Meezer Monday

Today it is all about me.  The Woman was off on Friday with kittens in the shelter.  She loved a little grey striped kit (and I do adore KITS!) but it found a home within a few hours of adoption hours being open!  Ah well.

We aren’t really looking because soon they will be going on vacation to Alaska and they don’t want to leave a kit alone.

I do not know how they could leave me! Look at these eyes. Could you leave me?


  1. How cruel and selfish your survunts are to leave you! Eat up their tickets and then they’ll have to stay with you.

  2. I could not leave you. But my people? Phffft. They would leave *me* in a heart beat if they wanted to go do something fun. I think they’re even leaving me so the Woman can go walk for Boobies with Jeter’s mom!

  3. Such a lovely photo, Chey; you are an absolutely gorgeous girl and no, we would not leave you…You and Gemini are welcome to stay with us while your parents are away, we’d love to have both of you beautiful babies!…Happy week sweet friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. What a wonderful shot of you, Chey~!
    I just LOVE this photo!!!!!!

  5. As you know, our Mom and Dad left us for 10 whole days! We guess we’re not as cute as you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. Those eyes are clearly pleading with them not to leave you. But my Mom says that Alaska is worth it. Maybe they will bring you a salmon.

  7. Oh no, we could never leave you!!

    We are soooo glad to hear that sweet kit found a home so soon! That’s wonderful!

  8. Chey, you look beautiful today…well, you look beautiful everyday, but today you are extra beautiful!

  9. It must be very, very hard for your mom to ever walk out the door!

  10. I can’t imagine your mom ever leaving you! I’d say come here, but our guest room is ::gasp:: occupied at the moment….

  11. No we could never hearlessly abandon yoo to go to Alaska. Wot’s yoor mom thinking of?

  12. We could never leave you Chey, but we know what the Humans are like. Ours are forever going off and leaving us.

  13. Oh No! Theya re leaving you for Alaska, how could they. Hope they leave you lots of treats while they are gone.

  14. She’s leaving you? How rude! She should be home waiting on your every whim. Oh, wait, she has. Maybe she does need a day or two to rest. But no longer.

  15. We would NEVER leave you.
    Um…Isn’t EVERY day all about you? Yup, we thought so!

  16. I know what you mean Chey, how could they??? But…sadly, mine are too!

  17. It is amazing that they can leave us for vacations, isn’t it? Mom was at a shelter the other day, too, and if Dad wasn’t there to keep her sane I think we’d have a new kitten too.

  18. Oh no, just look at that face, how could they?

  19. nope, we would not leave you

  20. Chey, that photo is quite lovely, but then it must be impossible for you to take a bad photo! We do not understand how she could ever leave that face.

  21. Chey
    That is a world class picture of you.
    You look stunning!
    What will happen to you and Miss Gemini?

    Helllllllllllllllllloooo my beautiful little Puffalo!
    your boyfriendcat

  22. Oh Chey!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are too pretty to leave!!!
    How can your Mom want to be away from
    the awesomeness that is you????
    Then again, we do not know why our Mom
    claims to have ‘other’ things to do on weekends 😮
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  23. Chey, you are always so beautiful. You are definitely too gorgeous to leave behind… We think us kitties are small enough to go with humans wherever they need to go, but we’re not even aloud on the planes with our parents in Australia! How rude!
    They stuff us into the cargo hold like common baggage. How rude!
    It is better to stay behind in a cozy hotel then, mawhawhaw 🙂
    Purrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  24. We think you should get to go to Alaska too! Or maybe the humans should just stay home and look at YOU.

  25. I just don’t know how the Woman can leave you — for any reason! Surely you are more amusing than touring Alaska?

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