Tabby Tuesday

I am happy to be here and have my day to post.  I like to tell my friends what is up.

I woke both Momma and my Dad very early on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday I got to stay in the room.  Then at 4 AM on Sunday Momma walked out into the hall and I followed her and then she closed the door because my Dad did not want to be woken up.  But you know, it was father’s day and I had to wish him a happy father’s day so I mewed and mewed and mewed outside the door.   So he woke up anyway.

Momma laughed and said he was the one who tried to lock me out.   He wasn’t very happy with me.

However I do not think it was very nice that he tried to lock me outside either.


  1. That is a very beautiful shot of you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOW! The photo of yoo today is just beautiful. And how ungrashus of yoor dad!

  3. Lookit’ them eyes!!!

  4. Oh Gemini, you are so pretty! We hope your dad appreciated the fact that you wanted to wish him happy father’s day…that was very nice of you to keep mewing at the door until he let you in…even though he didn’t think so.

  5. You look stunning today Gemini! And didn’t your daddy know that you just couldn’t wait to tell him Happy Fathers Day? That’s how much you love him!!! Humans just don’t get it sometimes.

  6. We like to wake our mum and dad up too. What are they sleeping for anyway, they have us to entertain and look after

  7. when will the humans realize that by locking us out they will get LESS sleep?

  8. You look beautiful today, Gemini! And we hope your Dad understood that you just didn’t want to be separated from him.

  9. You are a gorgeous girl, Gemini; we LOVE your lovely floofy furs and sweet face and beautiful green eyes…We hope your Dad learned his lesson about locking you out, sweetie=doesn’t he know it’s your house more than his?!!…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. That is a lovely photo of you Gemini. Our mum doesn’t like the bedroom door being shut so we never get locked out. She has threatened to shut us in the garage though when we stomp on her head at 3am with muddy feet from the garden.

  11. Now who in the world could lock out that sweet face?

  12. Aw Gemini, I think Daddies just love to sleep a lot! We take it in turns to wake our Daddy up. Mummy wakes up quite easily and she likes to cuddle us in bed after she opens her eyes!
    Daddy, on the other paw… we have to do all sorts of outrageous things to get his attention!
    Our Mummy would LOVE to snuggle with you in bed, Gemini!

  13. Hi Gemini. thats a grate pichure of yoo. it wuz bery nise of yoo ta wish yur daddy a Happy Fathers Day.

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