Woo Hoo Wednesday

Excuse me while I bite on my leg to be sure it’s clean.

Finally, the Woman has recognized how wonderful I am.  The Woman has FINALLY created cards with me on them. I say it’s about time. If you’d like to see them (you’ve seen the pictures mostly I think), they are here.

Now, my apologies for not visiting more on Tuesday.   The Woman was working all day again.  I hate it when she does that.   I wish she wouldn’t. She is, after all, required to stay here and attend only to my needs.   When will she learn?


  1. Yoo think YOO’ve got it bad. My Ladey is home the entire DAY and duzn’t wate on me hand and foot despite my vary vokul protestayshuns.

  2. Recognition of one’s wonderfulness is so sweet! Way to go, Chey!

  3. We have out mum at home all day and still she doesn’t help us blog or visit. bad mum, bad!

  4. It’s depressing that the never learn, isn’t it?

  5. Lovely cards, Chey!! We hope you got your leg clean now!

  6. Chey, your cards are fabulous!

  7. the cards is nice!

  8. At least you’re clean and ready when Mom is ready!

  9. Chey…your cards are awesome! Are you finished with your bath??

  10. Beautiful Chey cars=you are famous…When are the “Where is Chey on Friday” adventure cards coming out?!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Now, Chey, your momma must love you very much if she has your gorgeous picture on those cards!

    You have no idea how happy we are to be back to blogging and visiting our friends again! Mom spent most of yesterday tweaking things and now we’re all set!

  12. Oh, Chey! No privacy at all. Thanks for visiting today. By the way, that’s the same bed I was using a year ago, but I liked it crushed back then. It’s a ladycat’s purrogative to change her favorite sleeping places, right?

  13. It really does stink with the parents working … Mom was home yesterday afternoon and it was so nice!

  14. Well, at least you have yer own cards (an a mug), Chey! We sure dont…

  15. Humans. They need to win the lottery, stay home, and devote all their time to US.
    XX Lounge Kats

  16. Well, FINALLY! It’s progress, Chey. Mao may be on to something, though, with the vocalizing. Maybe you should pump up the volume???

  17. A famous kitteh deserves cards – ConCATs its bout time Chey!!

  18. Chey
    Those cards are great!!!

    Helloooooooooo Miss Gemini!!!

    your boyfriendcat

  19. If it wasn’t for the treats and stinky goodness that those jobs bring in……..

    We love the all the cards but especially love the postcard!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  20. Thank you for the kind comment about my folks putting out the towel for me. I must reveal, however, that is is an extremely old towel, not fit for human use. But I am not proud.

  21. Look at you, Chey! Now you are really, really famous! I always knew you were a real card.

    Is that Gemini on the mug?

  22. Count your blessings. At least your mom knows what day it is….sigh.

  23. Your pretty face, gracing the cards…I see some green papers coming in and you getting more mom-time…well, one can hope!

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