Find Chey Friday

So it’s so nice outside that I thought I’d get in a bit of a run.  Look at those slow horses back there!  Wait–do I hear cheering? For me?!   Oh now this is place I want to come back to!

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  1. Watch out for those hooves! Let’s see, the Kentucky Derby? the Preakness? All I know is that I see a bunch of fast hooves that could hurt kitties! Watch out, Chey!

  2. Forget about running for the roses…run for the NIP!!!

    Are you cloer to home at Emerald Downs in Auburn Washington?

  3. You’re at the races! And by the flag, you’re in the USA. We’re pretty confident we know where that is. But where you are exactly is as always a mystery. Question: did you bet on the winner?

  4. I think Cory is right, Chey, you’re at Emerald Downs.

  5. We will bet that was Churchill Downs but NOT the Kentucky Derby. Some other race there…

  6. We think Cory might be right…Have a fun Friday…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. I can tell that you are at a race track, but the only race track that I would recognize is Santa Fe Downs and you are definitely NOT there.

  8. Oh dear … we are back to “dunno”. We lulled ourselves into a false sense of security after our success last week and we came over here this morning all hopeful. :sigh:

  9. you are faster than horses!!!!

  10. Well, we definitely know it’s a race track, but that’s where our “know” bit stops….

  11. I think Cory has it right. I was going to guess Emerald Downs in Auburn WA too. Most racetracks don’t have hilly countryside nearby like that.

  12. We don’t know! We were hoping to come back all refreshed and ready with a good guess. Maybe next week…….

  13. Just keep running! I bet you place first!
    ps – what are your odds at?

  14. Mom says she’d bet on you to win…wherever you are!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Churchill Downs? Hialeah? Where the Belmont and Preakness are run? You’re not in New Hampster, mom knows that for sure.


  16. All we know is that you are not at the Arlington Racecourse which is about 4 miles from our house. But you should come this summer and run with the horsies in the Arlington Million! A million buckaroos Chey!

  17. Chey – did you take some feline growth hormone? You’re bigger than the horses!!!!

  18. Are you at the horsie races?? Maybe you can place a bet and win some ham!!

  19. As long as they don’t feed you oats and hay…we have zero idea where you are!

  20. YEAH Cory! And ‘Kaika and Simba and Jaqueline! I am at Emerald Downs.

    Of course I was the long shot–but look at me–waiting for the horses to start catching up before I run again!

  21. horsies. We have a lot of them here in Virginia.
    run run run, it looks like you are ahead Chey.

  22. Not knowing a thing about racing, except to see that you’re in the lead, Mom (as usual) doesn’t know where you are!

  23. We jus see big horseys and fink RUN RUN RUN! Oooo dat is ascary!!

    Peee S: Jake says fank yoo fer finkin of hims.

  24. I never win at this game…but it’s fun to look and see where you are that I don’t know where you are!

  25. Happy dancing!!!

  26. Good to see you horsing around Chey 😉 hahahaha
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. Darn it we’re late again….

    COncats to the ones who got this right!

    Hellllllllllooo Miss Gemini!

    your boyfriendcat

  28. Are you at Churchill Downs Chey? You are one fast kitty!

  29. Run Chey, Run. You are running for the nip! Not sure what track, not any we know.

  30. Nice to have that smartypants ‘Kaika and that cheater Simba back

  31. hahahaha! Turn around and swat ’em, Chey. Nicely, of course.

  32. Next time you do this, can you give me some advance warning so I can place a bet with my bookie?

  33. Join us for Christmas in July!

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