Thankful Thursday

The Shelter the Woman volunteers at is in the Animal Rescue Site’s contest to win a grant of $10,000.  That can help a lot of cats!  We hope you will help by clicking for us.  You can do so daily–but even just once would be a big help if you don’t live in Washington State!  You can click here and if nothing comes up, enter WA for state and Purrfect Pals for the organization!  Gemini and I are watching the tabulations very carefully to make sure that we stay ahead! We are thankful to have such nice friends!


  1. I voted for them!

  2. We’ll vote straight away!

  3. We just went an voted!

  4. We voted! Good thing we knew that was a zebra. Tests are hard.

  5. I am going to click right now and vote
    I am pleased that they have such smart kitties there like you and Gemini to help


  6. We voted for them=good luck…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. We’ll go vote right now!

    Thanks for always coming by our site and commenting. We don’t get around a lot, so we don’t get lots of comments. We always try to find you on Friday, but we never can. You should come visit us in Norf Carolina some time, we’ll show you some fun places.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Finny Buddy & Jazzy

  8. We voted…good luck to Purrfect Pals!

  9. we is clicking!!!

  10. I done did it!

  11. We voted!!

  12. Miss Gemini
    You know I would vote.
    Momma took lots of pictures of me today.
    She said I was a ham. I don’t know why she would say that, because she knows I am a cat. Momma’s are funny in the head sometimes…

    your boyfriendcat

  13. We’re gonna go vote!!

  14. That is wonderful~
    We click!!

    And it’s an unusual photo, you 2 together in 1 photo,
    hee hee~

  15. Oh yeah!! It’s a good cause 🙂
    Off we go to click 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. Click click…my super secret animal was a bear!!!

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