No Find Chey Friday

Gemini reporting:  I refuse to go out traveling so that other people can find me, especially when I have nursing duties!  And I have to fight that little cat for food and a space on the bed!

Cheysuli went back in. They did some barium x-rays to make anything that doesn’t show up on a normal x-ray show up. They found four little disk shapes in her tummy that the barium wouldn’t go through so they thought AHA! Obstruction.  So they did surgery.  The found four of her food kibbles in her belly. Not digested and they had some fur around them.   They don’t understand. They are doing a biopsy on the mucosa of her tummy, although the vet who did the surgery felt around and there was no wall thickening on her tummy or anywhere in her intestinal tract.  The barium passed normally through out all of that.

Anyway, Cheysuli is now convulescing in the back room and Ichiro is out and about with me.   I do not like this change at all.   Momma is going to sleep in the back room with her so that she can keep an eye on her tonight. Tomorrow she goes back to the vet to be checked over and they will attempt to get her to eat or force feed her and see if the food stays down NOW.  Maybe it was the fur.  Momma wondered if perhaps Cheysuli had eaten some kibble out of one of my furballs?

The biopsy will check for heliobacter pylori, which in humans causes ulcers and for IBD and stuff like that.  At this point, this is the most likely thing.  Momma was so happy to think yeah! They found something and we can fix it but now she is frustrated again.  Chey is also frustrating the docs as well.   So maybe this week is creative What’s Wrong with Chey Friday and perhaps I will give an award for the most interesting thing.

Oh and Momma did ask, “Could Chey just not be able to stomach the kit?”  The vet said well if she’s a cat to hold on to her frustration and not stomach the kit, we wouldn’t see it just yet–that would be weeks down the road.   If she was just really angry and it was immediate, then we should have seen this on Monday.  So she doesn’t think that it’s really that.


  1. Gemini,

    Thanks for the report…we are worried about Chey…We’ll continue to send strong purrs. Our Mommy sends more {{hugs}}. Maybe Chey is afraid to eat at this point, but we can’t think of what might tempt her to eat. Paws crossed that she’ll start soon and no force feeding.

  2. HI Gemini!!! Thanks for the report on Chey!! We were worried about her!! We hope she will start eating and get all better!! (((((((((HUGGGGGGSSSSS)))))))) from us and Mom, too!
    Your TX furiends,

  3. Thanks for the update and all you are doing for Chey, Miss Gemini. We continue to send purrs and healing energy.

    ‘Kaika and the human

  4. What did you do, Chey? Eat part of someones spit-up?


  5. That explains a lot – and is still so mysterious! Typical Chey isn’t it? I hope she feels better now and is soon her old self again.

  6. The Poupounette Gang says:

    “Get Better Chey Friday!”

  7. Fanks for the update abowt Chey ~ we are worried too and are continuing to send BIG rumbly get well purrs.

    Our best guess :puts thinking caps on: is that Chey is attention seeking because Ichiro is so cute and stealing the limelight!

    Therfore the CURE is to give Chey lotsa fuss, and cuddles and kisses and attention. OK?

  8. Weird that cat kibble could cause a semi-obstruction, but I am betting she will be okay now. But I wish they didn’t have to force feed her yet. Poor tummy needs a rest.

  9. Wishing Chey a very speedy recovery and hope this puts an end to her troubles…Wishing her the best, purring loudly for her illness to subside…Big hugs to her Mommy, kisses to her…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. We hope removing the furry kibbles does solve the problem. Sometimes when I get a furball and I can’t get it up right away, I go off my food for a while and get mopey and then sometimes I pass it instead of yakking it.
    We are both sending lots more purrs for Chey to soon feel better.

  11. Hey Chey! We can contribute lots of “furballs” if you need more… ours are particularly long and furry. Srsly though: we strongly suggest that when you consume them, with or without kibbling, the proper thing to do is find one of mom’s favorite spots and “hack ’em up” right away. We’ll also volunteer to give you some training in our technique for this if need be.
    Although today is Friday the 13th… we are wishing, hoping, purring ‘n’ praying that only good things come to you today! (And every day!)
    Be well friend.

  12. Poor Chey, I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

  13. Thanks for the update Gemini, I bet that kitten-sitting is harder than nursing your sister!

    Poor Chey, what an ordeal, we really hope that removing the kibbles and fur has solved the problem and she can now recover.

    Still sending you all big, phat rumbly healing purrs and love

    & Gerry

  14. Oh Chey, we are so very worried about you! Please get better soon!

    Harley has been thinking and thinking, and he figured out that this could be Chey’s way of getting publicity and attention for health care reform!

  15. Gemini, Thank you for much for the report. Poor Chey and poor mommy! How weird that it may be the kibbles causing all of the problems. Let’s hope this takes care of everything.

    I’ll continue to send bunches of purrs for you!

  16. Gemini, thank you again for such wonderful reporting. We have been very worried about Chey. Please give her out loudest purrs!!!

  17. We hope the kibbles and furs in Chey’s tummy were the problem – hopefully she will try to eat soon. We hope you soon feel better and eat like a little piglet!!
    Purrs and kisses Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Gemini, you are such a wonderful kitty to give us an update on Chey…and we totally understand you not wanting to go wandering out there in the world.

    We are super duper worried about Chey and we are going to turn that worry in to healing energy and purrrs…because nothing good happens when we worry. Please let Chey know that we are all purring and purring and purring our most healing purrs for her and all of you too because I know you are all worried about her.

  19. Oh Chey! I hope that this fixes the tumyy!
    Hugs and purrs to her!

  20. We’re purring and praying for Chey. We’re hoping that the kibble was the problem.

    Thanks for your purrs and prayers for Sniffie!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  21. Well, at least there is some progress being made. Now that those “things” are out of her tummy, maybe Chey will start feeling better. We sure hope so.

    Gemini dear, you’re doing a fine job taking care of everyone, Keep up the good work!

  22. Thanks for the update, Gemini. We really hope that the vet is able to figure out something soon. We are hoping that it was just the kibbles (although that seems strange, but you never know!)

    Sending Chey, your mom, you, and Ichiro lots of purrs –
    Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  23. HI Gemini, thank you for telling us about Chey, you are such a very good nurse!
    So I finks that Chey eatted a tomator whole and it gets in a war with the hairy-kibbles, then the tomator wants to be all alone in Chey-tummy so it pushes the hairy kibbles to the side where they just sits and sits.
    It sounds pawsable to me, maybe you should tells the doctor about that idea?!

    We keeps purring she bees all better now the hairy-kibble war is over.

  24. Hi Gemini – thanks for the Chey update! This is such a strange thing – we hope that they can get some solid answers from the biopsy. Maybe those furry kibble were just too big and were blocking stuff up – we hope that getting them out helps her to feel better. We are still sending lots and lots of purrs and prayers!

  25. I sure hope sweet Chey gets feeling better. My sisters and I will sure be purring for a very speedy recovery!

  26. Hi Chey,

    this is maxie i dont sumick nit well i get big big fur balls they cause losts of problems has you mama tryed cyrophepine it a pill to make you want to eat. both LL and I take it

  27. All of us at Krasota Castle Cats are purring and purraying for Chey and his family. We love you Chey!

  28. We is all purrying and purraying for Chey and his fambly. We can send my floof, too!

  29. Poor Chey. Sending more purrs.

  30. Good update! We are feeling hopeful that Chey will perk up today with the extra treatments.

    bonks and purrrs

  31. Dr Tweety says:

    Dear Chey,
    Fur hevvenz sake! We haz gots to gets to da bottom of dis mys-terrible illness. I tink if you waz mad, a meezer canz gets a icky-tum-tum reel quick & mebbe da vet just nevfur knew a meezer before.
    We justee hopes dat da fur kibblez eggsplainz da problem & dats now you can eats. Justee look! Your momeee iz sleepin’ wit you & not da kit.
    We are still sendin’ pawloadz of purrz your way & fur evfurryting to turnz out well.
    We love you,
    Dr Tweety, Iris, Maximillian, Delilah, & Auntie Stinkie

  32. Thanks for the update, Gemini. Tell Chey that we are continuing our purrs for her and we won’t stop until she is on the road to recovery!!

    And good luck to you fending off the little guy…

  33. Gemini, please tell Chey that we are purring and purraying so hard for her … we want her to get better really soon. You are a sweet sisfur to her 🙂
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  34. Oh Chey, we are so sorry to hear you have been having a very bad time and needed surgery to get stuff out of your tummy. Please recover quickly. If necessary, I will send Lucky over for healing pug snorts and cuddles. She is really, really good at it. I would come as well, but I would just get into trouble and make you and your mom crazy.

    Pug snorting and praying for you.

    Roxy, Lucky & Mom

  35. Daddy Kiril, Elvira Mistress of Pussydom, and I, continue to send out thoughts, and our purrayers for the great Chey! ;-D

  36. Thank you Gemini for keeping us updated about Chey. What a good job you’re doing, plus playing with the kitten!
    We hope the surgery solved the problem and she gets back to herself very soon!
    Hugs to your Mommy too!

  37. Sending lots of purrs for Chey to eat and feel better soon.

  38. Poor Chey, she’s really having a time. We hope whatever is wrong with her can be found soon so she can get well. She must be miserable. Purrs and tail wags to all of you.

  39. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    Chey we are so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well and had to have surgery…oh dear…we hope that today you received some indication of what it is.

    We are completely stumped.
    But we are still purrin realllllly hard.
    And Miss Gemini you are doing a fantastic job of taking care of Chey, Ichirco and your Mom!



  40. Hang in there, Gemini! I know it’s tough having to hold down the fort while Chey is sick, but you need to be strong while the vets try to figure out what is wrong. I am purring really hard that they find out what this mysterious problem is, and are able to help her.

  41. Thanks fer the update, Gemini! We are sure worried about Chey. She sure seems ta have some strange problem!

  42. Poor Chey! We iz all purring furry hard for her to get all better real soon!

  43. Well da Mummeh was so rong (nothing unuzul there then, lol!). She thort Chey’s illness was rooted in angsiety about da noo kitten but it terns owt to be an Orrible Coinsidense and dat da pore dere Chey had narsty furry-girt kibbels stuk in her gutts! Dis is So Bad! We am wurried now abowt eeting owr kibbels, much as we luv dem and dey are parrently good fer us teefs. Wotevver… We luvs ya bootiful Chey and da purr motors am running offurtiem heer fur yer Speedy Recuverry!!! Luffs, da Caramels (and Her Indoors) <3 :)xxx

  44. Thank you for the update, Gemini! We are sending lots of rumbly purrs for Chey.

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