Mystery Meezer Monday

This was one of the photo shoots that I was graciously doing for the Woman. I was playing with my red toy while she tried to get a mysteriously underexposed photo.  This one is way too underexposed to be fun but she liked the look on my face.

I think I look like a young cat, don’t you?

Rumor has it she is talking to her pet organization about another Siamese she met over the weekend… If it approves the Male I might get a sister.  Of course, any good meezer would never approve the Male so I shouldn’t worry much.


  1. Wow! Just really “wow” That is a great picture…

  2. Chey – you look like you’re talking! We hope you were telling the Woman to hurry up with her photo shoot! After all, we meezers will only put up with so much!

    We hope the Male approves of your getting a meezer sister, that would be great!

    Happy Monday!

    Nico & JayJay 🙂

  3. That is a very mysterious shot, Chey.

    A sister? What fun! We can’t wait!

  4. Love the shot!!
    Oh wow, a new sisfur!!! How exciting!

  5. Your looking great in that pic! A sister, wow, sisters are fun…to rule!

  6. We like that picture!!

    A new sister could be fun!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Great photo! A sibling?!? How exciting!

  8. That’s a pretty cool effect, Chey! And if you got a sister, your Woman would have another subject to bother with the camera!

  9. That is quite a unique photo. Do let us know as soon as you have a definite word about the sister meezer.

  10. We think you look fetchingly evil in that photo. A sister, huh? Minions are good…somebody to take the rap for you.

  11. You’re getting a new sister?!!

  12. This picture is like a piece of artwork.
    Your mom did pretty good, and i know for you this was no big deal, you always look elegant.

    I hope you get a meezer sister!

  13. Yuor mom is considering another meezer? Hope it all turns out well.

  14. A new sisfur huh? Well, a new sisfur might be good, maybe she could help wif training da male. Just a thawt.

  15. ooooooo a new sister that would be great!

    Hello Miss Gemini. I’m glad you liked my picture today.

    your boyfriendcat

  16. Ooooooooooooooooooo!!
    We like the artsy pic Chey !!!
    We like the expression on your face too 🙂
    Hmmmmmmmmm!!! A new Meezer???A sisfur????
    What does Gemini think? heehee

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. Oh Chey, jus fink yoo cud mold her into a tiny yoo and fink of all da double trouble yoo bof cud cause! MOL

  18. Fierce!!!

  19. A new sister…..purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  20. We like the colors in the photo, Chey… and we really like the idea of another Meezer at your house!

  21. You might not like it because it is underexposed, but I think it is a fun and dramatic picture.

  22. You don’t look happy Chey, a new sibling? You will be like me, trying to keep them in line.

  23. That looks like a protest meow to me!

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