Tabby Tuesday

Well this is one of Momma’s three decent photos of the fifty or so she took. Of course it was of me.   She tried to get some artistic ones of Cheysuli but Chey was not cooperating. At first she tried to get her in the sun on the white bed to overexpose and play with that but Chey would not get on the bed.  Then she tried to get her underexposed on a black sheet on the chair that Cheysuli loves to lie in the minute Momma moved.  Momma spent and hour on Farmville waiting for Cheysuli but Cheysuli never came back downstairs to sit in the chair.

Momma was not happy.  After all, she could NEVER, EVER consider playing Farmville if it hadn’t been for Cheysuli not cooperating…

Well at least she got two good ones of me.  This is the one she liked better.


  1. That IS a very nice photo of you, Gemini. Poor Momma, being forreced to play Farmville for so long waiting for Chey. What a trial!

  2. A most beautiful photo, Ms. Gemini! And i do know … all too well … that the evil Facebook can bend the will of the humans.

  3. Gemini, you are clearly the more experienced model! And your Momma being willing to Farm for an hour is an indication for her serious dedication to the task at hand!

  4. We love that pic, yoo look beautiful!

  5. That’s a great pic of you!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing us a Happy Purrthday!!
    ♥ Maizy and Ferris of the Creek

  6. Gemini, you do look lovely in that photo!

  7. We like that picture of you too, Gemini! We won’t let our mom play Farmville, so we don’t hafta worry about that…

  8. Gemini! What a wonderful picture! You look fantastic!

  9. We think that’s a great picture of you! MOL @ your Mom’s reason for playing Farmville!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. that’s a beautiful pikshur. at least your the mom TRIES to make a excuse for being on the evil facebook – ours doesn’t efen try anymore

  11. Great photo…Gemini you are gorgeous; really beautiful eyes with such a sweet face!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. She really captured the beauty that is you, especially those eyes!

  13. That is a very good picture, but you do look a little purrturbed!

  14. Lovely photo, Gemini! You are clearly a star!

    Please don’t mention the “F” word. #1 gets really annoyed when she has to trawl through all her friends’ exploits, needs and other bits every time she logs onto FBB!

  15. Great floofy tabby tues pix! love your green eyes!

  16. Gemini, you are really pretty and you look just like a GEM!
    Happy Tuesday pretty kitty


  17. That is a lovely photo of you Gemini.

  18. We like that pic too Gemini 🙂
    We do not always like to play along either.
    Especially Mickey! heehee

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  19. Gemini, you are a natural beauty (don’t tell Chey I said that…).

  20. Dat is certinly one pawsome photo of yoo! Yur eyes are startling green and purrfectly clear and focused. Three owt of fifty is furry good!

  21. Gemini, I just love that picture of you!

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