Tabby Tuesday

Yesterday I was napping on my bed (that Momma sleeps on all night) and suddenly she and Dad came in and they started taking off the covers.  And the sheets!  And I had to move!  And I was ever so tired.  I ran into the other room, only to realize that they had cleaned that out too.  Where will I hide?!

It was not a good afternoon.

I wish Momma would not choose to do things like that when I am napping.  Sometimes I like to play in the sheets when she changes them, but I was just too tired.

Momma wonders why I was so tired.  I think it is because Cheysuli was chasing me around a lot.  Or maybe I was chasing her. Sometimes I forget who is chasing who…


  1. Hello there! Actually our daddy did just that this morning! It really frazzles us when he does it… argh!
    But then… fresh sheets are just sooo nice 🙂
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  2. You certainly don’t need beauty sleep, Gemini, but we do understand a girl needs her naps or she gets catitude!…We hope you found a safe spot that didn’t require sheets…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. They shoulda had more considerashun, and waited til yoo’d finished yoor nap.

  4. Never wake a napping kitty! 🙂

  5. It’s no fun when a good nap gets interrupted!!!

  6. You’ll have to give your Mom a time table so she knows when she can attend to these duties and not disturb you!!

  7. I think she was doing that just for you so you could have all clean stuff!

  8. Our Daddy scolds Mommy when she wakes us up like that; he claims we get “cranky”…whatever.
    xx lounge kats

  9. You need a bed of your own.

  10. I like helping to make the bed, but not when it disturbs a good nap…

  11. Seems you have the same sort of syndrome there as I have here. Thoughtless humnas – not putting the cat(s) FIRST and FOREMOST!

  12. Making the bed is fun. But sleeping is funnerer.

  13. Yup, they do that here too. A kitty is all cozy in the nice warm sheets the human finally got out of, and they come along and pull all the sheets off! Rude!!


  14. I hate it when Mom disturbs my nap just so she can change the sheets. Can’t she wait ’til I get up?

    Your friend

  15. OH dear my sweet Gemini.
    You should have been visiting me today. Mom and Dad were gone all day and I would have shared my favorite chair with you.

    your boyfriendcat

  16. Hmph, don’t they know the rule, don’t change the bed when the kittie is resting.

  17. We think you should let them know when that is allowed. Not just at their leisure.

    The picture of you is really cool. Are you looking into a candle?

  18. Mom said if she waited for all of us to finish our naps, the sheets would NEVER be changed. Ewwww!!! So we forgive her when she wakes us…we’re nice that way.

  19. Wait, dont they know they are sposed ta entice ya offa the bed wif treats or toys first? What WERE they thinkin? And they dint have an alternate napping spot prepared?


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