Tabby Tuesday

I am so happy Momma is home.  When she got home on Sunday I came out after she had put away the nasty suitcase things and then I rubbed all over her.  I was so happy that after I went to sleep at the foot of the bed and woke up in the middle of the night I made biscuits all over her and woke her up and purred so loud I woke up the Dad.  This meant he wanted me out of the room so Momma got up to the go the bathroom and I loved on her there and purred and made more biscuits.  She filled my water dish and put it in a new spot and then I drank some water.  I turned around and the door was closed.

I cried for hours.  Really.   And when Momma came back out to hold me, she found that I was so distressed I had even pooped a little outside the door.  She felt ever so badly that I was so upset.

I hope she does not leave me again.  I get very upset so easily and I miss her so much.


  1. The pooping a little outside the door always werks ~ if yoo poop BIG time they get cross ~ but a little poop wins ’em over everytime.

  2. Oh, Gemini, if you just changed your fur color to orange, that could have been me. The purring, the rubbing, the biscuits, the waking up with purring and biscuits, I behave just the same. When my folks got back from Florida their last trip, I even had a bit of an inappropriate accident.

    Unfortunately your Momma probably WILL leave you again, but hopefully she is back for quite a while now, before the next vacation.

    You are looking very beautiful there, so it is good that has not changed.

  3. This is just an amazing phofo of you!!
    Just love it!!

    I am sure wherever your mommy is, she always keeps you in her heart!

  4. Poor thing! You need lots and lots of cuddles, just like Target, my little cat, he’s a softy too.

  5. Oh Gemini, we are so happy that your momma is home…so you will be happy!! But we think the Dad should have let you stayed in the room…we hope he hadta clean up your poop.

  6. Oh sweet Gemini, I bet your mom felt so bad…I just know she loves you a lot…just look at your face…add purring and biscuits and you are irresistable. I bet she’ll never leave you again….uh…well…until September…sorry.

    Purrs, Cory

  7. First of all, what a lovely photograph of you Gemini! The natural light really shows off your beauty.

    Poor Gemini! It must have been very distressing to be locked out of your mama’s room, especially after she just got home. You had so much more loving to do!

    Actually, take it out on your Daddy — he’s the one to blame. Maybe he should have to clean up the poop!

  8. Poor Gemini, we’re sorry you were locked away from your Mommy after she came home; of course, you were very upset!…Beautiful photo sweetie…Hope you have a better day…kitty kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Gosh, I fink yall is rite Gemini and I shoulds be grateful dat Mommy took a staycation instead of a goawaycation. I hope yoo gets lots n lotsa pets n treets to make up for it.

  10. Yep, that going away stuff sure is stressful!

  11. Poor Gemini! I really do hope your mommy never leaves you again. Now that she knows you get so upset perhaps she won’t be as tempted.

  12. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Oh, poor you! We’re sorry your mom’s absence was so difficult for you, but are glad she’s home now and hope you’re able to settle down and feel secure again. Lots of kitty kisses!

  13. Poor Gemini. you must have been so upset not to be able to give your mommy all the loving you had been saving up.

  14. Oh Miss Gemini
    I wish I had been there to hold your paw and make you feel better.
    I am so sorry you were worried about your Mom leaving again.
    But she will love all over you now that she is home and make you feel all better.

    whisker kisses
    your boyfriendcat

  15. Oh Gemini, We feels so badly for you! Your Mom has to stay home forever from now on. If she asks why, tell her we said so.

  16. Oh, poor little Gemini. I’m sorry that you missed your mom so much. I’ve started not eating when my mom leave me.

  17. Oh, Miss Gemini, how sad The Male had you kicked out! You just missed your momma so much and were making up for all that lost lovin’.

  18. Aww, Gemini it sounds like you had a horrible night!! We are so sorry that you got locked in the bathroom – our Mom always feels horrible when she has to do that, too! (we play it up & make her feel extra guilty so we get more treats!!)

    We hope you don’t get left again for a while – either (but tell your Mom thanks for teleporting over & scritching my tummy!!) We also hope that you gets lots of treats & attention for several weeks – at the very least!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay 🙂

  19. Hmph!!! Sounds like the Dad should have been behind that closed door instead. We hope you got extra scritches and treats to make up for this poor treatment.

  20. Gemini, we hope your human has learned her lesson about leaving you alone. She really does need you as much as you need her.

  21. You should not have been tricked to go out of the sleepy room. The male should have gone away if he didn’t like your purrs. Silly bean for not liking your purrs.

  22. How could they throw you out of the room after leaving you for years and years and …. Okay it wasn’t quite years and years, but it seemed like it, didn’t it! Glad they’re back but waking them up is the least they deserve for abandoning you.

  23. Mewmie’s trying to catch up with visiting, and was sorry to hear about your ‘separation anxiety’. Disco is kinda upset about being shut out of mewmies bedroom (cuz nervous Coco has new babies)…but we get to go back in tonight…mewmie won’t get much rest either we bet!

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