Resting Friday

Momma is tired with trying to get Cheysuli to eat and so she does not feel like doing a Find Chey.  Instead, she will work on getting Cheysuli to eat more (she bought one of every single flavor food at Petco this morning).   Then she might nap.

We leave you with this photo of Ichiro.


  1. Dat mancat in trainin looks like trubble! You has to watch da innocent lookin ones! Purrs, Victor

  2. Ichiro…I was once young too. Milk it little one.

    Purrs to Chey. Hopefully we’ll find you this Friday at the food bowl.

    xoxo Cory

  3. Mom bought a lot of different stuff for Sniffie today too. She got some a/d at the V-E-T and Sniffie went right for it. Unfortunately, one of us snuck up while she was eating and spooked her and she didn’t finish what Mom gave her. Mom also bought Nutrical and gave Sniffie some of that. She really liked it.

    Come on Chey, EAT!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. I hope some of the food your human bought agrees with Chey. Am sending purrs, lots of them!

  5. That A/D is wonnerful. Oh, yum, just finking about it makes me hungry.
    I had to eat it when I was real little and not getting big.
    I likes that you buyed effurryfing fur Chey to try.
    Come on Chey, EAT.
    Love & Purrs,

  6. Boy, Ichiro has some BLUE eyes! Wowie!

    Chey, we hope you start to eat on your own soon. The Woman and Gemini are both very tired. I’ll keep purring for you …

  7. Chey, are you enjoying all this attention while you turn you nose up at the food? We sympathize but we think it is time to get to eating again. Did the vet say when (if ever) you could have your kibble again? Maybe Mom is afraid to give you kibble now, ever. If so, you are going to have to find a flavor of something else you like.

    Let’s hope this weekend is a big turning point.

    Ichiro, you are a real cute fella!

  8. Love the photo of adorable, gorgeous Ichiro…Purring for Chey to eat more and continue recovering from the last few weeks of illness; hugs to your Mom…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Ichiro is looking just purrfect today ~ and brought a smile to our faces.

    Purrs for Chey ~ we hope he finds his appetite soon. Maybe he shoulda done a “Find Chey’s appetite” Friday ! Then we cud all help look for it.

  10. Ichiro is such a fuzzy cutie! We purrrr real hard that beautiful Chey will regain her appitite real soon. It is heartbreaking to see the full food dish sitting around…we remember the tears and worries mommy shed over me when I wouldn’t eat…it lasted a few weeks until the medicine began to work.
    Please know how much we care and think about you up there…love the cozy cottage crew

  11. Wooha little one you look like real trouble!! ;o)

    Chey come on EAT! You have us worried to pieces and your Momma really needs some rest!

    sending healing purrs and lots of good thoughts to you all! Maybe Sally could send some of her appetite hehe *slap* ouchie…

    love xoxox
    alla us + Momma

  12. We sure wish Chey would start eating more…c’mon, Chey!! (We love Milo and Alfie’s comment of doing a Find Chey’s Appetite!!)

    Ichiro, you sure are a cutie…

  13. Come on Chey – give some food a try!

  14. Ichiro looks like he’s fulla mischief!

    Gemini, your Mum is very well trained buying every single flavour of fuuds for Chey. If Chey doesn’t fancy them, I wondered if putting a teensy (really tiny) amount of finely chopped lamb’s liver in with the fuud might entice her?

    I know liver is like crack cocaine for some cats and you must never feed too much of it and sometimes cats who get a taste for it won’t touch anything else ever, but if it’s mixed in with normal wet fuuds it might just get her taste buds working overtime.

    Come on Chey, get eating gal!

    Whicky Wuudler

  15. Ichiro is just so darling! He is probably comtemplating getting into something! 🙂


    We love YOU!

  16. That is such a cute picture! We will purr and purr and purr for Chey to eat on her own, come on sweetie pie Chey, you can do it!

  17. Chey, you are smart not to travel until you are feeling better. I hope you will find some food that you enjoy. I will eat ANYTHING if it has either crumbled, freeze-dried chicken liver treats on it (just the crumbs), or a bit of nutritional yeast on top.

  18. We think your mom is so nice to buy all those different kinds of food! We hope Chey likes at least one of them as much as she likes the fishie flakes.

    Sending lots of purrs to all of you (and we hope your mom has a good rest – she certainly deserves it!)

    P.S. Ichiro is adorable – that is a great photo.

  19. Chey, now you lissen, don’t you make me go and get Tony to come and “influence” you to eat. – Samuel Alfonse Meezer

    Please eat MissChey – we miss your beautiful face! – Nicky

  20. Ichiro is an absolute cutie pie! We bet he’s a real clown when he gets going…

    Chey, we think you need to eat and quit worrying your Mom…although that WAS a neat trick to get to try every single flavor of fudz from the Temple of Fudz!

  21. WE have that there will be something in there that Chey will love!

  22. Ichiro you are such a cutie!

    Oh dear Chey please help your Mom out and eat eat and then eat again.

    Miss Gemini I know that you are doing all you can to help your Mom and Chey and watch out over Ichiro. You’ve got your paws full. I will come ofur and help or simply give you nice snuggles…

    your boyfriendcat

  23. WE hope this is a good beginning to a week-end of getting bonk bonk better and a
    behaving mancat in training, and rest for Gemini and mom

  24. One of every flavor at the Petco store? Sounds like a lot of sampling and eating ahead. Hopefully some of the flavors are stinky enough to stimulate Chey’s appetite.

    Miss Chey, please eat more. We’re in need of your meezer sass in the CB. Lots more purrs.

  25. Come on Chey, we are purring our hardest for you to find your appetite. There must be something that your mum has brought home that will tempt you.
    Ichiro looks a real little bundle of mischief.

  26. You’ve got Gemini hopping to keep up. Chey better watch out when she gets well. You’ll run her ragged.

    We hope Chey will eat some of every flavor but not all at one time. Your poor mom. May she rest on the couch in peace today. Shhhhhhh! Mom is napping.

  27. Ichiro is such a cutie. More purrs for Chey.

  28. Ichiro is such a little cutie!

    And we are still purring and praying for Chey to eat something – we hope she will soon!

  29. We are happy with Ichiro 😉
    We will send extra special purrs to Chey.
    Hope she finds her appetite(if we do ,we;ll tell you)
    In the mean time,we wish you all a peaceful weekend.

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  30. We think it’s good that Chey decided to stay home and not get lost this week. We are still purring that she eats soon.

    Tavi, Cody, and Gracie

  31. Yeah, that sweet little innocent face Ichiro is giving us doesn’t fool me at all. I see something similar every day with that smelly (and I do mean room clearing smelly) boy and it never ends well.

    We are soooooooooooooooooo glad you are improving daily. You are the bright spot on the blogosphere this week. We have been, and will continue to, purr hard for you. Our purr knob is turned up to 11.

    Maybe baby food mixed with your stinky food would help? Or snacky, not so healthy foods to tempt you?

  32. Chey try ta get sum fud down so yur momma can rest.

  33. Eat Chey, eat. Annything. Wet, dry, treats, whatever…

  34. Please eat, Chey, Lucky and I don’t want to lose another friend. It would just break our hearts if anything happened to you.

    Roxy & Lucky

  35. Come on, Chey. Eat something. There are limits to how far you dare carry finickyness, and you’ve reached that point.

    Sending some we-so-hungry purrrrrss.

  36. Mom wanted to come back to let you know that she’s been giving Sniffie Nutrical twice a day and Dad saw Sniffie at the food bowl this morning! We think we needed to start up her appetite. She also loved the a/d. When Mom picks up the nutrical tube, Sniffie really perks up!!

    Chey, please eat!! We know how worried your Mom is.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  37. We hope that Chey will be back to her old self soon, and that she will like some of the food your bean has for her. We are very worried about her, and want you to know our purrs and prayers are with you.

  38. We hope your sampling goes well and you find one of those foods will help you to eat more. Come on, honey! We love you and want you to e strong again.
    Hmmmm…little Ichiro looks to be a bit of a devilish one! We are glad Gemini is there to keep tabs on him. xxxooo

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