Find Chey Friday

Well this looks like an interesting forest to hang out in. I hope there are no wild critters that might find me tasty.  I hope someone finds me soon. I seem to be slightly off the path and I do not know which way is home!

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  1. Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

    Are you in Tokul Creek Washington?

  2. Yep, looks like Tokul Creek Trail.

  3. Why did I know you two cats would get it?! :). Well okay, so I allowed a hint…

  4. Hehehe, we Googled Tokul C and came up with Tokul Creek too 🙂

  5. MOL! All we found was someplace in Cambodia…

  6. It’s a good thing you were found right away, that forest could be dangerous!…Happy Friday…xo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Well we googled Tokul, so it has to be Tokul Creek in King County, Washington.

  8. My googling led me to the fact that Tokul Creek trail is in Iron Horse State Park in Washington. Sounds like a neat place, and that looks like the actual creek in the picture, Chey!

  9. We of course cheated, using the ENORMOUS clue you left and we also came up with Tokul Creek is Hancock Timber commercial working forest…

  10. Dunno! (again)

  11. We would have cheated too, but we are too late….as usual! Hi Chey! Have fun!!!

  12. I cheated too, but really, look at all of that wood! I know I’d have some razor-sharp claws exploring all of the trees!

  13. Well, we’re stumped as usual…but looks like some other cats already found you!

  14. I must admit, I also cheated and thought I may finally have a chance to get a correct guess, “Tokul Creek”. Looks like some might big scratching posts for your claws.

  15. We are probably too late,but we think you are in Snoqualmie Forest.

  16. Poor Chey! You look very worried to be lost in the big forest!

  17. Okay…we cheated too!! We googled Tokul and came up with Tokul Creek. Are you on the bike trail?

  18. As usual, Mom doesn’t have a clue where you are. You know Chey, if you’re going to explore off the beaten patch, you should bring a Garmin with you so you don’t get lost.


  19. These are tough! I’m not sure I could find you today if you were in my back yard!

  20. Yoo sure left a pawsome hint Chey! Careful in dem forests da ticks are out and about.

  21. Rats! We are too late to play…but enjoy that tree behind you, it looks like an awesome scratchy post.

    xx Lounge Kats

  22. We would not have guessed,heehee
    Those woods are almost like ours.
    You are not likely to see and dangerous critters
    that would harm you, except BIG spiders 😮
    Our kitchen window cranks open,so the spider was between the glass & screen. Mom has no idea how it got there! As a city girl, she is now freaked and constantly checking windows and corners. These things like to hang around on the outside of the house. Mom had never heard of a “Wolf Spider” before moving to this community . Yuck!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

    You are in Tokul Creek WAshington,…. in the woods
    Watch out for ticks!

    bonkers to you and the Gemster

  24. Chey.. you are wearing us out… aren’t you just slightly hung over from all the festivities this week? Thanks so much for the lovely birthday ham soaked in tequila. YummmmO!

  25. Well you have been found and found early, better than some weeks where we can’t find you at all!

  26. That must be a vary old foto of yoo, Chey, becuz yer booty duzn’t look too ginormous in that pikcher.

  27. That’s SOME clue, Chey! hahahaha!

  28. Good fing someone founds yoo so yoo aren’t stuck in a forest wif nuffin to eat but some mousies an birdies and ofur fings dat might bite yoo.
    Mom says fanks for yur nice comment on her picshures. We wish yoo da best wif yur picshure takin too!

  29. Oh, Chey, we’re sorry you keep getting lost. But then if we traveled, we would always be lost too.

  30. so glad you have been found! we never know where you are! That’s because mom’s not so smart!

  31. I can never figure out where you are when you are out and about. The woods looks scary to me, please be careful.

  32. We hope while you were there you got some good birdwatching & bug hunting in! And some basking in the sun!

  33. We’re not sure where you are, but I betcha there are a lot of cool little critters in there!

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