What’s Up Wednesday

So I ignored the cat sitter yesterday when she came to get the key. I ran under the bed and refused to come out for her.  She thinks she is on to me but she’s wrong.  I plan to be really mysterious the whole time she is here.

If anyone thinks of leaving me with her, I shall ignore them to the best of my very good ability.


  1. That’s the way to handle the situation, Cheysuli. Never let the cat sitter see you at all.

  2. I don’t like it when my mom .leaves me with the sitter, either.

  3. Are you about to be abandoned again? Poor Chey!

    Thankyou for coming to visit me when I was ill. I am much better now and am eating and moving around, slowly.

  4. I can totally understand your feeling, Chey~
    Nor Michico’s mother-in-law or father-in-law could see me while Michico isn’t home.

  5. MOL! Yoo’re a bit of a pawful aren’t yoo!

  6. Mawhawhaw! Chey, that seems like a good idea, we think, but maybe you will miss out on TREATS if you keep hiding???

  7. I feel your pain Chey.

  8. Chey…..being mysterious is okay….but eating is better!!!

  9. We don’t blame you one bit, Chey…you keep being mysterious…and keep that sitter guessing…

  10. Oh Chey how you suffer… It would have been way better iffen your Mommaladyperson would only send you here for a week or so you could help me watch the fishy pond or even have a snort of some of Tigmut’hep’s nip! 😉

  11. We applaud you Chey!

    Hellllllllllllllllllooo gorgeous Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  12. It is hard being left – my folks were gone in both May and in June.

    Is this the Alaska trip? Your Woman and Mae will enjoy Alaska according to Mom. She encourages them to bring plenty of buy repellent. The mosquito is the state bird in Alaska.

  13. I agree, but don’t skip your meals or you’ll be sorry!

  14. What a beautiful profile photo, Chey! You look lovely and mysterious and don’t deserve to be left with the sitter. The injustice!

  15. Chey becareful when she tries to lure yoo out wif pawsome treats! Its hard to resist them …

  16. Petsitter? Where are your beans going Chey? If it’s Alaska, tell ’em to take plenty of Bounce tumble dryer softener sheet thingies to rub ovfur their skins, coz ‘parently the mozzies hate the smell and won’t bite!

    Meanwhile, don’t be too mysterious Chey; you gotta eat, lol! :)xxx

  17. It’s always best to let them know where they stand from the beginning.

  18. I’d give the sitter a try. After all, she or he may not know that you need 16 treats of ham a day unless you tell them!

  19. maybe she suld try ta bribe yoo wiff treets.

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