Mancat Meezer Monday

Wow.  I growled at both cats in the house.  This is my house.  Well, my room.   I do not know why they peeked in at me.

I’m going to go to sleep now.

Being adopted is pretty stressful.

Oh…and I think my name might Ichiro, but only if I live up to it.


  1. Welcome home, Ichiro!

    I’m sure that you will find your accommodations satisfactory. You will have to humble yourself for a while, but you will soon be the cat in charge!


  2. Well, hello there, Ichrio (maybe)! What a cutie you are! Hey, those other 2 cats are okay….you should give them a chance!

  3. Welcome Ichiro. I know all about growling and hissing at introoder kitties. Ducky invaded about 6 months ago. He however is so laid back, he just purrs and purrs and purrs.

    You have lots of floof on your cute ears. Looking forward to more pictures.

  4. OMC!!!!!! Hey there Ichiro…Cutiepants…SweeetMeezerSunshine….OMC!!!!!

    You are just too adorable for words…



  5. Itchy-row? that’s a weerd name, but kind of cool! Hi! I’m Nicholas FuzzyPants (I does not know why I has to wear the fuzzy pants). You are furry cute!!!!

  6. Ichiro. you are very cute and have wonderful Frootbat ears with Floof in them. Welcome your your new home. We look forward to learning lots more about you.

  7. We love your blue eyes! Want to see more soon!

    Ichiro! is a perfectly good name, but you need to tell the humans if it suits you or not. Remember, the cat always has the last word.

  8. Holy Ceiling Cat…where’d you come from Ichiro? Sheesh, our mom haf been very lax in our visiting and suddenly there you are. Yoor really cute. The other kitties will come around in time. Or not…but we bet they will.

  9. Hi Ichiro! Nice to meet you! You’re very cute.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Oh my goodness! You are so cute, my mommy just squealed!

  11. Our Mom is squealing really loud=Ichiro is such a gorgeous, precious baby!!…We LOVE your new brother=he is stunning!…kitty kisses sweet friends…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Well hello little Ichiro

  13. Holy cat!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you ever cute!!! 🙂
    Welcome little Ichiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. Mom is visiting with her sister and Moe& Mindy & co.heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Welcome, Ichiro! You are very handsome … at least the part of you we can see!

  16. Wow, welcome ta yer new home Ichiro! Nice to meet ya…

  17. My mom heard about you on FB. I just had to come over to say hello. Look at that adorable little face and beautiful eyes!

  18. What a cutie you are Ichrio!!! Welcome!! We bet you become best furiends with Chey & Gemini!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  19. OMC how adorable! Welcome Ichrio! Mom is fainting with yoor cuteness and wants to :snorgle: yoo all up.

  20. Wow! ICHIRO is a totally awesome name! #1 says you do look like a #1 Boy! And we think you have the prettiest ears we have ever seen!

  21. Hello Ichrio. It’s nice to see you’re a bit fierce; maybe you can bring Gemini out of her shell. But be nice to Chey, as her majesty can be really sneaky evil….

  22. WOWIE! This is very exciting news! Nice to meetcha Ichicro. I can’t wait to learn more about you.

  23. Oh my goodness! Aren’t you just the cutest little bebeh cat!

  24. OMC! This post is in danger of serious CUTE OVERLOAD!

    Welcome Ichicro!

  25. We’re with Zippy, Sadie, and Speedy – we missed all the backstory on Ichiro (great name!) because our mom had to take a stupid blocation. You are beautiful and VERY cute, Ichiro! And we hope you and your new sisters are getting used to each other.

    Purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. Franklin’s advice on being a new cat is just walk in and take over the house – it worked for him!

  26. Welcome to your new and wonderful home Ichiro … you sure are a cutie pie! We hope that you and Chey and Gemini will become fast furriends really soon!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. Hi there, little floofy guy!

    You have very floofy ears! And cute blue eyes! Looking forward to seeing the rest of you…

  28. Oh hi there Ichiro! It good to meet yoo. Yoo is cute. We hopes that yoo and yore big sisfurs gets long grate. *whisper* Gif Chey ham, she likes dat.
    Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties

  29. hello, ichiro-san!! we are furry glad to meet you. our mama-san sez you has a furry high “squee-factor”; we dunno what that means, but it must be good acause she’s grinnin’ real big!! we hope you anna girlcats get along fine; just don’t let ’em back ya inna corner;-)

  30. Well hello there, I think you’ll find that you picked out the purrfect family!

  31. OH MY CAT! A kitten tot! Ichiro, you are just the cutest lil guy. We need to see more of you…soon!

  32. Well, well…hello little one. We’re glad to meet you. Welcome to your forever home!

  33. Spit, sputter, sputter, sputter, what da HECK?!!! OMC! Where are YOO frum?! Yoo are such a cutie. Don’t hide owt too long. We want to see more of yoo fur shure.

  34. Hi there sweetie, you are a cuite pie. Don’t worry they will grow to love you and soon you will all be playing together like old friends

  35. Ichiro, you are adorable and those blue eyes………………….

  36. Welcome to your new home, Ichiro! It is tough being the new kitty, but you look like you can handle it.

    Oh, and mommy went SQUEEEEEEE over your picture!

  37. Hey, little doood! You’re here to make us all ded of the kyoot, aren’t you?

  38. OH! MY! COD!!! You are just THE cutest baby kitteh we ever saw! Mom just passed out on the floor from all the squeeing.

  39. Hey, little guy … I forgot to ask … did Chey’s Woman name you after Ichiro Suzuki?

  40. Momma just went:

    Hi Ichiro! You are so cute. Those big blue eyes.
    I hope you’re being nice to Miss Gemini.
    She’s furry special! And she will be your bestest furfriend.
    Just wait til you meet Chey!
    We are so happy to meet you!

    Hellllllllllllllllllloooo Miss GEmini!


    your boyfriendcat

  41. CHEY…..YOU GOTS A NEW KITTIE??? Wow….we missed a lot while our internets was out!!! What a cutie! Such beautiful eyes!!! Hello Ichiro! Welcome!!!

  42. Well hello maybe-Ichrio! We sure hopes you feels more comfy soon. Being adopted is scary, but it’s worth it! Trust me on that one!
    Welcome to the bloggies sweety!

  43. Chey, yoo have GOT TO PUT THAT INTROODER IN ITS PLACE!!!!!! It’s bad enuf I haff to lissen to my ladey cooing abowt how kyoot that littul monster is.

  44. A FLUFFY MEEZER KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG we surfaced in the blogosphere just in time!!

  45. Hi. The top of your head is cute. We assume the rest of you is too. You’re going to like it there. Interesting place to live. 🙂

  46. nise ta meet ya. we hafe all been frew whut yur goin frew. Ichrio iz a khute name.

  47. Oh my! What a surprise — a new baby!!! What gorgeous deep blue eyes you have!

    Don’t worry, pretty soon all that hissing will be hiss-tory, and you and the other two will get along just fine.

  48. Hello, Ichiro – Welcome!

    I know what it’s like to be the new cat in the house – don’t let those other kitties boss you around!! BUT, be nice to them too – it’s a delicate balance that I’m still purr-fecting even though I’m a grown kitty!! You have plenty of time to purr-fect it since you’re still growing!

    ~Simon (with Nico & JayJay)

    ps. My lady thinks you’re sooo cute! She wants to teleport over to your house & cuddle with you! Would that be alright? I mean, only for a little while, tho – we’ll need her back to feed us & clean up after us!

  49. Oh, you are ADORABLE! When I get ahold of you, I’m going to lick you all over that cute head and floofy ears!

  50. O mai goodness! You iz very kyoot, Ichiro! Did Chey hiss at you? Do not worry… Gemini will protect you. Well, maybe not… But The Woman will.

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