Find Chey Friday

Who is this guy and what is this boat?  Will it fly me home?  Or does a boat mean water?  I hate getting all turned around and lost…

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  1. There’s just something about you and boats/water, Chey! I have no idea where you are as usual, but at least I was able to visit on Friday this time.

  2. I don’t know, but I see a lot of birdies up on that roof. If I were you Chey, I’d go after them.

    ~ Emerson

  3. Chey…RUN!…that dood there? He has a ROPE and it looks like he’s getting ready to try to toss it on you!

  4. Oh, we really have no idea, although for some reason, Maine keeps coming to mind…Sorry Chey!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Iz dat da See-attle Ballard Fishermenz Memorial???? Fur all da losted fishermenz??? I kinda tink it waz on a itty bitty marina across da Ballard Bridge, but I can’ts remeburr da egg-zact name.
    & den again, I couldz be entirely wrong!!!!
    Hapee Friday anyhoo Chey.
    & tank you fur your kind wordz to Delilah.

  6. Ballard, Washington, would be my guess, too. That looks like a replica of a Norwegian viking ship. Are you getting ready for a sea voyage, Chey?

  7. Are you in Petersburg Alaska at the Boyer Wikan Fisherman’s Memorial? You People just went on a trip to AK, so I bet you went and got yourself lost there looking for them.

  8. It is at the Son’s of Norway Hall and the Bojer Wikan Fishermans memorial park in Petersburg Alaska. Just look at all those birds watching you from the roof. You need to get up there for a good feast, or would you rather have the fish?

  9. Ha! Looks like We put our guess up at the same time as Simba!

  10. That is pretty cool, Eric and Flynn. To realize we were looking and posting at the exact same time. And I meant to say YOUR people, not YOU people.

  11. Hey that guy has a string in his hand! Get it! I have no idea where you are, but get the string!!!!

  12. We are clueless as usual…

  13. Dunno!

  14. Well, we don’t know, but it looks pretty there. However, don’t let that guy catch you!

  15. that dude looks like some sort of cat herder going on a cat roundup. RUN AWAY

  16. We don’t know (as usual) but those birdies look tasty!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. Very good Simba and Eric and Flynn! How did you two know that Eric and Flynn! I know that Simba’s folks were in Alaska. We went to Petersburg to make it a little bit more difficult for him (because he is an expect) and not so many people go to Petersburg!

  18. We have to admit that mum helped. She knew your Humans had been to Alaska so she googled Norwegian fishing boat memorial in Alaska, and then when Petersburg came up, she knew that had to be it. When we went to that site we saw the memorial.

  19. Mom and Dad didn’t actually go to Petersburg, but they met a couple who had been and talked about how much they enjoyed that part of their trip when they took the ferries. We assumed you were in Alaska but since it didn’t have the typical Alaskan appearance, Petersburg came immediately to mind. We confess to having googled Petersburg and in the very first picture, saw the red and white sail and statue. I can see from Eric and Flynn’s post that good choice of search terms can be a big help!

  20. Chey, once again we are hopeless. Mommy says now she wants pickled herring. hmmmm.

  21. I don’t know where you are but that dood has some kind of whip / rope! he may snatch you and try and make you a mouser on a ship. run run run!

    my mommy says she needs to travel / read more. she never has any idea where you are!

  22. Well done, Simba and Eric and Flynn! And the human was just reading the blog of a photographer who was shooting in Petersburg, Alaska! Duhr!

  23. (sigh) As usual, Mom has no clue where you are. (Seriously, that woman needs to get out more)


  24. Did anyone say ‘fish”….
    I sure thought some one mentioned fishing…and fish and food…and
    well you can see I like to eat.

    Hellllllllllllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini
    All we can say is we thought it was in Alaska but other than that we were clueless.

    your boyfriendcat

  25. Clueless as usual! All I could guess was somewhere in Alaska, but only coz I knew your beans went there. Doh! :)xxx

  26. WE never know where you are 😉
    We just come by to see where you are
    and purr for your safe return ! heehee

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. Hmmm, we have no idea where you are!

  28. I don’t know but we wish we were there having fun with you. Have a great weekend.

  29. haha! I’m clueless and late to the party! Glad you were found Chey! I brought some ham and cheese in case you are hungry.

  30. what boat? All I see is some birdies up there.
    I want them!
    be careful Chey, bonks to you and your sister

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