Thankful Thursday

I am quite thankful for all the marvelous comments that I got from my friends, even Ayla who said that she hoped she looked as beautiful as me when she got to be my age…

I will be very thankful when the Woman is back to being home and worrying about money more often.  Lately she has been far too busy.  And who really needs money anyway?

Now, I know there is a puffy cat tail swishing beneath this plant…


  1. Ayla wants 2B a blimp win she groze up? SRSLY?????

  2. Chey,
    Encourage your Mom to win the lottery. We hear that’s a good thing.

  3. We are thankful that you are our furriend. To answer your question, SS says she needs money.

  4. It’s a dilemma. When the parents have lots of work to do, they don’t worry about money. When they get to stay home and play with the cats all day, then it means they have to worry about it. What is needed is a happy medium!

  5. We hope your mom wises up and starts spending more time with you, Chey. Our mom says she needs $$$ in order to keep us living in the lifestyle we’ve become accustom too…lots of good quality stinky goodness and lots of cool toys…

  6. We don’t understand the need for more green papers. As long as there are enough green papers for us, what else do they need???

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Be careful what you wish for, Chey! Our mom has been home so much lately that we wish she would leave every once in a while. And she worries about stupid money too. We don’t understand humans at all!

  8. We are very thankful that you are a faithful friend of ours. Have a great day.

  9. Cats have the right idea. Live well, take life as it comes, and never whap anyone unless they need it.

  10. You are so beautiful Chey=we’ve never seen a bad photo of you sweetie; how old are you anyway?…You look young and gorgeous to us!…Gemini’s tail under the plant?hehe…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. I agree with Jacqueline, you always look good Chey!

  12. I missed your yesterday postie. You are quite beautiful Chey!
    I hope you and Gemini have a marvelous day playing hide and seek


  13. Pounce the tail, pounce the tail, pounce the tail…

  14. You look lovely as always, Chey, in spite of Maobert’s comment. Very focused …
    is that a Puffalo tail, by any chance?

  15. Did you grab that puffy tail?

  16. Chey….you are always beautiful!!! POUNCE….POUNCE….Did ya get it???

  17. What a great picture of you today Chey!

    oh my Miss Gemini, did you get pounced upon?

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Uh, Chey, when you were campaigning for President, you were concerned about money. In fact, wasn’t there a …. Never mind. We won’t bring that up. We’ll just say that if she brings home more money, you’ll be able to “borrow” more for your next campaign. Cause we know you’re going to run again for something.

  19. We like it when the beans say they’re bringing home the bacon!!!!! Actually, Dad is now retied…….funny, we didn’t know he had “bad” tires!!!!!=^Y^=

  20. we tell owr beans ta win tha lotto too. we hope yur mom can win or find a gud jobbie soon. owr bean sissy is home since her werk laid off.

    were not shure where yall live, but owr lotto has a “play it again”, with losing scratch offs you enter them into tha lotto web page. owr beans won a whole bunches money last year thru this. they still play this though and tha powerballs and mega millions too. good luck.

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