Meezer Monday

Well I guess this is a photo of Ichiro.   Talk about all the horrible poses.  Does Momma have no shame?

It is me, nurse Gemini.  Ichiro is too little to tell the story and Cheysuli is STILL very sick. Momma says she apparently only wants finger food–hers.   They have been force feeding her baby food all weekend with a big old syringe and Cheysuli hates it.   She has medication that is not yet making any changes that Momma can see.

The good news is that Chey is keeping down the food.  She urped a bit of bile but no food.  She still has basically watery stool and she seems really uncomfortable.   She snoozed on Momma’s biomat for an hour or so today.   Momma also gave her some herbs as well as the stuff she has from the vet. She will be calling the vet again first thing in the morning.   She is not happy about force feeding her and wants something to help her tummy NOW so that she will eat a bit on her own.

I hope she gets well soon. I do not want to handle the kitten on my own!


  1. Please get well. Chey! I am purring for you.


  2. Oh Gemini!! We are so glad you are being nurse to Chey!!! We are Purring and praying for her to get better!!
    ((((((((HUGGGGGS)))))))))) from your TX furiends,

    PS: Ichiro is a little cutie!!

  3. Thank you for the update, Miss Gemini. It sounds like your Momma is doing everything she can to make Chey better. When we get the pukies and diarrhea, we get an herbal formula recommended by our acupuncturist called GI Care. It’s made by Evergreen. Our human also makes a syrup out of slippery elm powder or puts the powder in some baby food along with the GI Care. I really hope they find something that works for Chey.

  4. I wish there was better news about Chey, Gemini – it is so frustrating when the vets can’t figure out what is going on. It’s like all the humans are going about trying to find a cure, but they are blind at the same time. I hope something helps soon! Sending lots of healing purrs!!

  5. Chey we are so worried abowt yoo ~ please try to get well and eat. We are sending yoo huge rumbly healing purrs all day.

  6. Ichiro is a cuties, and you are good to be in charge, Gemini. I’m feeling really bad for Chey, and do hope she gets over her tummy troubles real soon. It sounds a little better if she has stopped vomiting. It must be horrible to have to force feed her.

  7. oh Chey please get better!!!!

  8. We’s hoping Chey starts to feel better soon.
    Poor fing. Fanks fur keeping us posted.
    Love & Purrs,

  9. We’re purring for Chey. We sure hope they find something to make her feel better fast.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkid

  10. Sending big purrs to Chey – please feel better!

  11. Poor Chey! We hope she feels better asap.
    Hi Ichiro!

  12. Gemini, thank you so much for the update. I’m thrilled to see little Ichiro (what a cutie!), but am worried about Chey. Please keep us updated.

  13. We’re purring very hard that you feel better soon Chey! xxx

  14. Well, aren’t you just a cutie!!

    So sorry to hear Chey is not feeling better. I remember when Cal was sick and vomiting, the vet gave him a shot of Reglan for nausea. It helped. Once he was able to keep the food down better, the vet gave the Reglan in pills for when he got sick again at home.

  15. Aw, poor Chey! We hope she starts eating soon…force feeding is no fun!

    And Ichiro, you are a cutie…get used to that flashy box….you’re gonna be seeing a lot of it!

  16. I am very sorry Chey is not feeling better yet. Harley and I are very worried! We are still purring our very best for her.

  17. We are keeping the purrs going for Chey, and we are happy that she is keeping her food down. Gemini, we think you are being such an awesome sister, taking care of both Chey and the wee little kitten.

  18. Chey, we are purring for you to get better very soon. Gemini, you are doing a great job of nursing! Little Ichiro is just adorable!

  19. Gemini, thanks you so much for the Chey update. We’ve got all 48 paws crossed that she feels better SOON.

    Ichiro, this is *just* the sort of photo your Mom will use to embarrass you in front of your friends as you get older!

  20. Thanks for the update, please tell Chey that my sisters and I are purring for her!!!

  21. Sounds like Chey has a good furry nurse and your mom is having some success with getting some food and medication into Chey. Hope Chey starts to improve. Purrs and tail wags.

  22. Continued purrs and healing Light from us! Keeping the food down is a step in the right direction.

    When Annie got sick a few years ago, I spent $800 at the vet for no diagnosis. The best she could come up with was that it was IBD. But my own view was it had been a reaction to the food I had switched her to a month previously and sure enough, once I stopped feeding the new and went back to the old, she was fine. Mind you, that was *after* 6 weeks of sub-qs and Prednisolone. The Pred did alleviate the symptoms, though, and give her an appetite, but of course long term use can lead to Diabetes.

    Anyway, I hope you get this sorted out and get a diagnosis….really, vets (just like human doctors) are not all-knowing and all-seeing, so it can be a frustrating process when there’s no obvious cause for the illness.

    Lots of (((hugs))) and kitty kisses too!

  23. OH dear Miss Gemini!
    It sounds like you have your paws full right now.
    We are all still purrin really hard for Chey and we hope she is doing better today.
    If your Mom has to take her to the Vet we hope that there is something that they can do to help.

    Ichiro you are so cute!

    Continued purrs for Chey
    your boyfriendcat

  24. We hope Ichiro didn’t pass something along to Chey. That’s also why Mom won’t volunteer at our shelter because she’s afraid she’ll bring some disease home to us. In fact, our vet discouraged her from doing it because of if.

    Continued positive healing for dear Chey. Ichiro, if you get any cuter, Mom is coming there and snatching you away!

    Gemini, you are doing great with that baby of yours.

  25. We are so sorry that Chey is still feeling rotten. The force-feeding sounds awful (our mom had to do that for one of her senior cats once, and it is no fun for anyone!) We hope the vet can think of something to help – and we’re still sending her lots and lots of purrs, of course.

    xxx from Franklin, Dobby, Tasha, and mom Katie

    P.S. we love that photo of Ichiro!

  26. We kno the nursing is furry hard werk, Miss Gemini. You are doing a grate job. We are purring and purring for Miss Cheysuli to feel better.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Princess Jazzy

  27. Dr Tweety says:

    Oh Ichiro and Miss Gemini,
    We iz all purrin’ big time dats Chey getsez some appy-tite stimoo-klants to help. Dis iz da onlee timg dats helped Maximillian (a stubborn meezer at heart) to eats when he gotted sicky. So we hope da vet givez Chey some too. & den som reel high calloree foodz.
    We know how worried Chey’z momee mustee be & we iz sendin’ some healin’ enrgy so dats she can haz lots of courage to gets through dis tryin’ time.
    Dr Tweety, Maximillian, Iris, Delilah, & Auntie Stinkie

  28. Chey, we are praying that you are healed soon, that this awful thing that has you in its grip goes away .
    Soft gentle purrs and warm snuggles to you, honey.

  29. Poor Chey, we feel bad fur her. Being sick sucks. We’ll keep purring fur her. Gemini, we know yoo is being a great nurse and are prolly tired from taking care of dat kitten. Maybe we should send Speedy over to kitten sit, he’s good at it and really seems to enjoy it. Den yoo could take a much needed nap.

  30. Found this online and the symptoms seem to be like Chey’s – might look into this.

    My cat has been vomiting for three days. He is at the vet’s over night and has had abdominal surgery. The vet could not find an obstruction but the liver was small and looked yellow. It is functioning okay but he is still retching and drooling . She has given him shots for this but it is the only thing that will stop it. The surgery was preformed because of the uncontrollable vomiting and now we still don’t know what the cause is. The blood is okay no clues. We have to wait days for the result of the liver biopsy. I am so scared for my cat. Will we find out in time to save him? No fever. Indoor cat first sign of trouble very bad gas one week before and runny stools. Please help me I do not know if I should seek more help for him or wait. If you have any advice for me I would REALLY BE HAPPY!



    A: D-

    The single most important thing to do in this situation is to make sure that your cat continues to eat, even if it must be force fed or fed through an implanted stomach tube. A very likely problem is hepatic lipidosis. Usually the liver looks normal sized to me with this condition but otherwise can look like what you described. It won’t hurt to feed your cat if there is another liver problem and it might hurt to delay force feeding if hepatic lipidosis is present. Your vet is probably already doing this but if not you should ask why not.

    Hopefully you will get the biopsy results soon.

    Mike Richards, DVM

  31. Man, I hope Chey is going to be all right. Begin sick SUCKS.

  32. We are too worried about Chey to laugh at the cute/funny picture of Ichiro!! Feel better, ok Chey?? We’re purring for you BIG time for a speedy recovery!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  33. Oh dear!! I just arrived late.
    I am very sad to hear that our sweet and wonderful Chey is sickkkk I hate sick
    Poor Chey.
    Gemini you are a dear for giving us an uppie date and your little brother is really cute.

    Miles and I are going to purr and bonk for Chey

  34. Everycat says:

    Hang on in there Chey! You have avery good nurses in Gemini and your Mum. We hope that the medicine starts to work soon and you can recover swiftly. Sending rumbly purrs and love to you

    & The Mum

  35. We heard about Chey and had to send some purrs and prayers. We were looking at the older posts and saw that there was a lot of gassiness but no cause. We had that happen with Lola a few years ago – no one knew why but she blew up like a baloon – our vet had never seen anything like it. No foreign bodies, no weird blockage, just a lot of gas (Lola has always been a gassy girl but not like this). She also stopped eating, because she was so bloated with the gas she was just miserable (and oddly it seemed to affect her meow too – she had a loud meow til this happened, then it went away. It came back a bit but never to what it was). She had a temperature but it went away fairly quickly (and may not even have been related), and after a few days she was finally getting back to normal. They kept her at the vets and gave her fluids and an antibiotic which seemed to help, then she had medicine when she got home (but I am not sure what – I went back to the posts from when she was sick and didn’t put anything other than “medicines”). I don’t know if any of this info might help – but hopefully Chey will be like Lola and slowly start to eat again – it is a matter of that gas disapating if it is still stuck in there. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers!

  36. Is very sweet of you to takes care of Chey, Gemini. We is purring fur Chey to gets better real soon!

  37. Well, little Ichiro still is very cute,even in a litter box 😉
    Gemini, we are very relieved that you are caring for Chey.
    We are sad she is still not well.
    WE will keep sending our strongest purrs to her.
    Get well Chey, we care about you!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  38. Poor Chey. Tell her we’re thinking about her. And cuddles for you too, Gemini.

  39. Continuing purrs for Chey. Gemini you can handle that kitten on your own. I know you can.

  40. We are sending tons of purrs and purrayers and hugs and head butts and everything to help Chey get better NOW!

    Luf, Us

  41. Hang in there, Chey. We’ll keep sending healing vibes and purrayers for you…

  42. Oh Cheysuli dearest…I am ever so worried about you not eating….This is not good at all….I well remember the pain and worry it cause my mommy when I did that in2007. A bit of Prednisone helped me…but it was touch and go for quite awhile. I will keep you very close to my heart and send the most special purrrrs up for you to recover your appitite very soon.
    Much love from the cozy cottage toyou and your mommy….
    PS: the furry kidden is adorable but I know you don’t want to hear that.
    Love Peachy

  43. We sure hope things turn around soon for Chey; our Mom has been nursing Sukki for the last few weeks, but she seems better since Sunday morning=we’re keeping our fingers crossed…Our experience has been like Kea’s comment=3 vet visits, almost $700 and no diagnosis…Best of luck, sending love and big hugs to your Mom and sweet Chey…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  44. We are purring for you sweetie! Keep trying to eat!!!

  45. Oh Chey dear. We are so sorry you are still so sick. Please feel better soon and we purray the vets will figure out what is wrong. Purrs – Julie and her cats – Izzy, Pepper and Lucky

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