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Gemini talked a little about why the Woman wanted another cat.   When we had Georgia, while neither Gemini nor I was friendly we weren’t as akitish. Sometimes strangers would see a tabby tail from a distance and I would walk around just our of reach. Now you see a Siamese from a great distance (or not at all) and you never see a puffy cat.    Georgia was a very calming influence. It is getting so that we do not even want the Male to feed us.   When he does, we sit on the Woman and ignore him–this would never have happeend with Georgia.  The Woman is hoping that an older calm and brave cat will pull us out of our shells a little so we are not quite so tightly bonded just to her.   That way when she is gone on vacation (and the Male likes LONG vacations) we will get attention from the pet sitter (at least I will) and won’t be so spooky.  Also, we will actually allow the Male to feed us!

Alas the Woman couldn’t go last night because there were no adoption counselors there.   They won’t have anyone until Friday but the Male is usually not home early on Friday so they probably won’t get to meet her until next Saturday (assuming someone doesn’t adopt her right away).

Good luck to them I think.


  1. We are very partial to our Mommy too so we all understand, Chey, but we are also friendly to others that come around; we get love and scritches from our grandparents and friends that come by to visit…We hope another kitty will make a difference and you guys will learn to accept the extra love being offered around you!…kisses sweetie and good luck with a new sibling…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Yer woman is an idiot. A meezer bonds to one purrson and adding more Meezers to the howse will only meen more Meezers are bonded to yer woman. She can never go on vakayshun, never.

    But thank yoo, Chey fur not showing yer booty in this foto.

  3. Good luck on the adoption. We don’t have any experience of multicat household so we can’t even begin to comment. I am actually friendly to anyone who feeds me, although petting and cuddling is another story.

  4. Hmm, Target is shy too and he’s making Au who is braver shyer too – if you know what we mean. But a third kitty? Not sure if that would work for us the way Georgia worked for you. We hope so though. And are purring that the male is home early, the adopter people about, and the new kitty with you ASAP.

  5. I’m just excited about another meezer to join in your fun!

  6. Oh you’re so good I would bet you can work it out!

  7. We know how it is being too attached to Mom. Tamir misses Mom something terrible when she goes away. Ellie misses Daddy. None of us misses a meal though!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Nice photo, Chey. Good luck to both humans and cats as this adoption unfolds. For sure we know that the new meezer will benefit awesomely.

  9. We hope the Woman can find the right cat to help you two like the Male a little more…we are pretty attached to our mom too…but we kinda like the dad-guy too….

  10. Well it sounds rather complicated ~ but we think it’s a good idea t have a noo cat to join yoo.

  11. Meezers are like potato chips…you can’t have just one!

    When my momma Ellie and I were adopted 4 years ago today…my mom was looking for a special Meezer girl who was a social butterfly who could bond the whole cat family. I think she picked the purrfect Meezer…of course I’m biased. Purrrrr.

  12. we understand – we thinks that an older calmer cat would be a good influence. Have you considered an older male cat? Our the mom says that sometimes too many female cats in the house is not a good fit.

  13. Thanks for the explanations, Chey. We hope it all works out.

  14. Well, we do not have a shy cat in the bunch! We like everybuddy, ‘speshully if they are serving up scritches, foods or treats!

    Normally Momma’s Mellow Fellow, Grayson showed Momma a side of him she never saw before Whitey came here to live. Grayson really does NOT care for Whitey, thankyouverymuch, and so he Whaps him just for fun.

    Since Gracie came, she has sort of taken over and rules the roost, so Grayson only whaps Whitey half as much now. It makes Momma laugh because Gracie is so tiny in comparison… a tiny 5 pound kitten against mancats that range from 10-1/2 to 14 pounds! Catitude. Gracie has it.

  15. Oh, I peeked at our sitter. Once. Victor almost went to him for treats, but changed his mind. Chey, I don’t know if another meezer is a good choice, but I know Victor and I love being together (until he bites me) and maybe he helped me be less afraid of the people. We’re both attached to Mom, Dad, and the boy… Mom’s good for treats, Dad gives great skritches, and the boy likes nose kisses.

  16. Well, there are 12 of us here. Some of us say the more the better, and some of us would prefer to be “onlies”. One thing is for sure, adding another Cat will alter the dynamics in the house. Good luck with another kitty, we’re glad somekitty is soon to get a great Forever Home.

  17. I’m partial to the Woman, too, but I’ll take food from anyone offering something good. If someone new comes into the house I’ll look at them from across the room and I *might* get close if they have the right vibe, but yeah, I am mostly attached to the Woman. Getting Buddah didn’t change that… but who knows, a new cat in the house might be fun and you might get an awesome friend. And the worst would probably be you’d ignore each other most of the time and only swat at each other when no one was looking…so your people would be happy either way, and when people are happy, there are often TREATS.

  18. Abby is so attached to the Mom. The rest of us love her, but if she is gone we adapt and with the exception of Abby we will all eat for anyone. Abby is the fly in the ointment, and she knows how to pull Mom’s chains. So Mom hates to leave her…and Abby knows!

    Hellllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  19. We totally understand why the Woman would hope another kitty could influence you & Gemini to be a little more outgoing. When our brother Austin was a baby he was very outgoing – then when the other two that came before us were adopted, Austin was influenced to hide along with them. I personally didn’t help – I dive for cover at the slightest sound. Jay, on the other hand, gets startled but then comes right back out to investigate what’s going on. After a while of Jay being around, Austin started coming back out. So kitties do influence other kitties, sometimes for the better & sometimes for the worse.

    We hope the new kitty meezer gets to come home to live with you & we wish you all the luck in the world!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  20. Yoo know whut? Mao is full of ::wispers:: k-r-a-p.

    My FL got me to keep Mao kumpany cuz he kind of had a nerviss brakedown win Joonyer wint to the Bridge, and it did him a lot of good. I meen, he’s still kranky, but he duz like having a littul buddy arownd, just like the Skipper and Gillygun. But I’m not sugjesting yer a tub of lard like the Skipper. It wuz just an ixzample.

  21. Wow, what a complicated life you have Chey!

  22. I thought you were just kidding, but it looks like you truly may get a new sibling. I hope your mom can find just the right, calm kitty for you.

  23. We hear you Chey! We have one Meezer in our house and Dante is still bitey with the others. He however, loves us beans!

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