What’s Up Wednesday

I am not even on the short list for potential justices. I found that out here!  Can you believe it?

I believe this is a specist attack!  I say we cats stand up and march!  We must have our rights!

Or we could just nap.  And eat ham.


  1. That’s impossible! How could they overlook you? Um…..maybe we’ll join you in the nap!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  2. Outrageous!…We think we should break out the nip before taking that nap…….MOL…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Obviously, we need ham and a nap before we stand up and march. For fortitude, you know…

  4. We could stage a “nap-in”…preceded by a ham feast. It’ll be “Breaking News” for sure…maybe.

  5. Disgusting. Organise a sit-in, Chey. You can do it Lennon style and eat in bed while the press take pics.

  6. That’s just not right. I’m sure that you would make a better justice than some of what we’ve got now. Eat some ham, have a nap and start protesting.

  7. OH MY EYES!!!! The image of your wide-angle bootay is seared into my retinas!!!!! Pleeze post a warning beefore you display bootay shots like that. And maybe yoo shood lay off da ham. Just sayin.

  8. Given some of the people on that court, we’re not even sure you’d want to keep that kind of company…

  9. I would go with the nap and ham!

  10. HAM!!! HAM!!! HAM!!!

  11. No ham around here, so we’ll just join the ‘nap-in’!

  12. I would like to join the nap-in!

  13. We vote for naps and hams…

  14. We will join your nap & ham! Sounds great!

  15. Nip, Nap, and Ham! Or rights? ummmm We’ll get back to yoo right after our morning nap!

  16. The prestige would be nice, but you don’t want the workload, do you? It would make major inroads into your naps.

  17. standing up for injustice sounds like a lot of werk. standing for long periods of time is hard. and really kind of dumb. and after you stand there for a long time you will be tired and hungry, so why doesn’t we just SKIP the standing up part and go right to the ham and nap part? – Miles

  18. We’re with you. Ham to start then a nap, better have some more ham to keep us going on the march. Oh heck, Miles is right. Skip the standing up and marching, lets have more ham.

  19. Ham, nap, then protest. You don’t want to protest hungry or tired.

  20. We’ll take a stand and nap for you!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  21. napping and ham sownd bery gud.

  22. You wouldn’t look good in a black robe.

  23. Napping and eating ham are fine by me! Leaving the messy court stuff to the humans.

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