Beautiful Blogger

I got this lovely award from Ayla and Iza! Of course I am beautiful–and what a perfect day to get it!

I am supposed to tell you 7 new things about me.  Let’s see…

I have five teeth left.

I am a very good cat around human food on a plate.  I must be invited to share.

I like other cats (but Gemini is mean to me so I don’t always like her).

I am beginning to cuddle with the Woman at night, as if I were cold.

The Male’s son is my favorite person ever and he is only a few hours away now (and not in Japan!).

So then I guess I must pass this on. However, this has been going on for awhile so I don’t know who else hasn’t had it. Consider yourself tagged, as you are all beautiful!


  1. Congratulations on the very nice, and well deserved award!!! Oh yea, I liked your list too!

  2. That was furry nice Chey!
    We didn’t realize you only had 5 toofs…

    Hellllllllllloooo Miss Gemini.
    I’ve been furry buzy today watching the Mom and Dad “play” outside.

    your boyfriendcat

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful award; we enjoyed your list…We hope you all have a beautiful day!…kisses…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. That was a very inneresting list, Chey. Um, “5 teeth left”? Do ya wanna tell us about that?

  5. Hi Chey, Congratulations on your cool award! Hey, tell us who took your teeth so we can go get them back for you!=^Y^=

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