Meezer Monday

Sunday was a fine day to hang out and rest my eyes while sitting in the sun.  I love having a pillow where I want to lie.

The woman took some photos but they did not turn out the way she wanted. She is also shopping around for a back up battery and perhaps a couple more compact flash cards to have on her vacation this summer. She doesn’t want to run out of space. Of course they are taking the netbook.

Personally, I think she needs to invest in more ham. In fact, she was at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and the lady she purchases her eggs from was selling ham but the Woman did not get any!  I mean really!  I think it’s horrible!!! A disgrace.  Pastured, organic ham!  Nitrite free.  And she turned it down.

I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it.


  1. Farmers Market ham…and she turned it down? Is she feeling ok? You might need to take her to the human v-e-t.

  2. Good grief! Impose sanctions on the woman!

  3. Oh oh oh!!
    We hope you did tell her that this is not an acceptable behaviour! How could she! REALLY!!

  4. I’m feeling woozy about the HAM!!! turndown. What a tragedy…
    Hey, you got talked about at BlogPaws and the Food Lady and my Mom have a request. Would you do a post on how your name is pronounced? There was some disagreement about it in Columbus.
    Please set us straight!

  5. Investing in more ham definitely sounds delicious!

  6. She didn’t get HAM? Wot was she finking of? Yoo need to stamp yoor paw down!

  7. Waydaminut!! She bought photo stuff but no ham?? There is something definitely wrong here…

  8. It seems like the camera battery always dies at the worse possible moment! We have a spare battery that we just change out while the other is recharging.

  9. Battery, yes, ham, no???????? She’s weird, Chey!!!!!!!!!

  10. I agree, ham should always be a priority!

  11. NO HAM??? What was she thinking??? Chey, looking great as always!

  12. And the woman just had to rub that in your face about the ham! How cruel!

  13. No ham is just SO wrong. Fortunatly Mommy had some sense and got one on sale last Saturday.
    xx Lounge Kats

  14. OMCC! No ham? I really don’t know what to tell you, this can not go unpunished.

  15. A lovely photo, Chey, you look so peaceful and beautiful…It’s always time for more ham!!…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  16. No ham??? And farmer’s market ham too. We can see how deprived you are.

  17. Wow, she should’ve brought back just a little piece for you to taste, anyway! Love that photo of you.

    Nope, Tabby didn’t meet anyone from OCOM or any acupuncturists at the health fair. Funny, there weren’t any alternative medicine booths at all except for the therapeutic horticulture!

  18. Yes,Chey, your mom definitely needs to get her priorities straight. Ham is much more important than camera paraphenalia!

  19. Oooo we wishes we had farmer’s markets like that around here!

    Organic hams…the stuff of dreams!

    Helloooooo Miss Gemini!
    your boyfriendcat

  20. I love ham so much. I dream about it.
    I wish we had ham every day!


  21. She turned down the HAM??????? Please take your mom to the human vet. She is not functioning properly.

    Thankyou for always being one of the firsts to visit my posts.

  22. Never turn down ham. We just want to wrap out mouths around it.

  23. Gee!!!! The sun must have gotten to your Mom!
    Make sure she wears a hat next time so she won’t do anything so foolish again!!!!!!! Turning down ham, sheesh!!
    Oh, could you send that sun over here???
    We’ll send you our rain 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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