purrs.   She is not out of the woods yet, but we think we might see the edge of them!


  1. Purrr purrr purrrr….Chey we are all still purring for you. Did your v-e-t give you AD food too?…wet and squishy, lot of calories. I’ve also brought a ham…and cheese. Please eat more Chey.

  2. We are still purring too Chey!!! EAT, eat, eat!!!!

  3. Willow and I are purring very steadily for you, Chey! We’re glad that you are eating those fishy flakes!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  4. Chey, very good to know you are near the edge of the woods at least. No vomiting sound hopeful.

  5. Harley always does a lot of good thinking!

    It can be difficult to get the little ones to eat properly again once they go off heir food. We have been struggling with Yuu-Chan too, ever since he was so sick. It’s a slow process but it is a process. We will continue to purr for our dear Chey.

  6. Keeping paws crossed and purrs going that Chey has finally turned a corner and things will continue to get better!

  7. Good news that she’s managing to keep the flakes down now. We will continue to purr that she eats more soon.

  8. Continued purrs and Light from us! From our visiting Grandpa too! We hope Chey starts eating a bit more and is 100% better soon!!!

  9. Continued purrs for Chey. It took me quite a while to start eating again after I got so sick last year. Mom literally had to put the wet food on her fingers and let me lick some of it a little at a time before I would start eating. Keep eating Chey and get your strength back!

  10. We’re purring loud and hard for Chey. Sniffie’s still being a bit picky about eating (except for Ham and Potato Chips). Dad did see her at the regular kibble bowl this morning and she’s eating some of the stinky goodness Mom puts out every night.
    We hope Chey starts eating soon….we know how worried Moms get.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. We thinks Harley is right and Chey is trying to get attention for Health Care Reform. Way to go Chey just don’t take it to far OK. We thinks you can start eating now.

    Socks likes cottage cheese and cat milk (you know the kitten formula). See when Scylla & Charybdis were little they had to be bottle fed and since they were starting to eat Mommy would put some of the kitten formula in a bowl for them to make sure they were getting enough foods and Socks would go over and drinks it. We has to be honest. He didn’t bother their food until Scylla started eating HIS. Scylla refused to eat kitten food, she ate Socks adult cat food instead. So Socks ate Scylla’s kitten food and drank her milk.

  12. Chey, I did my best thinking, so I am glad I figured it out! Now I have been doing even MORE thinking. I figured out that if you will eat real GOOD, you will feel BETTER. And it will make all of your friends very HAPPY. So I hope you will follow my best ADVICE and do your best EATING. Okay?

  13. We hope Chey starts eating some other foods soon, but at least the fishy flakes are a start!

  14. We like Harley’s answer a lot too! And we’re continuing to purr for Chey to eat a little bit more.

  15. We liked Harley’s answer and we think he has some very good advice about eating and feeling better.

    When I was transitioning the Horde to canned food I would sprinkle (liberally) crushed dry kibble on top as a “tempter”. Chey *might* go for this…

  16. Chey, that kibble is not your friend right now. Maybe later it will be again. I like Katnip Lounge’s suggestion.

    I purrsonally don’t like the pate style moist food, but I love the meaty bits type with gravy.

    Harley is always good at thinking – he is one of the smartest kitties in the blogosphere. And one of the cutest!

  17. Can you get her some Nutrical? It’s a vitamin supplement they give kittens and things when they won’t eat. most vets carry it- Maybe it would help her? I’m so sorry we don’t even know what’s going on with chey because the mom has been so busy and not helping us visit. Please forgive us.

  18. Glad to see any improvement. Hope Chey’s appetite comes back soon so she’ll start eating more. Purrs and tail wags.

  19. Oh Chey!!! Dis iz da starts of some furry good newz!!! Now we know how hot it waz here… 101!!! So you gotsez to cool down wit a big fan & justee naps. Den if your momee canz fix you a din-din of dat V-E-T hi cal canned stuffy, you mights go fur it.
    When da MAxi waz so sick lasty year, dey hadz to finally givez him da appytite stimulants… he iz a stubborn meezer through & through. SO mebbe you should try doze? & gravy… Simba menshuned gravy… you can licksez all da gravy & den eats da meats or da fishy flakes.
    ~Purrin fur you al da way,
    Dr Tweety

  20. Oh.. & I almostee forgots.. dat HArley iz da catsez pajamaz!!!!

  21. Harley is a very clever cat! Why didn’t we fink of that?

    And we are thrilled to hear Chey is feeling a little better. We are sending more healing purrs.

  22. Thanks for coming by to visit! we are so sorry that Chey is feeling poorly…but delighted that she is feeling better. Maybe some food that’s not really good on a daily basis might stimulate her to eat again….like roasted chicken or people tuna? We are all purring for a speedy recovery.

  23. I am very happy Chey is doing some better…but we’re all still purring for her!!!

  24. Keep eating Chey! We are purring and purring! And I think Harley knows Chey pretty well!

  25. Harley gets some very good ideas.
    Chey we are glad you are eating some fishy flakes but we hope you start eating some wet food too. When I was ill I didn’t want to eat and mum cooked me small cod steaks in the microwave then mash them up and give them to me lukewarm. That was all I would eat for a few days.

  26. Oh we are so glad to find out that Chey is eating and keeping it down.
    We hope things are gradually improving.
    We are keeping you in our purrs and hope the news is even better tomorrow.



  27. I hope Chey could get better and better~!
    I am purring and praying for Chey everyday and everytime while I think of !!

  28. Glad Chey’s getting better. A Virginia ham maybe to tempt her appetite?

  29. Harely is just the cutest!…So glad Chey is doing better, still purring loudly for her…Best of luck…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

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