Tabby Tuesday

I have an itchy chin.   Look at Momma looking at me while I itch my chin.   I love it when she watches me and I’ll rub and rub and rub while she watches me and scritches me all over.   AH!

Last week I was ever so upset because Momma had been gone.  I kept meowing at night and then disturbing the peoples.  Momma finally had to sit me down and say, “Gemini if you don’t stop it, we will send you away for a night.  We will send you to the vet!  You will be all alone there and there will be lots of strangers around.  If you don’t stop this, well next time we go away we will send you someplace like that so you HAVE to be friendly.  It’s not Marita’s fault that you didn’t come out.  She looked for you.”

And I thought “OH NO!  I do not want to go over night to the vet!” So I was more quiet. It is very hard to be a quiet cat but Momma keeps telling me how good I am that I try so hard when she knows it is not what I want to do.


  1. Oh, sweet Gemini, I am sad that you had such a tough time when your humans were away, but they are back now and I don’t think they are taking anther trip very soon. Sometimes it is easy to get into a complaining mood and to forget that the glass is half full, not half empty. So it does seem like now is a good time to shake it off and settle down.

  2. Oh Gemini! We are so sorry yoo were so upset while the beans was away. We hope they are making it up to yoo now. Smoochies.

  3. Hello, beautiful Miss Gemini! Well, I think it’s perfectly understandable … you’ve been holding in all those meows while your Mom was gone and now that she’s back, you just gotta let them out! If my human leaves for a day, she gets an earful from me when she gets home!

  4. Gemini, we’re sorry that you got so upset and we hope things clam down for you soon.

  5. Hi Gemini! We’re sorry you were so upset by your mom’s absence. Sounds like you had a few things to say to her when she got back! We hope you feel calmer and more secure now! 🙂

  6. Gemini, we’re glad you are listening to your mom and trying to be quiet even though we know it’s hard to do. We wouldn’t want you to hafta go to that vet place either!!

  7. Beautiful Gemini, we hope you are more calm and happy again since your Mommy returned home; it’s sweet how much you love her…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. It’s hard to be quiet when you have much to say…like all the things Chey did while your mom was away. You’ll just have to let it out, in little snippets…during the day.

  9. oh I knows how you feel Gemini – I hates it when the mom goes away and I holler all the time. – Sammy

  10. It’s hard when the humans go away. We missed out mom nad dad when they went to China for almost 4 weeks. We hope they are making it up to you.

  11. My dearest sweet Gemini
    I will come and hold your paw and you won’t feel so alone and be fearful.
    I know how hard it is to be quiet too.
    Momma says I am quite the ‘talker’.
    When our Mom’s go ahead it is furry difficult.
    But no one wants you to go to the Vet.

    your boyfriendcat

  12. Well, next time mommy goes away, she should … just not go.
    Where does she have to go anyway?

    bonkbonk to you Gemini, you look so sweet.

  13. Well. We do not think you should have to stand for vet threats! Gemini, you just howl your little heart out…and then do the rubbin’ routine to “cute” your way out of a scolding.
    May Ling is a talker too…Mommy will leave the room and come back a minute later and May Ling has an opinion (unfavorable) on being left alone!

  14. Poor sweetie, yep, it is so hard sometimes!

  15. Has your Mom told you that she is not going away like Georgia did? She’s not, you know.
    You are very cute little Gemini.
    Mom Robyn

  16. I’m sorry you were so sad when your Mummy was away! I don’t like being abandoned by the Mum either. I do like to be noisy at night though ; ) I like to put my paw under the cabinet door in the bathroom and open the cupboard a bit and then let it slam, quite amusing and it always makes my Mum get up and visit me in the night : )

  17. Gemini, it is hard when our people go away.
    It disrupts our routine.
    Good thing your Mom understands,but maybe she should not leave you 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Poor Gemini. It looks like you really need a brave friend to help you keep calm.

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