Meezer Monday

I heard that I was talked about at Blog Paws. I think that is a fine thing, if I couldn’t be there (WOMAN!).  The question that came up was how to pronounce my name.

Well, here’s the thing.

I’m not telling.

I’m named after a fantasy novel series by Jennifer Roberson. The Woman saw them in the bookstore but hadn’t read them. I was named by my breeder.   She named me Cheysuli, after the Chronicles of the Cheysuli.   The Cheysuli are a human/catlike race.   The books are older but usually available through libraries.

The Woman has always said my name Chay SUE Lee, where the ch is hard like in cheese (do you love me now Cory?!).  She can’t verify that that is really how it is pronounced but it made sense to her.


  1. We hope it’s alright we always call you Chey…Kisses…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Just as I thought. But I wouldn’t tell either if I were you.

  3. I always call ya Chey, too. Ch-ey. Like Char, but -ar and + ey. It’s cat math, I think…

  4. Chey, you had me at cheese….

  5. I think I’ll just stick with Chey!

  6. Chey is the best for you and for all of us!

  7. Chey suits yoo!

  8. We always think of you as Chey!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Thanks for letting us know! We’d always wondered where your beautiful name came from!

  10. That’s how we say it too…but mostly we just stick to Chey…as in CHAY…much easier!! You are as unique as your name!

  11. You have such an exotic and pretty name!

  12. We love your name and have always pronounced it like that! It is lovely!

  13. Thank Cod you explained this. We really were wondering and had a great chat about it at BlogPaws.
    AND my ‘rent is thrilled that she was right in her guess!

  14. We love your name! Chey is nice for short 🙂
    Our mummy wants to track down the books now!

  15. We said it (OK, Mommy)like your Mom…our Mommy is going to look for the books too! She enjoys a good sci-fi read.

  16. We like to call you friend!

  17. I guess when my Mom thinks about it, we think Chay, but ShaySUli. So we will switch to ChaySUli now. Interesting to know where your name comes from. have a great Monday!

  18. I’m very relieved to learn that I have been pronouncing your name right all this time! And a lovely name it is, too!

    Oh, and about FCF — Maobert, I came by a bit too late … the human was “distracted”. So, congrats on finding Chey!

  19. WE think you have a great name!
    And we all also think Gemini has a pretty name to match her beauty!

    your boyfriendcat

  20. GAH! I am sorry for the total ruination of your name.
    It is annoying.
    Once I went to the vet place for some yearly tortures, and the vet tech called me — Peeerio, like Cheerio.
    Oh my, I was pretty mad about that.

    have a sunny bonk fun day Chey and Gems

  21. Hmmmm…Chay-SUE-lee…that’s what we always thought. Although I suppose the “Ch” could be a soft “C” like in Charlotte (our Mom’s name) and the emphasis could be on the last syllable – like Shay-sue-LEE. Sounds kind of French.


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