Meezer Monday

For heavens sake, isn’t anyone going to take photos of me again? Is she all photographed out?  She hasn’t brought out the camera and pointed it at me since she’s been home.

No she’s been busy organizing those trip photos.  And stuff.  And working.   And working on setting up her acupuncture card business just the way she wants it.   She really really needs some good business advice on setting up a business to sell her acupuncture related cards and gifts.  If you know of a good site to assist her in this, it would be great.  She’s on Zazzle already but wants something that will appear to come from HER not from and has an easier to use interface if clients want to customize their cards (ie signing their holiday cards with their names and clinic name without having to do it in the office).

Like that’s something I know about.  Perhaps if she looked deep into my eyes and just relaxed the information would come to her…or at the very least she just wouldn’t care…


  1. I think if I looked deep into your eyes, I’d understand the meaning of the universe. Or at least where to find a good ham.

  2. I think gazing deep into your eyes would be very mesmerizing, they are so big and blue. Hope you get your picture taken soon, as long as there is not flashy light involved, that always makes me squint.


  3. If your Mommy looks deep in your eyes, no doubt, she will forget everything else!…You are beautiful, sweet Chey!…Happy week friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Chey, yoor eyes are the most beautiful blue in that photo today. They reminded mom of her adored Lilac Point Siamese cat Henry (1985 ~ 2004) ~ he had eyes as blue as yoors when he was younger ~ then as he aged they became a paler washed out blue.
    She gazed at your eyes today and felt sad in remembering 9and cried a little) ~ but she would never want to forget, so thanks.

  5. What could be better than gazing into your eyes?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!!

  7. The woman needs to hire some help, Chey, so she can spend more time with you!

  8. Chey, that is a very beautiful photo of you. Your eyes are so blue!

  9. Oh Chey, it sounds like you are all stressed out!

  10. What gorgeous eyes Chey. Have a great week.

  11. How could she not take photos of those eyes?

  12. She should look into yore eyes while she take pikshurs of yore beeyotiful self. Dat dat ticket!

  13. You must start to howl and distract your Mom. A really pathetic “I am dying here” howl. That gets attention every time.

  14. We wish her success with her business! But she needs to make time to take gorgeous photos of you.

  15. Oh, Chey, I can so relate to you! Just today on our blog I was lamenting about the lack of pictures of my handsomeness when my mom has dozens and dozens of pictures of the girl kitty. She claims it’s because I nap the day away where Laila is out and about. We must find a way to get them to pay more attention to us.

    What beautiful blue eyes you have!


  16. Your eyes look very striking today, Chey.

  17. You have the most beautiful and hypnotic eyes. (yes. we.will.bring.hams)

  18. Your eyes are always purrty!

  19. that iz a grate pichure. yur ryte yoo do need more pichures of yoo. we soo understand, beans can be bery lazy. we want more pichures of us too. were gonna go slap owr bean now.

  20. Chey this is a lovely picture of your eyes. It shows the deep blue which is really purrty.

    Helllllllllllllllllllloooo gorgeous Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  21. Chey, you have such beautiful eyes, your lady should definately be photographing you at all times to catch your beauty!

    Kellie the Orange Cat

  22. Well, I’m looking into your eyes — and I must say they are mesmerizing, Chey! Who could resist you? It’s a good thing your mommy has some older pictures for us to look at anyway.

    Sorry, I don’t know anything about the business.

  23. How could anny Bein not be takin lots of photos of yer bootiful face?

  24. Chey, it must be a summer thing,because Mom is being lazy with the camera too!! She takes pics of flowers 😮 She is also lazy/busy,heehee
    We wish we could help with the business part.
    Hopefully somecat might be able to help!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Cheysuli I thinks if you lives here, mine mommy would never stop taking your picshur. You are beautiful!
    We sorry we not knows nuffing about business.

  26. I love that face! So cute.

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