Mini Mancat Meezer Monday

Look at me!  I can blog!

I can do lots of things.

And that  big Meezer hates me hates me hates me she does.

I don’t care.



  1. Look how long your little legs are getting! I’m keeping my paws crossed that Chey will come around.

  2. You are such a gorgeous, precious boy, Ichiro=that is a playful, fun photo!!…Good luck with Chey, we hope she is feeling better and will warm up to you soon, sweetie…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Ichiro, the only reason that “big Meezer” has not totally slapped you silly is probably because she has not been feeling well! And now that she is getting better, you had better watch your back!

  4. Oh we do hope that Chey would come around and not hate you.

  5. SQUEE !!!! you are adorable .

  6. Oh Ichiro you are so CUTE!!!!!!

    Squealing with delight, Artemisia

  7. Aw, Ichiro…you’re such a little guy…nothing bothers you!! We know Chey will come around sooner or later…

  8. You are sooooo KYOOT!

  9. Ichiro, you are just adorable! What a big boy, now you can even blog!!! Don’t worry, Chey is really a softie!!!

  10. Ummmm….Ichiro…..don’t let Chey read that last comment that we left. Secret…okay???

  11. Good job, Ichiro! Do not worry, I am pretty sure that Chey likes you.

  12. Ichiro, you are too cute to be allowed!


  13. What are you playing with, Ichiro? You do look like you are a fun, playful, fellow. And you are very gorgeous. Tell Chey she is missing out on lots of fun with you.

  14. Ichiro, how could anyone not love you?

    pssst….a little secret…Chey adores ham. Roll in ham juice, then bring her a ham and I’ll be she’ll like you just fine.

  15. Ichiro, you are a little cutie! Chey will come around … maybe it’s taking her longer because she wasn’t feeling well.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  16. You’re so adorable we can’t understand how anyone could hate you!

  17. Ichiro, you are the cutest little mankitten! We love this photo – it is great to see you. (And we hope “big meezer” learns to tolerate you – at least a little bit.).

  18. Dear Chey, I agree, kittens are annoying and smelly.
    Miles is interesting to watch but he smells SO BAD.

    Ichiro, try to learn very quickly that Chey is the boss.
    You are very cute and I am sure your antics are fun to watch!
    I love watching Miles. He is nuts

    bonks to all of you

  19. Ichiro, Mom was just so busy awwwing over you. She says that you are one day going to be a gorgeous mancat! I think you need to just keep growing and get bigger!

  20. don’t werry, the big meezer will learn to love you soon. ::snerk:: ok, well maybe she will lean to TOLERATE you. somewhat. a little bit.

    WE think you’re cute and Nicky would LOVE to play wif you.

  21. We think that if you just stay irresistibly cute and know your place, then Chey will come around and love you too.

  22. Look at you little action cutie! Who could possibly hate you?

  23. Hey Ichiro! You know what? That Big Meezer is in fact a very lice lady so try working your charm on her. You have plenty of that!

  24. Ichiro, we like your independant can-do spirit! You ignore Chey and go play with Gemini. That will drive Chey crazy with curiosity and then she’ll come around. Maybe.

  25. Kittens are resilient…they never hold a grudge, and they just go off looking for fun when some bigcat hisses at them…be brave and have fun Ichiro!

  26. Oh Icharo you are so cute! I think Chey actually likes you – she is just playing hard to get – be patient with her and TRY not to bug her too much : )

  27. Oh Ichiro, I hope you don’t mind, but I won’t show your pictures to Mom or we mind end up with a new kitten, too. You are just too cute. And Chey will warm up to you, just give her time.

  28. Ichiro all the girls are swooning over here — they are squealing and saying how cute you are.

    Sorry but I only have eyes for Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  29. Hi Ichiro! We think you are such a cutie! It is too bad that Chey doesn’t really like you though – but hopefully she will as she starts to feel better – we get very crabby about our brothers and sisters when we are sick – so maybe that is why she doesn’t like you yet!

  30. Hi Ichiro. You are CUTE! We heard that Chey likes kits really so give her time. She hasn’t been well so that would make her cranky. Don’t tell her we called her cranky though.

  31. Good for your Ichiro! Maybe when you’re a little older and not as lively, Chey will finally come around. Until then, it’s probably best to give her space.

    You’re awfully cute by the way!

  32. Ichi, if I can learn to love another cat, anycat can…just hold tight and don’t give up!

  33. Oh little Ichiro, our Mom wants to teleport over there & snuggle you ’cause you’re just TOO cute!! (Hey Woman, what the heck are we?? Traitor!)

    Don’t worry, we HATED Simon when he first came home (well, Nico still does), but he and Jay get along just fine now!!

    We’re betting Chey will come around… Eventually… Maybe…

    Have a happy Monday!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  34. Yur in Chey’s space so until she is sure she can control yoo she will be yur werst nightmare. But yoo can just ignore her rite? Although we don’t know how anyone can ignore her.

  35. But you’re so cute. How can Chey still hate you?

  36. mum is going Squeee at you Ichiro. We hope Chey will begin to like you. It took a few months for me and Ducky to get along. But mum introduced us really slow, so we never fought or whapped each other.

  37. Give her time. We know Chey will grow to love you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  38. Squee Ichiro!!! Are you ever cute!!!!

  39. You’re a cutie. No wonder Chey’s jealous!

  40. Well we LOVE yoo. love yoo, love yoo! OK? Yoo are sooper-cute!

  41. How could Chey possibly hate you? You are just so cute!

  42. Oh Ichiro!! You are the just the cutest little cat!!
    Your TX furiends,

  43. just gife Chey sum tyme Ichiro. shes been sicky so shes gonna be cranky. she’ll learn ta lyk yoo. yur such a khutey.

  44. Chey will get friendlier with you eventually Ichiro. It just takes time for all kittens ta be accepted by older cats. One day you will be an older cat and wary of a new kitten…

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