Find Chey Friday

It is me, Gemini (ahh choo). I have a kitty cold. But I get to introduce this last different Find Chey.  Soon we will be back to a normal Find Chey but it might be after Blog Paws (although it could be sooner–it depends)

At any rate, this weeks Find Chey is to suggest things that might have been found in Chey’s stomach–or what would you expect to fall out if you unzipped her zipper?  You know–like ham!  Or a piglet.  Or Ichiro… We will feature the cat with the most creative answer.

Momma may use your ideas in some artwork, which she will auction off (when it is done) to help pay for Cheysuli’s vet bills.  And the animal communicator.  Sigh.  And maybe even my vet bill for my (ahh choo) Cold.   Momma is taking me to the vet today (and Chey gets her sutures out and Ichiro is also sneezing so we all go!) and so maybe the artwork will at least pay for this visit!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Pinocchio, the toymaker and Cleo the goldfish!

  2. pink flying piglets?

    Hope you get over your cold soon.

  3. Hmmmm … erm …. we fink yoo would find protein-digesting enzymes and strong acids to aid in food digestion ~ and maybe some stink goodness under attack!

    We are SO glad that Chey is feeling better! YAY!

  4. A fishy flake or two?

  5. I’m with Parker, except I think it’s lots of fishy flakes!

  6. I am so sorry that you are now sick, Gemini. I hope you feel better soon.

    What’s in Chey’s stomach? Nothing! Eat, Chey, eat!

  7. Well, we hope Ichiro isn’t in there!!

  8. Did a Plague Rat get inside of you? They have been known to cause trouble!

  9. what’s in chey’s stomach that would pop out if we unzipped her?
    12 fishy flakes
    11 crunchy kibbles
    10 soft treats
    9 picnic hams
    8 quarts of soup
    7 flying insects
    6 baby back ribs
    5 fuuuuuuuurrrrrrr balls
    4 canary feathers
    3 french toasts
    2 chick-hen beaks
    and a big green gaaaaaaaaas cloud (poot poot)

    or maybe some alka seltzer…………

  10. Oh great…I get to follow the Meezers?

    I just hope the v-e-t didn’t leave any tools or gauze in there.

    Pee Ess…I’m worried that our moms will gossip about us at Blog Paws…you know, reveal our secrets or stuff like that.

  11. Well, after the Meezers’ answers, there is nothing clever that I can add about what is in there now. However in terms of something that might have caused her troubles in the first place? : a whole tuna fish? Christmas bells? Acupuncture needles?

  12. MOL we think the Meezers covered it all!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. We too think the Meezers answer is great. And you can even sing it!

    P.S. our mom says she just hopes that there are no plastic bags in there, Chey!

  14. Okay–I have a song. Not exactly the song I was hoping for but I have a song! And the meezers are funny. I think the only thing they did find was the gas cloud…

  15. acupuncture needles – great answer Simba- we totally forgot about those. Really though, the big green gas cloud would also be found in Billy’s stomach.

  16. Broccoli? Green Bans? Squirrels?


  17. HAhaha! We’ll be singing the Meezer’s song all day. Chey, we think you have a winner…and a NEW Christmas Carol.

  18. We are sending healing purrs for everyone.

    Well we knows you are going to find a lot of fishy flakes in there since Chey wouldn’t eat anything else for the longest time but we thinks there may also be an octopus in there.

  19. I sure hope your cold gets better sweetie! I think the Meezers know what is in Chey’s tummy!

  20. I think you must have eaten something on your last trip on the Iditirod Trail – oh my gosh – I think it’s a Husky!

  21. Get well, Gemini. And all of you stay well. Your poor mom must be exhausted from all this nursing work.

  22. Gemini! you worked so hard and now you have a cold! Please have a good nap in the sun.
    I can’t compete with the meezer boys, but I would guess maybe some fishie flakes!
    I hope this is a restful week-end for all of you


  23. We hope your colds are soon better.
    We are still laughing at the Meezers. There is absolutely nothing we could add to that!

  24. Oh dear oh dear OH DEAR Miss Gemini is sick.
    Miss Gemini is sick.
    What can I do?
    Can I get you anything?
    A compress?
    A warm blanket?
    Some chicken soup?
    Miss Gemini we hope you are better (and Ichiro too)

    After the Meezers there isn’t anything we can think of to find in Chey’s stomach except maybe that proverbial chicken soup!

    purrin hard for everyone to be well

    your boyfriendcat

  25. Given the way Chey travels alla time an has wunnerful pictures, we think that what fell outta her tummy was a GPS device an a camera what takes pictures right through her!

  26. We think HAM, and maybe some shrimps!

    We hope you feel better soon, Gemini.

  27. Ham, McCain/Palin campaign button, real live dead shrimps, toy mousies entrails.

    Bless you Gemini, we hope you all get better and completely well soonest.

  28. Oh, wow, like the Meezers said, that is definitely what is in your tummy, Chey! Willow and I will be singing their ditty all night long!!!!!!

    Gemini, we hope that you are feeling better………………….ah……choooo! That’s what our mom does in the morning!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  29. The Meezers covered it all.

    May be some loose change, folding money, and fishy flakes were in the zippered compartment.

  30. We love the Meezers answer! They are so funny!

    Gemini, you feel better soon, ok?

  31. Gemini we hope yoo get ofur that cold.

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