Meezer Monday

Remember this photo?  Well the Woman had to take in 36 photos to the second of her photography class and this was one she choose.   Everyone had 36.  They and another student had to weed them down to their best 18.  Then they paired with a different student to weed them down to 6.  Then they themselves had to choose two of the six to be critiqued by the instructor.

This is what he said about my photo, “Ahh the Rembrandt cat.  I remember this one as I was walking around.   I’m glad you brought it up.”  He made no changes.  And it was the only photo he talked about remembering as he walked around.

Not that anyone should be surprised that he remembered me, but well, it feels good to be acknowledged, don’t you think.  The Woman thinks it is because it’s a good photo, but I know better.  I also like having my name linked to Rembrandt.


  1. We gave ya an awardie…

  2. It is a really fine photograph, Chey. Yes, very Rembrandt-ish. Tell the Woman to keep up the good work.

  3. Yoo are VERY photogenic!

  4. A nice photo and an excellent subject!! Of course the instructor remembered YOU!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. It’s hard to take a bad photo if you are in it!

  6. We love that photo! We can see why the instructor would remember it. It’s fantastic!

  7. Chey, you are a masterpiece!

  8. We can see why he would remember you, Chey!! You look very mysterious in that photo!

  9. Wow…..this is one great photo! But….then again…of course it is….you are in it!

  10. We totally love that photo, but admit it, who could forget you!

  11. It is a fabulous photo, but only because it has the fabulous you in it!

  12. The subject matter is impeccable! And elegant.
    xx lounge kats

  13. Sorry Chey’s mommie, but it’s the subject we’re afraid.

  14. I always knew you were a classic, Chey! And now this proves it! Yes, very reminiscent of the master’s work, indeed! Congrats to your mom.

  15. Its an excellent excellent photo Chey, but she had a wonderful subject to work with.

  16. A work of art!

  17. That is awesome. I think the photographer had a little help from the stunning subject tho! She should be very proud of herself. I think her professor is going to be very impressed with your mommy’s work. We are!

  18. It does help to have a gorgeous famous subject…so your mom had a bit to do with it…but mostly it’s all about you Chey!

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