Meezer Monday

Gemini still here.  Sigh. I am not a meezer. Why am I reporting?!  I need a nap!

Ichiro is doing well.  See–he can touch his nose with his tongue. I must have taught him that as he is always after me.   Mostly I ignore him. He swats my tail and my head. I leave.  Momma says I need to swat him, but I am sure if I ignore him he will go away. Someday.

Cheysuli is eating fishy flakes.  She wants to eat other stuff but Momma has to figure out what it is.  We all suspect she wants her kibble but she cannot have her kibble right now.   Momma tried putting it in water but Chey did not like that. I do not blame her.

Momma has a ton of different foods to try.   We kind of like the Wysong but Momma will have to special order that if she gets it.   We are not that thrilled with it though but she might get it.   The people at our local All the Best Pet Care were very helpful when they did not have the Wysong that Cheysuli was eating little bits of.  They gave her tons of samples. Some of them I liked.  Some I did not.

As it stands now we have:

Wysong Chicken stew–Chey nibbles.  I eat.  Ichiro inhales.

Tiki Cat Sardine. No Chey.  I like.  Ichiro was not allowed to try.

Weruva chicken.  Chey won’t touch.  I like.  Ichiro gets gassy.

Friskies (assorted varieties).   None of us are fond.

Wellness Chicken and Chicken Liver packets (our usual food).  Chey picks.   I eat (but really it’s just every day food). Ichiro likes.

Fishy Flakes: Chey is eating them by the cup.  At this point, Momma is like–okay just eat SOMETHING.

And she gets baby food smeared on her paws several times a day…

Momma says it is not the best diet but it has calories and fishy flakes are mostly protein.  So she says, so long as she is eating right now that’s good.  Chey will not eat them if they are mixed in the food. She eats them on top of the food and sometimes gets a bit of gravy and sometimes she even eats a little of the regular food but she is really avoiding anything.

She swatted Ichiro and really growled at him Sunday afternoon. Momma thinks that is a good thing (for Chey) but she felt bad for Ichiro.

Now, I am off to go nap before my own photo session for tomorrow!


  1. Ichiro that is so cute that you can touch your nose with your tongue. Chey we are glad you are eating fishy flakes, but hope you eat other foods soon.

  2. Chey, would you eat extra sharp Tillamook cheddar? I’ll send some in exchange for the ham you brought for Figaro!

  3. Awwwwww!!!!! That is a cute picture of Ichiro’s tongue!! Thanks for keeping us updated Gemini!! We hope Chey gets back to eating regularly soon!!
    (((((((((HUGGGGSSSSS))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  4. Niko and Cloud says:

    Have you tried people food, such as plain boiled chicken and rice,or plain tuna canned in water?
    When Texas was not eating, these were what our vet suggested.
    In any event, we hope Chey feels better soon and starts eating more!

  5. Oh, Gemini, you are being overworked! Chey has to get well soon so she can share some of the reporting duties with you again.

    We’re glad she’s eating something but hope her range of food improves soon.

  6. I feel so bad for you and Chey, and your human. About the only one I don’t feel bad for is Ichiro! I’m purring really hard that the vet, or somebody!, figures out what is wrong with Chey and gets her eating properly again.

  7. Ichiro is so very cute, Miss Gemini, but I don’t think he is going anywhere!

    Chey, please eat! We are purring for you.

  8. Baby Ichiro is showing early signs of TALENT! That nose/tongue touching isn’t easy for such a little’un to do. And talk abowt cute!

    We’re glad Chey is beginning to eat. it’s such a worry. We are sending daily healing purrs.

  9. Glad that it sounds like vomiting is over. Good luck with the food preferences. I guess fishy flakes will keep Chey going for now.

    Gemini, that was a long post an hard work for you. Ichiro is cute!

  10. Thanks for the report! We’re glad Chey is eating something! Hopefully soon she will eat some kibble or wet food!

  11. Thanks for that update, Gemini! We hope Chey will start eating something more than fishy flakes. But it must be kinda fun for you to get to try all the different foods. Maybe the Wysong will do the trick for Chey!

  12. My mama said the same thing the best foods are protine based I eat evo my mama adds a ton of water so it like a gravy food and adds grounded up halo chicken and halo chicken sprinkles. Can she have sokeing wet kibble i want it too but mama found if you soke it in water i can eat it. If chey is eating thing off her paw nutra call it by the pepole who make laxatone.


  13. We will eat almost anything if it has our freeze-dried chicken livers sprinkled on top.

  14. Gemini, as usual, great reporting. Ichiro is very cute. Chey, we are purring for you. We hope that you are feeling better. Please try to eat more!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  15. Gemini, you’re doing such a great job reporting everything. wWe hope Chey conitnues to eat and tries something else soon.

  16. ham ham ham ham
    Thank you Missie Gemini for giving us this encouraging report
    We hope today is a day of recovery and good eating for Chey – and yeah, you an Ichiro too


  17. We’re happy that Chey is eating something (and it must be kind of fun for you and Ichiro to try all those different foods!). We have very little advice about food because we will eat almost anything. The vet always recommends Hills a/d in these cases but it is one food we do not like at all.

    Sending all of you lots of purrs –
    Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  18. Wow! What a banquet you have to choose from, Chey! We can only have Rx foods because of Gandalf’s FLUTD. We hope you start eating more soon.

    We just read about your surgery and finding kibble and furs. When Grayson was vomiting bile a few months ago, they ran all sorts of tests on him and the Vet was sure it was an obstruction from a furball. It did finally pass on its own, many, many green papers later.

  19. Thanks fur the report Gemini. We sure hopes Chey starts eatting regular, is not good to bees in the woods fur a long time!
    We is purring hard over here!

  20. That was a great report and I hope Chey continues to eat…anything!

  21. We must have missed something along the way. Was Chey’s kibble part of the problem? Is she eating only wet food now (other than the fish flakes)?

  22. Gemini, you must be working overtime to watch Ichiro AND report on Chey. Good Cod! Get a nap today. We very much enjoyed your food report…and we laffed at Ichiro being gassy! Mommy says there’s not much worse than kitten pots.
    Chey, we think you are afraid of food right now, and your Mom is doing the best thing by letting you eat what you think is “safe”. Maybe you could get an appetite stimulant from the vet if you still won’t eat in a few more days.
    We are purring for your tummy to feel better soon.

  23. we say feed ichiro the stuff that makes him gassy – because a gassy kitten is a whole boat load of fun!!!

    Chey, we wish you would eat your foods!! We is purrring for you!

  24. Purring for Chey’s continued recovery; hope she will eat more soon…Hang in there, Gemini, you are being a great big sister, sweetie :)…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Ichiro is sooo cute. We hope Chey starts eating soon. Mom gives us baby food when we don’t eat or chicken broth Pop makes or both. Not fun when you don’t eat -maybe it hurt before and Chey is afraid it will hurt to eat again. Sending lots of purrs for her.

  26. A cupful of fish flakes, sounds encouraging at this point.

    Dino loved his premium fish flakes, that was before we came. He had about four five “servings” a day along with his crunchy goodness and stinky goodness. It also helped when he had an upset tummy, or grown tired of some of the selections.

  27. very cute picture!
    mackerels, sardines, fresh tuna – OZ is a very picky eater but usually gulps that stuff down, maybe chey likes it too…
    those fish flakes are addictive, we aren’t allowed to eat them as the maid knew a cat who got hooked on them and they are not the best BUT always great if at least that’s something chey WILL eat! we’ll purr for her appetite to come back…
    as we didn’t visit for a looong time we don’t really know what’s going on… does she have kidney problems? that’s why OZ is so hard to feed, she has beginning renal problems and those cats start to not eat anymore…..

  28. At least Chey is eating something. That’s a start. We’ll still purring over here!

  29. Chey we are glad you are eating something, but how about trying a bit more of the cat food type stuff!

    We know that when we are sick even if we feel better it can take a while for us to get back into eating – hopefully that is part of it – and as she eats a bit she will want to eat more.

    Even though getting the crunchies wet didn’t work, I would say to maybe try it again, but this time put them in the blender and powder them first – it makes them more like a canned food that way (that is what Virgil ate as a kitten), then just like soggy crunchies (which he wouldn’t eat, even while eating the blended version of the same thing). It may work, it may not, but it can’t hurt too much if you just try it with a little bit of food (we used a coffee grinder for ours, but I would think a blender or food processor would work). And maybe adding some kitten milk powder to what she does eat would help get a bit more nutrition in her – we did that with Floyd when he got sick (and with Lola when she was too).

  30. I am so happy that Chey is eating something at least. It sounds like your kitties are very picky (with the exception of Ichiro, of course). Just like mine. I have to constantly change the food I’m feeding.

    Domino is a chronic regurgitator, so when she starts upchucking one kind of food, we switch to another. She seems to be sensitive to the yellow dye in the dry food — and try to find one that doesn’t have a yellow tinge to it!

    I wonder if Chey is sensitive to some additive in the food as well.

    Meanwhile, at least Ichiro seems to be having a good time! Poor Gemini.

  31. WOOT!!!!!!! We are very happy to hear Chey is interested in food 🙂
    Now,we just have to purr harder so she will eat it up!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  32. We love Wellness canned! It’s mushy and smelly, but we like it even more because of that. Come on Chey….you know how Moms worry!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  33. Yay! Chey’s Eating!

    Boo! Gemini hasta do all the work!

    Boo! Kittens! We tried ignoring ours Gemini, but it just won’t go away. He likes to pretend he’s a lion. I don’t CARE if he thinks he’s a Lion! I just want him to stop pretending I’M a wildebeest and biting my butt! (PS. Your momma’s wrong. I try smacking the Red Meniss and he just thinks I want to play! But maybe she’s right! Maybe Ichiro has more brains than the Bad Kitten here!)

  34. Miss Gemini
    Thank you for your brilliant update.
    You have been a super duper nurse to Chey and on top of that entertaining Ichiro!
    We are glad that Chey is eating and interested in eating.
    WE hope that she has turned a corner.
    We will continue to purr.

    I will come ofur and play with Ichiro so you can get some naps.

    your boyfriendcat

  35. You are doing a very good job with your updates Gemini.
    Chey, we hope you will soon start to eat more food and get better.
    Hi Ichiro, it’s nice to meet you. We haven’t had chance to read all about you yet. Mum keeps giving us excuses that she hasn’t got time to help us visit as many of our friends as we want to.

  36. The Big Thing says he learned that we cats will lick off ANNYTHING smeared on our lips or nose. Of course, WE know that is only to clean ourselves, but it does have the same affect as eating.

    We hesitate ta let other Beins know about that, but, for Chey’s sake, we will mention it… It might be a slow way to get food in, but an effective one…

  37. We’re happy to hear that Chey is eating more – Our Mom sometimes puts chicken broth or fish oil in our food if we don’t like something. She says they both work pretty well & that it’s how she gets us to eat things that are good for us – not sure what that means, tho…

    Ichiro looks so cute in that pic, we’re sorry that Chey swatted at him – but happy that Chey seems to be feeling better!

    We look forward to seeing your pictures from the photo shoot tomorrow, Gemini – we commend you for all of this double duty!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  38. we’re glad Chey feels gud enuff ta smack Ichiro. she must be feeling better.

  39. Would Chey eat the Fancy feast appetizers? Some tuna? Other fishies? We are still purring for her!

    Gemini~~You are doing a great job with Ichiro!

  40. Dear Chey, Gemini, & da itty bitty guy: You mustee all keeps Chey eatin’. I can see dat da menu iz furry temptin’ & I hopes dat Chey will gain da poundz dat Delilah lost!!! She couldz uze it right now. We are so releeved dats Chey iz likin’ da fishy flakes.

  41. Eat Chey eat! Or inhale!

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