Find Chey Friday

Who are these guys?  I wonder if they can give me a ride home?  Hmmm… Well at any rate, at least I am not by water.

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  1. Are you in Alaska where the Dog Sleds races are??? Maybe Ruby, Alaska??
    Your( we never know where you are) TX furiends,

  2. Iditarod, Alaska?…Happy Friday friends!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Ha ha ha, Chey. I am going to leave you there a while. It is a nice enough place, after all. I will come back later and see if you are still there.

  4. You are in Seward, Alaska, at the mural painted in 2002 by Jon van Zyle. It is on the north side of the TelAlaska building on the corner of 4th Avenue and Jefferson Street.

    TAKE THAT SMARTYPANTS ‘KAIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You win, Mao! I garee, Chey is in the mural in Seward, AK. Mr. van Zyle’s mural depicts the start of the historic Iditarod Trail – the serum run in 1925, which brought anti-diptheria serum to the people of Nome. The modern Iditarod is based on that run.

  6. And I actually don’t “garee”, whatever that means! I do, however, “agree” with Maobert.

  7. Chey, all we know is that you are near pictures of BIG
    looking doggies 😮 yikes!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. oh heavens Chey did you sign up to run some dog sled race?

  9. You are in Alaska for the Iditarod. Are you getting ready to race Khyra?

  10. So Mao and Kaika found you. Good. You say you are not near water, but if you wander around a little, you will find some. Resurrection Bay is at Seward. There is a campground right at water’s edge and the Alaska Sealife Center is there too. Check it out before you go home.

  11. Mao is smart! I was just going to say you are on The Iditarod Trail.

  12. We haven’t tried to Find Chey since… well, since FURever. Cause we’re no good at this game and never get it right.
    Thought we’d stop in and try again; guess that was a mistake… but we’re on our way to question the OP Pack, Woos… Team Husky… Khyra… the Thundering Herd, and maybe even stop in at Gone To The Snow Dogs… all of them
    will surely know! Mmm, sounds like Sibe Day.

  13. We never know where you are, Chey, but we always enjoy seeing you and reading everyone’s answers! Looks like Maobert nailed it this time 🙂

  14. Sigh…all I know is that my guardian angel woofie dog Colby is watching over you Chey. Colby dreamed of being an Iditarod dog so I know she is there with you. She was a good woofie and I loved her.

  15. What are you doing in Alaska? Are in training to participate for the dog sled race? Have a great weekend.

  16. We’re in awe of Mao and Kaika!!! As usual, we had no clue other than Alaska!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. OK. Way to make us feel extry dumb and dumberer. Now we are expected to know about a mural in AK? You do know we are Inside kitties, right? ::sigh::

  18. Wow, that’s a giant hint! Let’s see…the Ididarod runs from Nome to….hmmmm…..

    Well at least Mom knows what state you’re in this tine, which is better than she usually deoes.

  19. Ah Mao! And ‘Kaika you are right! I knew Simba would know (it’s a common place to stop in Seward and see–there are a number of great murals but most don’t have a title like this!)

    After this race, Mao, imagine how thin I’ll be! Biggest Looser take that! 🙂

  20. We know you’re up in Alaska somewhere, Chey, so when you come back home can you send us some of that white stuff to help us stay cool here in the hots of Chicago?

  21. Well. Mommy says Alaska and that’s her final answer…

  22. Oh, my Mum says she has seen that Mural in Seward, but we were too late, sigh…..

    Aren’t dogs silly? Racing around in the snow when they could be inside by the warm fire like us cats : )

  23. This reminds me of the joke about why cats are smarter than dogs…you’d never get a team of cats to pull a sled in the snow…
    HaHaHaHaHaHa! True dat!

  24. Chey
    are you going dog sledding?

    Gemini I hope you’re not going.
    Not with woofie.


    your boyfriendcat

  25. We visited earlier today but for some reason, we couldn’t leave a comment. But that’s okay, because we still don’t know where you are except that you are in Alaska somewhere.

  26. You don’t want to be in any long woofie race do you? Or are you just going to ride along. We knew you were in Alaska, didn’t know exactly where.

  27. You’re in Alaska! Hope you have a coat on!

  28. Chey,
    Doez you reely wanna be in da I-gotted-trod? Doze huskeez makes fur yellow snow you know!

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