One Meezer Monday

Well it’s newsy here today.   The Woman went out with Male Monday morning to see about the other meezer. Alas, she was no longer at the shelter.   So they stopped by the Petco where the Woman volunteers and saw another meezer. He was a floofy lynx point male.  The Woman liked him.   He was making biscuits.   I think I would have liked him because when the Male petted him, he bit him.

No matter how much I admire a cat like that, alas he did not come home for me to congratulate him on his good taste…

Ah well, all I can say is more feathers for me!


  1. Good taste in biting the male? What does he taste like? ChickHen?

  2. So, no Meezer sibling, huh? Well, we’re sure it’s for the best. When the time is right, he or she will come home to you, we just know it!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  3. It seems like the woman and the male are on course to find you a sibling, when the right one presents itself. Meantime, enjoy your feathers with just Gmeini.

  4. Mom went to the local pet store to get Grete woofie food and the little meezer boy she saw last week who was adopted was returned with his sister. Mom loved on him again…sigh.

    He’s 9 weeks old and has to be adopted with his sister who does not look like a meezer…but they were adorable. You’d like them Chey. Really. Ok, maybe not. You’d have to share your feathers.

  5. One will coming along. In the mean time just enjoy your feathers with Gemini.

  6. Cory, the Woman is tempted to run down to PDX just to get them… :)! But she’d rather have just one cat and one female so they are sort of not fitting the bill…

  7. It can be fun to have siblings and other times like treat time..not to!!!=^Y^=

  8. It’s a meezer-spiracy against the Male. Clearly The Male failed to properly adore meezers in his last life and now has to face the consequences!

  9. Aw… it just means they weren’t the right ones for you!
    You look so beautiful, and your feather is awesome!
    Our mummy wants to get another one from the shelter, she can hardly contain her enthusiasm but we have to wait until we have moved to Malaysia.

  10. I can see you are having great fun with that feathers!!!

  11. We’re sorry that Meezer didn’t work out for you but we’re glad she found a forever home. The purrfect Meezer will find you!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. He sounds like a meezer after your own heart!

  13. Sounds like the meezer has good taste.

  14. We hope the right Meezer hurries up and finds the Woman, Chey! We know he is no doubt anxious to finally pass Home and collect his scritches and treats! We bet the Woman will buy him his own feathers. And you can always teach him to bite the Male. Meezers are smart that way.

  15. Chey, that is a fabulous picture of you! I’m sure the right meezer will find his way there eventually !

  16. Aw, we’re sorry the one Meezer was gone…but at least he has a forever home!! We know there’s a meezer out there that will be purrfect for all of you…

  17. Look Chey, I have 2 younger meezer brofurs that I would be happy to ship out to you, just let me know which one you want. – Sammy

  18. I pretty much agree with the others, the right one will find you!

  19. Yoo made us larf today. We fort it was funny when the Male got bitten. MOL!

  20. That wand looks awesome, Chey…..


  21. Cats are like Karma. You have to let it happen. Of course, Humans are prone to prodding both. Good Luck on the Meezer hunt!

  22. Good things come to those who wait Chey.

  23. MOL Yoo truely do not like the male much, kinda like Molly doesnt like the big guy here either. She doesnt bite though, she pees on hims stuff.

  24. The right kitty will find your Mom and Dad, Chey…Happy week friends…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! Fevvers!!!!!
    Don’t worry Chey, you will get your Meezer.
    Besides,don’t all Meezers have good taste 😉 heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. The meezer sounds nice except for the biting part – we are sorry about your dad! Maybe it was the Chey smell?

    P.S. Thanks so much for your comment on our VSPCA post. Our mom has been corresponding with Eileen (she lives in Seattle) – they really need help and she is doing her best to raise funds.

    P.P.S. We voted for Purrfect Pals! Our mom has not been too good at remembering things lately, but she will try to remember to vote for them every day (she has an e-mail reminder to click every day at the Animal Rescue Site, so that will help!)

  27. We didn’t know you were getting a meezer sibling. That is exciting.

  28. Chey, your post is hilarious. Enjoy the extra feathers.

  29. Sounds like you could have a new sibling any day. I’m sure your mom will find just the right kitty for you!

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