Tabby Tuesday

Momma was not happy with me this weekend.  I woke her up with my mewing early on Saturday morning.   She was trying to sleep in.   Then I walked on her. Then I tickled her.   Then I walked on Dad and he tossed me on her because he thought I was going to visit.  He was right.   And then when she got up, I kept mewing at her and at the walls.   I love to talk to the walls.

She thought I was being noisy for no good reason.  Really, I just wanted to make conversation. She was gone a lot and I was lonely so I had to talk to her… and the walls and the invisible bugs.  So I did.

Now, it’s time for me to take a bath.  I don’t know why she wants to disturb me now.  After all, I did my talking on Saturday morning.


  1. Te humans need to learn to do their interactions with us cats on OUR schedule, not theirs. It would make everything so much easier for all concerned.

  2. It’s ok to talk to the walls…sometimes there are mice in there!

  3. Mums are odd like that. They enjoy revenge.

  4. Your Mommy just needs to start napping during the day so she will want to get up for those early conversations with you, Gemini!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Oh noes, the early wake ups are never a good idea.

  6. We think if you mom stayed home and talked to you, Gemini, you would hafta talk to her so early in the morning.

  7. That sounds completely normal to me!

  8. Nicky is that way – when the mom comes home he’s so ‘acited that he talks to her non stop – and to the walls, and to his toys, and to the furnichur.

  9. Sumtimes, yoo get more sense from the walls! MOL!

  10. I enjoy a little bladder-stomping if I’m in the mood for an early morning chat. It gets Mommy up for a few minutes, at least!
    xx KonaKitty

  11. Moms are kind of purrverse that way, Gemini! I think you should give her some lessons in kitty lingo so she can understand you better.

  12. Miss Gemini
    I like to talk a lot too. Momma will talk with me, but mainly she likes to talk to Abby. It’s good I can talk to Boo,Jinx and Gracie…

    your boyfriendcat

  13. We strongly believe that cats are NEVER noisy for no good reason – there’s always a good reason!

  14. what? your mom is very happy with you Gemini. You are such a good singer for Saturday morning!
    Your furs look really pretty and floofy


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