Find Chey Friday

I’m kinda looking forward to my find Chey break starting next week. All this traveling around is getting me sleepy.  Now, if only I knew where I was so I could get back for all those treats I’ll be getting from our pet sitter! You know, she’ll no longer be doing this just because she’s a nice person who worships me–she’s starting her own pet sitting business.  When she gets a website, we’ll have to introduce you all.

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  1. Could this be the press boxes at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA?

  2. How did you two get so smart?

  3. Wow! Laila and Minchie got it right away! We could see it was commentary boxes but they could have been in Timbuctoo for all we knew.

  4. Very impressive, Laila and Minchie!

  5. Wow! How did two Chi-town kitties know that?? Good job, Laila and Minchie!

  6. WOWSIE…..they got it right away! Have fun Chey!

  7. Wow, Laila and Minchie are smart AND fast!!!!

  8. Sheesh, mum turned on the puter at home before she went to work, something about the newsy paper not being here. I was going to say some fancy celebrity box at a sporting event. But Laila and Minchie knew the exact place.

    Purrs for a good weekend.

  9. Laila and Minchie are super smart!!!

    We didn’t know….as usual.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Glad they found you immediately sweetie…Happy weekend gorgeous girl…kisses x3…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Go-ooooleee! Laila and Minchie are so smart..and fast, and geographically with it!

  12. You look like you are in a press box for some for some athletic team. Have a fun weekend whereever you are.

  13. Yay for Laila and Minchie! And we hope you enjoyed the game, Chey.

  14. Well, we know Chey lives near Seattle so we did a google search on press boxes and we figured it out from there. Was that cheating?

    We so seldom have a clue where you are and we stumbled on your blog late last night so we just had to guess.

  15. All I know was that you were in a box and I got very excited. I love boxes!

  16. Dunno!

  17. OK, I lose again, but at least I am consistent!

  18. Back to blogging after a few days hiatus and we’re immediately proved as pitifully ignorant as before…

    We love you, Chey!

  19. Definitely some press boxes for some sports event. I’m going to guess the Washington Redskins at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland.

  20. DON’T FALL OFF!!!

  21. Way to go, Laila and Minchie!!

  22. But who won the game?

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