Tabby Tuesday

I have been sitting on Momma’s desk waiting for her to write my post.   I think she has been a little bit slow.

She has been working on her photography and stuff.   She mostly uses Cheysuli as a model so I do not get as many photos. I think that is not fair.  She wants a kitty belly that she can add needles to.  I have a very pretty belly and I show it off more than Cheysuli.  But she says you can’t see my belly because of my floof.   I think my floof is pretty!

Momma should take more photos of my floof for my handsome Ping!  She is not thinking very clearly at all.


  1. your floof looks really special to me. Although we can’t see your eyes very well in this photo. Did you know that a cat’s eyes are the windows to the soul?

  2. “Needles” and “kitty belly” in the same sentence sounds a little scary. Mebbe we are confoosed…

  3. You have a lovely floofy belly. Our mommy says she would love to see photos of your garden w/ the radishes!

  4. What does your Mommy have against floofy furs?…We love your beautiful floofy furs and would love to see your tummy; actually, we would love to see more of you in general, Gemini!…We always show our fluffy tummies!…Kisses sweetie…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Your Mom could try emphasizing fac shots of you. Although you would have to cooperate some for those.

    I appreciate a good flffy belly.

  6. That’s a very cute pic of you, Gemini!

  7. Hmm, our comment vanished. We said we think those needles sound scary. Does your mum see you as a source of quality yarn? Also, how come you don’t visit since we moved to

  8. We do not think needles would look as purrty on your tummy as floofs, Gemini. Ack.

  9. Aww your floofy tummy is so cute! We’d like to see more of you too Gemini!

  10. We agree that the idea of needles anywhere near your tummy does not appeal to us AT ALL! Keep her away, Gemini!

  11. Gemini…we wanna see more of your floofy belly!!

  12. More floofy belly! More floofy belly! More floofy belly!

    Gemini, you and Ginger should start a club…but don’t tell her any secrets, ok?

  13. I certainly agree with you Gemini — your belly floofs are so lovefurly and I would love to see more of them. It’s not fair of your mama to give Chey more time on the blog than you. We support you wholeheartedly!

  14. Gemini, We agree that your Mom should feature your floof a teensy bit more…Poor Ping might pine away!

  15. Byoootiful floofs, Miss Gemini! Yore mom shood show more pix of you. Sometimes those alfa cats take all the attenshun, don’t they?

    Princess Jazzy

  16. Well she certainly did get a good picture of you…Ping should love it!

  17. :::::BONK:::::

    *whoa* I just walked into the wall when I saw your flooiness Miss Gemini. What a cute kitten you are.

    I must get Momma to print that picture for me…you are simply a devine feline!
    your boyfriendcat

  18. We love your floof, Gemini, especially on your belly. Belly shots are the best. You are very cute.

  19. You have a gorgeous floofy belly Miss Gemini.

  20. Lie down for floofy belly rights!

  21. We love your floof!

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