Find Chey Friday

Well, it’s been so easy to find me lately. This one was taken while I was out learning about the Earth on Earth Day. Look at this huge log!  Can you imagine the scratching post it would have made?  At any rate, I think this should challenge my intrepid finders this week!

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  1. Um… Sutter’s Mill?

  2. We really don’t have a clue=some old saw mill??…We sure someone finds you Chey=our wish for you every Friday!!MOL…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. I think so, too … this was the site of a mill, or maybe where the logs were transported, but I think, judging by the rhododendrons, that it’s in Washington. But where?

  4. Dunno AGAIN! Mom said we are hopeless!

  5. I don’t know. It looks like a place where they have a giant log on display, but not an active saw mill. I don’t think that particular log would make very good boards as it has cracks in it. You are lying on a picnic table, I think. So if you aren’t found by any of your friends, maybe somebody else from that blue house will feed you.

  6. I hope that the log isn’t on a conveyor and that you are waiting to be rescued by Dudely-Do-Right! He and Nell are probably too old for that stuff now!

  7. We’re clueless as usual, but that’s one mighty big hunk of wood!

  8. It’s either a sawmill…or the world’s biggest scratching post manufacturer!

  9. I’m completely clueless. Just make sure you don’t get your tail caught on the conveyor belt of that log!

  10. Yur somewhere where dey make furrniture for Sasquatch. Yep. Don’t get too close to dat fing.

  11. We are back to our regular status of being totally befuddled!!!!!!


    Can you imagine getting a splinter from that thing? CRIPES!

    ::singing our usual Find Chey Song:: we’re too stoopid for this game, too stoopid for this game, so stoopid we’re lame.

  13. I am not at a saw mill–oddly enough… I’ve been in the city before. How are those for hints?

  14. That’s one GIANT log! Funny thing is it’s right in a neighborhood ’cause there’s a house in the background. We’re Stumped! MOL, stumped! We made a funny!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. Hi my beloved!!! I am so so very sorry I’ve been a neglectful husband. I PROMISE to do something for our anniversary that a cat as amazing as you deserves.

  16. That’s down by the Old Mill Stream!

  17. Hey Chey!!!! So…you’re not at a mill, but maybe near water????
    Yikes don’t get wet 😉
    Did ya see grass? Did ya eat any? Was it good?
    Did ya know we like grass??? Well,Mickey & Tillie like grass.
    Is it growing there?? Did we mention we like grass????
    Where are you??????
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. We are clueless!
    xx Lounge Kats

  19. We has no idea but that big log looks like a lot of fun to play on!

    Hellllllllllo gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    your boyfriendcat

  20. Hmm.. are you in that Elf forest from Lord of the Rings? You would look so adorable in elf ears..

  21. Are you at the Oregon Trail Museum in Oregon City Oregon?

    Pee Ess…I haven’t been there, but I’m guessing they might have a big log or two…

    Just don’t try and do one of those log rolling competitions!

  22. I have no idea of where you are, but that huge log would make a great scratching post.

  23. Snoqualmie?

  24. ‘Kaika, you always amaze me! Indeed I am. Do you know anything about the log I am snoozing by? Just you know to test your skills (or perhaps Simba’s or another cats!)

  25. Let me know win ‘Kaika goze on vaykayshun and I’ll start playing agin. Not that I had a kloo this week.

  26. We haven’t a clue where you are but we want to scratch our claws!

  27. All I know about it is that it’s a 39-ton log called the “Big Log,” and the company that donated it ran the Weyerhauser Snoqualmie Falls Sawmill.

  28. Umm… ‘Kaika, that’s more than I know! I think you are doing pretty good!

  29. That is one huge loggie. It could make a scratch post for all of us! wouldn’t that be the coolest!

    bonkbonk to Kaika. She is a super brain

    and bonkies to you and Missie Gemini too

  30. Whoo! I never saw such a big scratchin post. I wish I could dig my claws into THAT!

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