What’s Up Wednesday

Well I had a very bad day to a very bad week. First this week I had to have the Woman on Meezer Monday!  Then, today I had to go to the vet.

She has felt a small lump in my side.  It is very small (about the size of a lentil) and does not bother me.  It is subcutaneous but seems to be attatched to the dermis from beneath.   The vet said it was too small to aspirate to find out anything. She expected that if it grew it would be a couple of months before it was big enough to aspirate.   She also said this could just disappear.

It may be a fair follical that is swollen underneath or it may have to do with a sweat gland.  The Woman was not terribly concerned as it feels like a water blister might feel but under a thicker skin.   Bad lumps are typically hard.   As her OB-GYN says, raisins are good, chocolate chips are bad.

The vet also checked my teeth.  There is a tooth that needs to come out again.   However I was a very very very good cat and let her hand scale some tartar off of it but there is definitely a cavity in the tooth.  At some point, I will have to have it removed, but not today.  Thank heavens.


  1. you got chocolate chips and raisin’s inside you?

  2. Well, not all good news from the v*t, but the most important stuff *is* good news. Let’s hope that lentil-sized lump goes away on its own.

  3. Sorry you eventually need to get a tooth pulled, beautiful girl=that is never fun…We hope your lump goes away on its own and we hope your week improves sweet friend…kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Oh Chey, we don’t like the vet much. How good of your Mummy to take you straight away though! We hope that lump goes away, and it turns out to be nothing. We are sorry to hear about your tooth. Our Mummy thinks she wants to start brushing our teeth at home. She has seen kits to do this on the internet. What a crazy woman, huh? Hope your week gets better, beautiful Chey!

  5. Do you need a headache pill Chey? Or…….maybe a nip party to cheer you up! We are here for you=^Y^=

  6. Oh no Chey, hope the lump is nothing and will go away on its own.

  7. Sorry you are having a not so very good week, Chey. Sending purrs from me and healing energy from the human.

  8. Poor Chey. Sounds like you’re in for some VET time. how old are you?

  9. Oh dear, Chey! That does sound rather unpleasant. On the other hand, that photo of you is just gorgeous!

  10. Hey Chey! Sorry you hadta go to the v-e-t, but you do gotta get things like that checked out. We sure hope it’s nothing and goes away…

  11. We’re sorry to hear that you had to go to the V-E-T – and we hope the lump goes away soon. Also, our sympathies about your tooth. Our human says you were a VERY good cat to let the vet scale it like that – she is impressed!

  12. Chey, you had to go visit the VET? Not fun! We just hate that! We are purring that all the little lumps just go away!!! Your poor mouth!!!

  13. I hope that lump goes away pronto! Going to be purring and thinking good thoughts for you Chey. What a crappy day!

  14. Sorry you had to go to the vet Chey, I hate it too…but mom reminds me that I’m lucky to get to go…can you believe that? She says it means I’m loved.

  15. well, if you would stop shoving chocolate chips and raisins under your skin maybe you would not have cavities.



    Chey, we is sending purrrsss that the lump will go away on it’s own – Sammy, Billy and Nicky (hey me too! – Miles)

  16. It is no fun to go to the vet , and then to get a bad tooth report is discouraging. The prognosis about the little lump does sound less worrisome, though. Good luck!

  17. I am purring it is just something small and nothing to be concerned about, but I’m sorry you will have to have another tooth out.

    I miss you! I’m sorry I am never around but Meowmy is just totally useless and does not tend to my needs. I’m lucky she even feeds me and pets me now and then.

  18. We are sorry to hear that you had to go to the v-e-t. At least the lump is not of too much concern. You have a good mom to watch over you. The tooth thing…we don’t care much for someone poking around in our mouths either.

    We hope that your week improves. Maybe a bit of catnip and tuna will make it better!

    Moe and Carmela

  19. Well I certainly hope everything clears up like expected. You could have pulled a muscle too and developed a nodule. Maybe you need to do some extra napping just in case.

  20. Oh..you poor sweet thing. We will be purring and praying that it all turns out well.

  21. Don’t wait too long on that toofie before it starts a hurtin’. We’re sure your mom will be pokin’ you everyday now to check on that raisin.

  22. Oh Chey, I hope your little lentil is nothin’ but a raisin and not a chocolate chip!

  23. Well, hopefully your week will get better from here on in, Chey! Your little lump sounds like a cyst — they are generally fluid filled. Nothing to worry about.

    Sorry to hear about your cavity, though.

  24. My sisters and I are purring that all will be just fine!!!

  25. Oh Chey, are you OK?! We’re purring for you.

  26. We hope the second half of your week is better than the first. We are very impressed that you were so good to have your teeth scaled.

  27. Chey, with a week like this goin on, ya need Nip an Tuna real fast… Hope the lump goes away itself…

  28. Chey, we hope its just some little benign thing that will be reabsorbed or whatever.
    Scooby needs his teeth cleaned too, and he does not appreciate going to the vet, he gets all growly and scares the vet techs.

  29. William says:

    We read about your trip to the vet, glad it is nothing serious. We don’t want you to have any sick Chey. I like your new blog layout by the way.


  30. Maybe some of the blubber frum yer big booty didn’t fit any longer and it migrated to anuther part of yer body. Cuz thare’s only so much blubber yer booty can hold, and I don’t think I’m ixzajerrayting to say yer kinda over the limit.

    But don’t werry about it. I have a bump on my side that the vet cheks out evry time I go in, but it’s nuthin. I still have all my teeths, btw. Yoo must ware yers down eeting so much all the time.

  31. We only just read this and are sending yoo healing purrs.

  32. Chey, hope all is well and there is no big problem with the little lump.

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