Tabby Tuesday

This week I did not wake Momma up as much.  I only did it a little bit.   She did not have to lock me outside (where I would have to mew).

I did get furminated this week and now my furs are thin. Momma can feel it when she over furminates me and then my furs get thin.  I do not like that.  She always threatens to trim up my furs. I do not know why. I like my pretty furs.

At any rate, it’s raining again today.  I hope we have more sun like we did the other day. I like to lie in the sun.


  1. My mom is telling us we need to be furminated MORE? Can you believe that? I think it’s the furballs we’ve been hacking up.

  2. We had to ask our Mom what furminating was… We have short hair & the only time we’d have to get our furs trimmed is if we got something stuck in it! We like your long fur, though – it’s very pretty & it makes you look like a lion!

    ROAR! *cough cough* …Maybe I better stick with the yowling instead!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  3. We love your beautiful furs too, Gemini; why does your Mommy want you to be naked?!MOL…kisses sweet girl…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. We never been “furminated” afore. An we hope we nefer do…

  5. We think you look very pretty Gemini! We hope you get some sunshine. We’re gonna have rain today too…and cold! What happened to spring??

  6. Gemini, I am glad that you did not get the door shut on you! Snuggles with Mom is the best!
    ps – you were right, My ‘rent is in Cincinnati! She’ll be back home tonight! Yay!

  7. Gemini, you look very pretty! We love being furminated!

  8. We have never been furminated but we get brushed every day, sometimes more than twice! We think you look purrfect! We also think you should never be locked out!

  9. Gemini I haven’t heard about furminating either and it doesn’t sound good. If it is hot it might be nice to have less fur. Mine is short fur.

  10. But I love my furmination–that is how I get over furminated because I ask for it all the time! :).

  11. Furminating is fine! Has your Moomy tried a Zoom Groom? She thinks on us longer furred Kitties that it gets the underfur and leaves more of our outer coat.
    We think that being locked out is naughty of your Mom!

  12. Why is it that we are ALL being rained on at the moment? NOT FAIR!

    Your furs are beautiful, no matter what!

    The Poupounette Gang

  13. You do have pretty fur. We’re going to get Furminated one of these days. After we get a Furminator.

  14. Lying in the sun – cool. Being furminated – not so cool. FAZ

  15. Everycat says:

    Poor Gemini, being over furminated is a shame, but it happens. It happens to Gerry all the time so he sends you lots of sympathy. I refuse to be furminated and will happily bite, whap and holler at any ape who tries it on.

    We think you are very beautiful and wish you lots of sun and 100% 24/7 access to all rooms at all times 🙂

    Whicky Wuudler

  16. Well you look furminator fine to me!

  17. Hello my booteefull little Puffalo!

    your boyfriendcat

  18. We wake mum up but she is happy when she jumps up on the bed with her. Specially me, I loves snuggling with her.


  19. Gemini, if your furs are thinner then you should feel cooler when it is hot. Your human mom is just trying to keep you a cool cat.

  20. Aww… over-furmination is not good! Shaving is worse – Pricilla says that she got shaved in the summer, and it took so long for her fur to grow back to full length!!!
    It did grow back beautifully though 🙂
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

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