Sunday Guest Star: Maobert Snickles

Early on Sweet Praline came by and said I was in London and she was right.   Shortly thereafter Maobert came by and said, “I’m thinking The Tower of London, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4AB  Ware’s that smartypants ‘Kaika???”

I don’t know where ‘Kaika was this week but Mao was right.  Keiko, Pixel and Samba, Roxy, Derby and Ducky, and The Taylor Cats also knew where I was.  I don’t think the gift shop is right there, though Pixel and Samba–this area is just the restrooms and phones.   The main gift area is around the other side if we remember correctly.   We’re off in a corner and there isn’t much around besides the restrooms.

Of course all those cats who guessed I was by the loo were right.   I am certain that Milo and Alfie will be a wee bit embarrassed that I am not in Scotland.


  1. See, I knew you were by the loo! I knew it!

  2. We’re glad you were found again. If you had to depend on us, you’d be in big trouble! We are usually more lost than you are.

    Be nice to your mom today, Chey & Gemini. It’s Mother’s Day.

  3. We missed it again! We really need to get our mom to do more for us. Like visiting our frends and not running to da naybors or da colonies or whatever excuse she is using da next time we miss out. Tell yoor mom we said Happy Mother’s Day (and try to be nice to her).

  4. Our Mom is terrible at the Where’s Chey game!…Maobert Snickles is a silly adorable boy…Kisses sweeties and Happy Mother’s Day to your Mommy…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Aw! We’re smiling! Mummy says it was worth going to Tower of London twice!
    You’re looking very Irish now 🙂
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. We are very sorry we missed this Friday, but we would only have guess London. Although we were thrown by the phone booth not being red. What’s up with that?

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mom!

  7. Wow! For once, I actually knew what city and country you were in. That’s amazing for me.

  8. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Congrats to Maobert on guessing correctly. That’s some picture of him! He must be a real character (something like you, Chey).

    Happy Mother’s Day to your mamabean, too!

  10. Oh no, I missed it too but I’m glad someone found you!

  11. I almost said Tower of London just because of the other time you were lost near there and because the phone booth did not look American. But it would have been a true guess.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Chey, since you are a mother, and to the Woman as well.

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to yur Mom!!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  13. Congrats to Mao!!

    And Happy Mother’s Day to your woman!!

  14. A very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to your Mommy, Chey & Gemini=^Y^=

  15. I figured Scotland because that seems like a good place for cobblestones. I would really like to see some cobblestones for myself, because they seem like they would be nice and warn to curl up on for a nap, at least on a sunny day…

  16. We’re still singing with the Meezers!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  17. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom!! We are so glad you were found!!
    Your TX furiends,

  18. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Hello Chey!!
    Hello Miss booteefull Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  19. Way to go Maobert!!!!!!!
    Looks like Skeezix is a bit of a bad influence on you.
    Are you hooked on Mother’s milk to ? heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. I am NOT hooked on Muther’s Milk. I can stop anytime I wunt to, I just don’t wunt to. Now I’m kinda werried abowt that Smartypants ‘Kaika cuz he NEVER misses FCF.

    Chey, give yer mom Happy Muther’s Day wishes frum me.

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