Really sick

Cheysuli remains feeling ill.  She is not eating–we are forcing her food and have to give her fluids.  She is slightly lethargic and continues to have diarrhea and vomiting and drooling all the time.   The vets think it is related to her belly.    They took films but there appears to be no foreign bodies.    The pattern was severe gassiness throughout her tummy, Small intestine and especially her colon (which is normal).   They said that the pattern of gas doesn’t match a pattern of a foreign body that just wasn’t visible on the films.

Force feeding her is not a joy.   And she won’t eat but it’s been long enough that there is no choice.  She is getting some herbal medicine and had a homeopathic yesterday.  She does not have a fever which is weird if she’s that sick but she is not throwing this off.     She has moments when she seems better and others where she is just not feeling good at all.

Her eyes are SOOO SOOO sad too.

Purrs that she gets better.


  1. Chey.. we are all purring for you to feel better quickly. Force feeding sounds hard on everyone… purrs…………

  2. Poor Chey. Get better real fast. Lots of purrs.

  3. I’ve been going through this with my Sukki the last few weeks; 3 trips to the vet (saw 3 different vets at 2 hospitals), fever at first, but the last 2 times nothing, her blood work was good, her body felt fine to them=she was throwing up and didn’t feel well at first, gassy which is unusual for her, but felt better for 3 days, threw up a little again so I rushed her back, good for 2 more days, threw up again with diarrhea, took her the 3rd time=doctor could not find anything wrong with her…She has been fine for 12 days and has thrown up again this morning so I pulled food and just waiting it out (vets are closed anyway except emergency)…I have 2 shots here for nausea but waiting to see how she does when I put food out again in a few hours…Best of luck to sweet Chey; I am praying for her quick recovery=it’s tough when there are no obvious reasons for it…Hang in there , purring loudly, crossing paws…xoxo…J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh, we are so sorry to hear of Chey’s tummy troubles…they can be so hard to diagnose. Sometimes you don’t find out what it is, but what it isn’t…

    Things like bacterial overgrowth in the gut can not show up on bloodwork but on special fecal tests. Drooling, yes that can be from nausea. Are the fluids Chey is getting subq or oral? Sub q is best as it bypasses the tummy and gets straight to where it’s needed. What are you force feeding Chey? Hills a/d and Royal Canin recovery rx foods are good and easy to digest.

    Let our mewmmie know if she can help in any way.

  5. I had not visited in a while, so when we heard Chey was sick, I looked back and saw you have a new kitten. This might be a wild guess, but it is possible that this kitten is carrying Calici and what is going on with Chey sounds like how it affects adult cats. Please bring this to your vets attention as it might be something they aren’t up-to-speed on:

  6. We are SO sorry to hear that Chey is not doing well. What could be wrong with her? Did she eat something she shouldn’t have? We think that Teri of Furrydance is very wise and knowledgeable and that it’s worth checking out what she says.

    Please get better soon, Chey!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    The Chans and Tommy (and hugs from #1)

  7. Us again. We’ve been doing a bit of research and that combination of symptoms sounds also like it might be some kind of poisoning. Any new plants around?

  8. We’re purring that Chey feels better soon! xxx

  9. We’re sending Chey and her humans many many purrs and good thoughts! We know this must be scary for all of you. We hope so much that Chey feels much better soon.

    XXX & hugs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha and mom Katie

  10. Huge purrs from us to Chey and family. How scary it is when our babies are ill.

    Please get better soon, Chey!

    XX MomKat Trish and Lounge Kats

  11. We are sendingour purrs to Chey, this is so scary.
    Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Get better Chey!!!

  12. You know that our purrs are going overtime for Chey. When Bennette was so ill from some sort of mystery illness, she wouldn’t eat either. She finallly bounced back after anti-nausea medication, some force feeding and sub-Q fluids…basically supportive care and she ended up coming through just fine, but it was so scary! We never did know exactly what it was.

    We won’t stop purring until we know she’s well again.

  13. Oh, dear, Chey — I am so sorry that you are not feeling well and send many healing purrs and lots of healing energy. The human saw Teri’s comment and thought that might be a plausible explanation of why you might be feeling badly. I hope you will feel better soon, my friend.

  14. Oh, poor Chey. It sounds as if she is terribly uncomfortable, to say the least. And we hope it isn’t anything serious! Lots of purrs and tail wags for Chey to get well.

  15. We just read about Chey’s problems and we are sending get-well vibes and purrayers to her…

  16. We just read about Chey on the CB and came to offer our purrs too, and to send healing universal Light.

    IBD? If so, that can be tough to sort out. Some sort of food allergy? The suggestion of checking for the Calici virus was a good one. How old is Chey? The blood work is fine, right? Full panel, we presume?

    Paws and fingers crossed all will be well!

  17. There’s no dental issue, right? I’ve just gone through all three cats having dental with multiple extractions for each one, between November and June. Drooling can be a sign of dental issues (as well as a zillion other things, of course). One of my boys had deep pockets of infection….If there’s a dental problem I could imagine a cat wouldn’t feel like eating. But that wouldn’t explain the diarrhea and vomiting, which is why the first thing that crossed my mind was IBD.

  18. Poor Chey! It’s so frustrating when the vets can’t find out what’s wrong. I’m sending her lots of healing purrs and hope that she either gets better on her own, or that her problem is figured out so you can give her the treatment she needs.

  19. sending love, purrs and healing thoughts.. please get well dear chey.. we love you.
    zevo and the pooses for peace
    ps we are lighting a candle for you too

  20. Chey, I am purring for you to get better. The first thing we thought of was the possibility of a virus or parasite the new kitten was carrying. When my brother and his fiancee adopted a puppy from a shelter, within a week she had Parvovirus which she presumably picked up at the shelter (she got her shot when they adopted her, but was probably already incubating it). So something coming as a result of the introduction of the kitten seems to be in the timeframe.

    Once again, we do hope she is better soon.

  21. Oh, dear Chey, Willow & I just found out at the CB that you aren’t feeling well. We immediately started sending over very special healing purrs to you! We haven’t been able to blog or visit much lately so we didn’t even know that there is a new kitten at your house! We hope that the kitten didn’t make you sick – we looked at his picture and he is awfully cute!

    Hope our purrs are reaching you and you feel better very quickly!

    Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  22. We’s purring and purring for our sweet Chey. You’s gotted lots of good advice here, fanks fur keeping us posted.
    Love & Purrs,

  23. Poor Chey! We’ll purr and pray that you feel better soon.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  24. Oh poor Chey! Please feel better soon, we are purraying for you!
    Julie and her cats – Pepper, Izzy and Lucky

  25. Oh my, I didn’t know Chey was feeling poorly, my sisters and I are purring and purring. We hope you feel better soon sweetie Chey.

  26. Oh Chey, we are so sad that you are not feeling well. Please get better real soon. We are purring and purring for you to have a speedy recovery. (((Hugs.)))

  27. Purrs & Purrayers from both of us, & Daddy, too!

  28. Poor Chey! I am so sorry and sad that you are not feeling well. Sending healing purrs to you.

  29. Poor Chey! You poor thing. Having to be force fed? That sux big time. You get better right away so you can eat what you want when you want.
    We are all purring and purring for you. purrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  30. we are all purrin extra hard for chey

    *healing purrs* for chey
    abby,boo,ping,jinx and gracie

  31. Just checking back to see if you are doing better, Chey. Continued purrs ….

  32. Oh hell poor Chey. Has she been checked for hairballs? They can do some odd things and they are hard to spot.

    We’re purring for her.

  33. Purrrrs and more purrrrs that you feel better Chey!!
    ((((((((HUGGGGGS)))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  34. Oh man, I think I kinda know how she feels. I went a long time without eating when Buddah showed up. The people tried lots of things, like Nutrapaste and an appetite stimulant, but I think it just took time… I got paws crossed that Chey feels better really fast, because it sucks when you feel like crap.

  35. Oh Chey, we is purring hard fur yoo. We sure hope dis passes real quick fur both yoor and yoor momma’s sake.

  36. We are sending HUGE rumbly get well purrs for dear lttle Chey. Please get well soon Chey ~ we love yoo.

  37. I thought of Calici, too, with the drooling. Does Chey have any ulcers on her tongue or mouth or nose?

    Harley and I are linking paws and purring our very, very, very best for Chey to get all better soon.

  38. Get better Chey! We are purraying for you sweety!

  39. Chey, get better qwickly.

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