Tabby Tuesday

It has been over a week since Momma took photos of me. She took a lot of Cheysuli the other day but none of me.

I see no reason she shouldn’t come into the closet and under the the clothes to get a photo of me.   After all, Cheysuli makes her work to take good photos.

And you know what? She will be gone all day today and so I won’t get to visit all my friends.  I am not so happy about that either.


  1. Oh dear! Au was similarly upset on Sunday. Try acting out for a day. It works for him!

  2. You look lovely today, Gemini. And we think it’s good to make the humans work a little harder to get photos – it makes them appreciate us more.

    XXX from Tasha, Franklin, and Dobby

  3. You can move in with us. Mom would ALWAYS be taking photos of you, I know. I speak from experience.

  4. That is an awesome tummy shot, Gemini; we love your fluffy furs…We’d love to see more of you; you’ve got to stop hiding from the flashy box sweetie!…kisses beautiful friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. That’s a great photo of you Gemini!
    Our mamarazzi is obsessive, but we make her work hard! She gets so many blurry pics mawhawhaw!

  6. Well at least yoo can be consoled by the fact that yoo are looking extrememly cute and floofy in the pic!

  7. She needs to take more pictures of you Gemini, ‘cuz you are so photogenic!!

  8. Gemini, you are so floofy and beautiful!!!

  9. How could she leave a belly like that!???

  10. We are loosing out too!

  11. Clearly, you have lazy staff, Gemini. Maybe you should consider giving her less treats…?

  12. Gemini, you are soooo beautiful, and we hope your Momma takes a lot more pictures of your beautiful fluffiness!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Well, at least all your friends get to see you, Gemini, and to come and visit you! There’s an upside to efurrything!

  14. Clearly, your Mom needs to be a little more intrepid in her picture- taking. Under clothes at the back of the closet? Pffft!

  15. Never mind that your mum will be gone all day Gemini, at least we have seen you and your lovely tummy.

  16. Miss Gemini you are the most fluffiest purriest little tabby I have EVER seen!

    your boyfriendcat

  17. Well, Gemini – you’re right! It HAS been a long time since we’ve seen any pictures of you! You are very lovely, we think your Mom should take extra measures to take as many pictures of you as she does with Chey! To show your displeasure at her absence today – run around the house early in the morning – like around 3, jump up on the bed & all over her (classic Nico & Jay move!) or start chewing on the paper she’s reading (Jay loves to do this) OR, when she comes home – stand right at her feet & when she screams at you to move – only move about a foot ahead of where she’s walking & cause her to stumble… This is especially funny when she’s carrying groceries!! One word of caution though, DON’T do this around the stairs (if you have them) – it could cause her to fall a long way & keep her from feeding you & changing your litter!

    Good luck!!! (& remember, we NEVER posted this, ok?)

    ~Nico & JayJay 🙂

  18. Yes you deserve your share of pictures.

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