Tabby Tuesday

Well Momma is going to be gone a lot this week. She is doing some more vacation coverage work. I think this other woman is on vacation way too much!  I have not gotten lots of Tuesdays with Momma in a long time!

That is not fair because she needs time to take lots and lots of photos of me!  Because I am so pretty.

In other news, Momma’s friend is hoping that she can get the word out about two cats that are looking for a home.  Their owner was a friend of a friend and that person died.   One cat is about 15 and the other is probably 8 or 9.   They are searching around for ways to find a home for them, but aren’t real sure how to go about it. Momma gave them Petfinder’s info and also suggested calling and getting on a list at the place where she volunteers.  Can anyone else give other ideas?   It sounds like there are likely to be health problems as well, although it is hard to say as Momma is hearing this from her friend who is hearing from her friend…


  1. Well, ya sure deserve better Tuesdays! Just sayin…

  2. Your mum should be at home for you ALWAYS. We hope those kitties find a nice home.

  3. Yes, sweetheart, you are beautiful and your Mommy should stay at home with you all the time!…Good luck to the homeless kitties, how sad…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Gemini, we just can not imagine how it is even possible for your Momma to ever leave you pretty face!

  5. Good luck to the friend finding the kitties a new home. A great place to post flyers would be vets offices. There’s always craigslist, but she’d want to make sure to charge a small adoption fee and ask for vet and personal references!

  6. Oh dear, we hope those kitties will find a great home!

  7. Oh Gemini…we’re sorry you’re not gonna get much momma time this week…we know how crabilated it makes you…

    We hope those kitties can find a home. You could put flyers in the vet’s offices, if they allow that…

  8. Not having much momma time stinks.

    We hope the kitties find a loving forever home ~ wish them good luck and purrs from us.

  9. Hi Gemini. We are sorry you aren’t getting much mum time lately. We won’t be getting any for a month. We hope those two kitties get a forever home together.

  10. We do agree that your Momma should be taking more pictures of gorgeous you Gemini!

    And we hoe those kitties find a home, or homes.

  11. We are going to start purring hard for those 2 kitties…losing their human at that age just breaks mom’s heart…mine too….

  12. Yep, it is so sad for those too kitties, we’re purring for them too!

  13. Do you want us to have a word with this other woman? We can be very persuasive. 😉

  14. Gemini, you are very pretty indeed, although you look rather miffed at the moment — and I don’t blame you.

    Sorry, I can’t suggest anything for the kitties in need. I’m purring for them to find a new home very soon.

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