Tabby Tuesday

It was a very long day.  Dad got up to go to work and was gone by 8.  Then he didn’t come home until 8 that night!  That is a lot of sleeps. He had stuff to do all day.   I am glad I do not work.

At any rate that means they did not go to meet the Meezer that Momma likes.  I am not sure I want another meezer around. I like my space.

See! I am yelling at Momma that she should not get a meezer like Chey to come here!  I know that Momma thinks it will just make me calmer and less afraid but I like my life NOW.  I can’t help it everything scares me.   I just go and hide. What’s wrong with that?


  1. Two Meezers in one home? Oh poor Gemini! They’re going to gang up on you and bully you! Unless you can persuade them to gang up on the humans and bully them!

  2. Gemini…I can box up Ginger and send her to you…that way the score will be even at 2 and 2.

    Don’t tell anyone I said that….

  3. Hmmm…maybe if there’s another Meezer around, Chey will leave you alone and it’ll be like being an only kitty…?

  4. I am curious why Momma thinks getting another Meezer will make you calmer. There may be plenty of good reasons for getting the kitty, but my guess is that your personality is just the way it is.

  5. Change is always a little bit scary, Gemini. We hope it will all turn out for the best.

  6. Maybe you and the new meezer could be buddies!

  7. It might be nice to be multiple mighty meezers!

  8. Aw, I think it would be nice to have another friend! (although we three all like our own spaces, so I know what you mean)
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  9. Gemini, I’m scared of everything too and I run and hide. I hope the lady with the yellow hair doesn’t get me a meezer!!


    (Don’t worry, Zoey, that’s not going to happen. ~LwtYH)

  10. Gemini – there is nofing wrong wif being scairt of efurryfing. I is scairt of efurryfing (except, you know, thugs and stuff like that!). I likes to hide unner the bed. Hafing 3 brofurs does not change that – except now there is 4 of us unner the bed and it gets a little crowded.

  11. I’ve never lived with a meezer before. But I like Chey. I don’t know if I’d want to live with her however.

  12. Oh Sammy, I was less of a scardy cat when Georgia was here–I would hide but sometimes I would let myself be seen although I was never friendly. Momma is hoping a braver cat will help–particularly for Chey because she hides too now!

  13. Your Mommy will do the best she can for you and that means if she brings another cat home, it will work out fine…Maybe you will end up being best friends; you should give a new kitty a chance!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  14. Gemini, I get skerred very easily, too. Under the bed is a good, safe spot.

  15. Can I come and visit and be friends with you, Gemini? I am very calm and sweet – I belong to the good kitty club!

  16. Gemini, do not worry. We fink the new meezer will be Chey’s mini and den yoo know has to tell beans what to do.

  17. I was always scared when I lived with my bully brother cat Pepper. I was such a scaredy cat that my mom had to put a litter box in the basement closet for me because I was always hiding in there. Then we got him a brother – Izzy, and now Pepper leaves me alone most of the time. I am much, much braver now. I’m not even as afraid of the d-o-g anymore! Another kitty could be a good thing as long as he or she is not a bully kitty.

  18. It’s always a bit scarey when there is a pawsible noo household member. I didn’t want Alfie Marshall to stay when he ferst arrived ~ but now I wudn’t be wiv owt him (‘cos hoo cud I boss if he wasn’t there?)

    Milo xx

  19. Miss Gemini
    There is nothing wrong with hiding — in fact I like to play hide and seek, how about you? That was a lovely picture of your booteefull floofiness!!!!!

    your boyfriendcat

  20. I’m a scaredy cat too. My brother Maui wants to eat me and I have to watch my back all the time! When I’m with my Mommy is the only time I’m brave. ~ Rupert

  21. Oh Gemini! You look very ferocious in that picture! Are you trying to keep the new Meezer away?

    I think you should just chill and go with the flow — who knows, you may even like this one!

  22. But mebbe another Meezer would take YOUR side against Chey. It COULD werk out very well! Meezers love to fuss wif each other…

  23. Hey – what’s wrong with another meezer, Gemini?? We think it would be great if you got another sister! I personally think meezers make great siblings (Jay – you be quiet!!)

    We hope things settle down for your Dad soon!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  24. you need a ginger boy!

  25. Oh, Gemini, I understand! If Victor is afraid of something, I think maybe I should be, too, and the other way around. What you need is a good blanket to hide under! You can watch the world from there in safety.
    PS Victor’s afraid of some strange things, like plastic bags and step stools, but I trust his judgeme… well, better safe than sorry.

  26. Two Meezers! OMC! Gemini, you will never get a word in edgewise!

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