Good-Bye Friend Eric

Momma was so thrilled to have met Fat Eric’s Momma just a few weeks ago.   Eric was doing well that weekend, although Cheysuli had just gotten sick.   Then Fat Eric (who is no longer real fat) stopped eating at the cattery.  They found cancer.   His Momma had to make the decision to let him go from thousands of miles away.  It makes Momma just want to cry for her that she did not get to give him one last hug.

I know, we all know, that Eric knew how adored he was.   He is no doubt enjoying the world across the Bridge.   Please tell Eric’s family that you are thinking of them.


  1. I just read about it on Facebook and am so, so bummed out. Fat Eric was awesome…so awesome that no matter how not fat he got, he was ALWAYS gonna be Fat Eric. Dammit.

  2. We’re all teary thinking of his mom and what she must be going through now.

  3. We are so sad for his Mom being away, too!! Purrrrrs and hugsss to her!!
    Your TX furiends,

  4. How very sad for Eric’s Mom, to have to make that decision while she was far away. Fly free, sweet Eric! Cancer has no power over you any longer.

  5. RIP, sweet Eric. Run free at the Bridge.

  6. Mom and dad met Eric too ~ and we are all heartbroken here. It breaks our heart that he didn’t get one last hug and we can’t imagine how his beans feel. Sometimes life is so unfair.

    RIP sweet buddy Eric.

  7. We are so, so sad…
    Our hearts break for his ‘rents.

  8. Fat Eric… a good friend… he’ll be missed fur sure!

  9. We were so sorry to read about Eric. He will be missed!

  10. We remember when Eric first began and it’s so hard to lose furfriends we’ve had for so long — and it’s happening now with greater frequency. It makes our heart so sad. WE will truly miss Big E! And our hearts go out to his Mum Kate.

  11. We have been leaky eyed all morning. We will miss you, Sweet Eric …

  12. Dr Tweety says:

    We are heartbroken at dis newz. Fat Eric waz a sweetheart who alwayz hadz nice tingz to say.

  13. It is heartbreaking for Kate. We cried when we read about it. Eric was a legend. We’re sure he is making new history at the bridge.

  14. We’re so so sad that Eric had to go to the bridge and will miss him greatly

  15. Yep, sure is sad. Fat Eric touched us all.

  16. We were sad to hear about Eric – we knwo how much he was loved, and we know he will be very missed.

  17. We were so terribly sad when we heard rhe news.

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